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Do you cook/eat prawns often?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you cook/eat prawns often?

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Top Answers
I probably cook prawns more often than I cook actual fish.
I love prawns however do not often eat them when I am out as
1) I do not buy imported ones and I think possibly many of the restaurants use the cheapest which are imported
2) If overcooked, prawns are tough and not so nice.
So I often make a recipe with them in but only cook them for a few minutes.
One of the few places I eat them is at the Hyatt where they are Australian and extremely soft and tender and in a buffet.
by Finy
I love prawns but don't have them anywhere near as often as I used to.
There is a fresh seafood man who comes to my area once a week if he hasn't sold out before our day, but he sits 20 minutes away
I have not had them in a long time. They are just too expensive where I live. I could buy two who chickens for the price of a pound.
by dwatk
I usually only have them if I am eating out at a restaurant. I don't cook them at home because no one else likes them or wants to eat them, so there is no point cooking them. When I am out, if I feel like them, I will have them, and enjoy every mouthful. It has been quite a while since I have had any.
Nope. Never. They squeak and I can't stand them in my mouth. *shudder*
by Rice
they squeak - at last - we differ on something!

by Finy
Now that i have read your answer . . . .I think maybe I have never had a prawn cooked properly. Maybe they have all been overcooked . . . .?
by Rice
No, I don't buy them, as we already have fish twice a week, but I do eat them, at a buffet once a year, ( but I find these rather tasteless, but nicer with a bit of seafood sauce,) on a cruise, & on Christmas Day.
by Miro
I used to cook prawns a lot more than I do now. I like to buy the green prawn cutlets/prawn meat. I don't like the hassle of having to peel them, and I won't buy them already cooked. The only problem is, I can't find them anywhere anymore. Our Woolies had a problem with their suppliers or something...
by Vee
I don't have prawns often.
by AJ
No, I'm not that keen on prawns so obviously I don't cook them.
Not as much as I would like to. I love them.
I rarely do nowadays. I used to, but I am concerned about the ethics of fishing or fish farming. Fish farms pollute the surrounding areas so the natural habitat often ends up depleted. I worry that if we keep doing what we are doing , there will be no wild fish and our oceans will become barren.

Not only that . . . we import from China and they hang their chooks over the fish stock in wire bottomed cages so the fish eat the mullagumby . . . . euwwwwwwwwww. I don't eat much fish as I have never liked it but I never, ever, buy from China. All I can say is I agree with you and I hope the fish learn to hide in the remotest parts of the ocean depths. Poor fishies.
by Rice
Yes Rice. Poor planet too.
I have considered aquaponics in my backyard. Fish waste feed plants to grow. Fish still have to be fed and I don't know how ethically their food pellets are produced. I stick to growing a few leafy greens and herbs for now.
by annfi
I am just glad that I (probably) won't be around to see it . . . . we are THE worst planet minders in the universe. At least if we do our little bit we can feel that we tried to save our beautiful blue marble.
by Rice
Love prawns. Eat them out where I knew only Aussie prawns are used and never buy the imported ones. I buy mine green, shell and de-vein them and freeze by size, e.g., larger ones I butterfly and leave tails on for prawn cutlets (using Panko crumbs of course) and others for satay sticks and whatever other meals I intend to cook. I make my own seafood dressings and I've got prawns in my freezer. If I buy fresh I prefer to get them from the fish markets at Black Wattle Bay as we often drive there for a feast of seafood if we aren't having it at home.
I don't cook prawns as I hate peeling them.
IF I cook prawns these days, I buy green banana prawns (Australian). It is fiddly work peeling prawns but it is necessary these days unless you want to east the prawns from Asian countries. Eating prawns from this countries is equal to eating Basa fish fillets…….YUK
I do eat them not as often as i like...

I am sadly allergic to Prawns so I neither cook nor eat them.
P.S. This is such a sad state of affairs as I live in the tropical part of Nth Qld. where Aussie prawns are always so fresh and reasonably priced! One of my good friends is a Prawn Fisherman who does everything by the book and sticks to the environmental rules we have in place here.If he didn't,he would lose his licence immediately! When I got married , one of the gifts was 10 kgs of freshly caught and cooked King Prawns for the 12 special guests who joined us on a cruise around Magnetic Island, (after a bigger celebration for ALL those invited to the ceremony to cut the cake and make the toasts in the rose gardens where we were married) to all share and enjoy.I still receive the most positive comments about those prawns, even though I could not even enjoy a single one!! Lovely memories though!!
by Jules
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