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Do you currently collect anything?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you currently collect anything?

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Top Answers
I used to collect old salt and pepper shakers and have probably 250 pairs left, most of which are valuable.
I also collected children's books, and other genres of books, HOWEVER upon hitting old age I decided I would no longer collect! What on earth will happen to it all when I die!
Kids will get a skip bin and my thousands upon thousands of dollars spent will go in a bin.
So I nag and nag at them about NOT getting a skip bin, and decided to stop collecting.
Oh, and I collect very old buttons.
Went to the U.s. a few times -once for a Salt and Pepper Convention, and a few times for buttons conventions!! What a hoot and what a great time I had always staying with people I had met on the Internet.....

Sadly now that I am old and grey, none of that happens any more, though working in an op shop, I
DO sometimes bring books home as cannot help myself. My granddaughter loves books so hope they will keep this valuable collection as they will not get back what I paid for some of them!
by Finy
What a truly lucky grand daughter you have!!! I often wonder what will become of much of my own 'Stuff',when the time comes,though some I am definitely leaving to the Mitchell Library and some to museums. I recall you mentioning in another of your questions that you have a great number of Succulents,Finy! These are most definitely a COLLECTION!!! And a really fascinating one at that!! I do believe that collecting seems to just be in our blood or not!! I get so much joy and pleasure from collecting and then having my collections,that I would feel rather empty if it wasn't a part of my life! I really do enjoy taking out items and studying them,appreciating their varied intricacies and beauty. Your buttons sound utterly stunning. And the salt-and-peppers must give you you immense pleasure!Most of all,though,it would be the books which would transport me to a whole child's world of magic!
by Jules
Don't let me into your house, Finy, you have things I want . . . . . . . mwuahahahaha.
by Rice
Yes, bills.

What a CLASSIC!!!!!! But what about some items which simply make your heart race and then make you smile?
by Jules
No. I used to collect stamps as a child, and have some old comics I started to collect. Being a neat person, I couldn't stand piles of things cluttering up the place !!! The only thing that I have a lot of is books, and they are neatly placed in bookshelves. I love to read and always have my head in a book....a real book. I go through my books once a year, and any I do not think I will read again go to op shops, fetes, fairs, or our local book exchange.
Yes I collect Vintage Side Plates.
I gave a High Tea, it cost me a lot to buy the plate but I can now do more and more, High Teas to raise money.
I have maybe 60 of them, all different.
I only collect vintage really and they must be in very good condition.
WOW!!! Just gorgeous!!!!
by Jules
by jonaja
I have been a fairly avid collector of various items(Doulton series ware "professional men" plates, silver, pewter, eclectic glass, revivalist jewellery etc.) during my life. Currently I am collecting art deco dress clips. To date I have about 15 and I've sourced them from all over the world. The styles are amazing and beautiful. My favourites are the rhinestone encrusted clips.
I should add I have a small collection of miniature nativity sets from various countries of the world. They are difficult to get and I've had to source them mainly from US. I like them so much I have them on view in some of the rooms of my home all year round. Because they are small they look lovely set out on glass candle trays.
by norma
No, I am not a collector.
Good on you. I wish I wasn't a collector. I'm sure I'm more of a hoarder, than a collector actually!
by Miro
I have numerous collections around the house but mostly I am not actively adding to them. I collect old china, hats, beaded bags, old manequin s, etc. My home is full but I like it like that. I find the visual stimulation interesting. I do not enjoy minimalism. We are all different.
I am an artist and it seems one can never have too many art supplies.
Your place would be heaven to me and I have a feeling that mine would make YOU feel comfortable as well,in exactly the same way!!! I too have some lovely beaded bags,and I even used to do intricate beading in may styles until my hands became to painful to for such fine work!! I bought out an Art Supply shop many many years ago,and I still have masses of wonderful arty 'stuff all stored the marvellous huge (just over 8 feet...or 2.45m, long) solid timber bench-come-storage 'buffet' which I also got in the deal!!'!!! The kids next door ADORE coming over to my place to 'create', just as all my son's friends used to love visiting when he was younger and living at home! I feel it is such a gift to allow youngsters to be creative and not worry that they are making too much of a mess for their mums to cope with!!!. I simply made sure that the clean-up was part of the fun!! My collecting has never seemed an issue at all for me,though I do REALLY have a LOT of things!!! There are so many lovely memories attached to them though!! Thus ,I find many smiles are also connected to them!
by Jules
Your place sound lovely. I love encouraging children to create art. I think we would get along just fine. :-)
by annfi
Why of course I am a Guy, and that is what guys do.
My wife calls it hoarding, I guess you guys will know what I mean - sorry ladies.
Oh dear!!! It would almost be easier to tell you what I do NOT collect,or have not collected at one time or another!!!
As a child,we continued with our dad's stamp collection which my step-sister became extremely serious with,so I am thrilled to know that it is in a safe and cherished home. I collected old illustrated children's books from a young age,and this is one of my most delightful and long-lived collections which I still add to today,thanks to the joys of the internet,and the generosity of a special friend who is always on the look out for books I would like to have!! I cherish every single beautiful book I have and I enjoy them daily! I have a fabulous collection of special Teddy Bears,both very old ones from all over the world which date to before my own childhood special friend which I still cherish, and newer Limited Edition hand made bears from mainly Australia, I did this mainly in the 80's and 90's. Then there is my spectacular Art Glass from various eras and countries.I count myself extremely fortunate to have surrounded myself with such truly amazing beauty as well as having met, either in person,or via email, so many of the talented craftspeople who have created such incredible treasures which delight me each and every day!! I also have other bits and bobs,including lovely porcelain,some old coins, eggs,many real hand decorated ones, and many carved from wood,and made from glass,And though it may not be classed as a collection,I have a huge number of spectacular Hibiscus plants and Roses which bring me so very much pleasure from the moment I wake each morning! Collecting for me is such a wonderful way to stay alive and cheerful.I always manage to have a smile on my face when researching or discussing my various gems of so many types,and they do not have to cost a fortune at all to acquire,except for the highly rare and sought after treasures which others also would like to have! Oh Yes Indeed!! I am truly Blessed!!!!!
I collect minature shoes, matching hats and handbags. Just a couple weeks ago I added a hand painted delph high heel sandal purchased in Amsterdam.
Yes,I like collecting colourful boxes and bottles. When I was a child I had a stamp collection. I also have many plants marigold,roses,chrysanthemums and many more.
Like my grandaughter, I have a collection of collections. Found my old love letters the other day.
how exciting grann! Did they sound kinda sloppy?
by Finy
No, but wait until he lets loose at my 70th and our 45th next year. He is a very sincere yet entertaining speech maker.
by grann
I still have my stamp collection, which i stated when my gave us4 siblings a stamp album when i was 11. I was the only 1 the family to continue on with the stamp collecting. 2 friends much later, gave me their stamp collections. Another thing I collect, which I shouldn't, is pictures of: tulips, flamingos, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Sydney Opera House. Then there's all the articles I have from our local newspaper. Why? I don't know. Perhaps because I'm a hoarder! I also collect cotton dresses which I only wear when I'm going out, shopping, etc. I only wear slacks & tops when we go cruising. I also have far to many handbags, as i only use 2 or 3 of them, but I can't make myself get rid of th others. I also have lots of purses, which i never use. I bought those to go with my outfits when go out. I also have little evening purses to use on the cruise ships, to match my outfits, to carry my camera around in. And I have 2 many pairs of shoes, which I don't wear, because I always wear Sketches now, which I find very comfortable but I don't wear these to dinner when cruising in the nice dinning rooms of cause! Anyway, I think that's all I collect!
by Miro
Oh my gosh, miro_! Haha, I think you may be a hoarder. I can't have too much stuff...it makes me anxious. How silly is that?!
by Vee
PS: After the 1st comer, it should have read: "......which I STARTED when my DAD gave us 4 siblings stamp albums when I was 11" And I forgot to mention that I've also collected monkeys ( & I have about 110 of them now) since I found a postcard with monkeys on it in Paris, in '68! I also have a pile of 'plastic' bracelets to go with my dresses as I mostly wear 6-8 at a time.
by Miro
by Rice
No. I don't have a collection of anything as such. Actually, though I don't actively collect them now, I do have a collection of films starring some of my favourite actors - Jim Caviezel, Russell Crowe, and Kate Winslet, just to name a few.
by Vee
I like to collect elephants.
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