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Do you do any housework at night or are you just too exhausted?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you do any housework at night, or are you just too tired to do this after a full day?

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Top Answers
I am always too tired, or perhaps it is too lazy, to do much housework after dinner.

I like to just veg out and do nothing much and generally if anything needs doing, I tend to put it off till tomorrow, and then there is the old saying of "tomorrow never comes".

I can't be bothered doing housework mostly at night apart from the things like dishes, that HAVE to be done.
by Finy
On hot days I get quite tired.
So I do jobs in the house by spacing them out.
So I put a load of washing on...do AA....hang it out....do...AA...put another load on.
I wash up....do AA.......etc etc..

If I am very tired, I will do the other jobs at night.

This is not the norm, but with certain condition's.
We all from time to time burn out, and you just need to
do your best.
I definitely clean the kitchen before I go to bed. Dishes have to be cleaned or in dishwasher with dishwasher running. Stovetop has to be clean as well. There have been days when I was either sick or very tired to do this. But I try to follow this most of the days. It makes me feel good when I step in kitchen in morning to make tea.
by BK
It really does depend on my mood.
by Vee
I always like the dishes to be washed! And as I do mot work anymofre,I will often sweep the floors before I head to bed.With 3 dogs,I end up with a grotty floor every night so I like to sweep it for a fresh start the next morning.Then the trio of terrors can start all over again!!! Honestly they make more mess on the floor than my son EVER did! Ha ha ha ha!!!!! Bless their hearts!!
No I am tired, am a morning person and have busy days but nights are spend in the main...on the couch
by fran
It would make sense to do it at night when it's cooler but mostly after the kids are in bed I just want to chill out and spend some time with my husband.
Apart from the washing up, that is.
Sometimes I get a burst of energy to clean at night, especially if my bedroom is messy. I just can't sleep in a cluttered room.
I do sleep with clutter in my bedroom Maria, & have done so for many years!
by Miro
I do minimal housework at night - way too tired!
by AJ
No you need natural light to clean properly, otherwise you may miss spots on th floor or dust on shelves.
I do no housework at night, yet I remember my own mother vacuming the carpets at night, as it was cooler then, the days were too hot to do anything in the house. no air con in those days.
At night, do nothing that requires brain to be 'busy', or else I can't get to sleep!
So try & just relax watching VHS taped TV shows, & these, too, have to be 'relaxing', like any crime show, but definitely NOT Doco's as I have to concentrate!
Must have dirty dishes/cutlery in D/W, & running b4 I hit the sack, though!
Can't abide walking out to dirty kitchen, of a morning!
As I'm watching tv in the evening, then going to bed, I only do the kitchen, in the ad brakes. If I've been out during the day, I only tidy the dirty dishes before going to bed, & then I wash up the following morning, after breakfast! I am truly lazy!
by Miro
No, I only sweep the kitchen floor at night & I wash up, if I haven't been out during the day, but I don't like to vacuum, as my husbands watching the tv, & also because I'm too lazy! I do a wash load sometimes, & hang it out before I go on my morning walk.
by Miro
Sorry everyone, I forgot to check to see if I'd already answered this 1, before I wrote an answer, & of cause I already had.
by Miro
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