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Do you cry easily?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you the type who cries easily, or is this something you do not do often?

Do you cry in films?

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Top Answers
Yes, I cry very easily -I often cannot watch the news as I cry when I see the devastation happening around.

There are so many sad things in the world nowadays, and I always cry in either happy or sad movies/TV -doesn't last long.however.
by Finy
I am a very emotional person and cry easily at anything sad, especially regarding animals and children. In movies I am quickly brought to tears....a big sook really!! (which some people would be surprised by I think)
by Fran
Unfortunately yes. The older I get, the more emotional I seem to be. I cry when I read one of my many petitions I receive about another incident of animal cruelty, I cry or get teary at sad stories on TV or in movies (that's why I tend to go for comedies), my boss made me cry last week when he yelled then swore at me - even though I waited to talk to him about an office issue until I was feeling quite calm. I never used to be quite this bad but I reckon I got worse after my Mum died about 10 years ago. So I quite often just try to block certain things out of my mind as a way of dealing. I think there is just too much negativity around us every day & it can build up in our minds and then every day events that are a little bit difficult can become to hard to deal with. End result - tears.
I do cry in films yes, but in my actual life I very rarely cry. When I do cry I do it alone, I'm a very private person like that.
I used to,until I had my son,then I tried to control this a bit more.I did not ever tell my son that crying is weak though,in fact quite the opposite.It is important to release pent up emotions sometimes. Nowadays,I find that though I may not cry so easily,I am extremely emotional when I do! My tears are so gut-wrenching that I feel ill afterwards for ages!!
Yes i am very sensitive and cry easily.
Yes i am very sensitive and cry easily.
In general - yes I cry easily.
by AJ
I used to but as I mature I dont cry so easily
by Gia
I use to be fine with this, until recently. I cried watching SVU last night. I was a mess!
by Vee
Perhaps I should clarify. I don't cry easily, but I do get teary easily.
by Vee
Yes I cry very easily, especially during sad movies.
by SJP
I'm quite emotional and get teary over many things, happy and sad. If I see someone else cry I join them! I get teary over many things, music, films, news, stories, I feel other peoples emotions and cry with them.
Did somebody just drop their hat . . . ? Whoops, off I go again. I am hopeless. I always carry hankies.
by Rice
It depends, but I have noticed that some things now do make me cry, that didn't before.

I think it is o.k. to cry! could you imagine a world that had people only crying when it is only about them?

Empathy is a good thing, we need to be able to also understand others pain and grief, even if it's on the news or the odd t.v. show.

That stiff upper lip, that was so well taught to me back in England...well it's a bit too late now.
Our World is a sad place, and the last thing we need is to have a stiff cup of concrete as the saying go's....If you need to cry, don't hold back! It will do more harm than good.
No I don't.
Yes I do. Can't watch anything sad without tears.
No, hardly ever, but I when I have a bad coughing fit, I have tears rolling down my cheeks. I think I've only cried in 1 or 2 movies. And the 2 books I cried while reading the beginning of The Thorn Birds & the end of, All the Rivers Run! That was a few years ago now!
by Miro
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