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Do you consider cooking to be a CHORE?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you consider cooking to be a chore?

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Top Answers
Since I am alone, and I cook what I want, when I want and how I want, I do not consider it a chore - I love cooking and being creative, and cook a proper meal every few nights which I then eat for a few nights.

I probably wouldnt do this or eat properly if I didnt write my recipes for Recipe Yum -would probably get more take away and eat more rubbish things, so no cooking is definitely not a chore for me.
by Finy
Hehehehehehehe! Love the graphic! You always nail it, jonaj :-))
by Rice
I just love this guy, and I love Sherlock !!!
by Lluxi
Rice your toooo kind :)
by jonaja
Adore BC.!
Enjoy watching, & listening to him speak, in any film, or TV appearance!

by donjo
I agree Donjo. Loved him in The Imitation Game as Alan Turing
by Lluxi
For me personally, Cooking: Yes, Housework: NO!
(I know THAT wasn't the question though!) Most days I look up recipes, to put onto my online calendar, & then move the recipes around the dates, as I use them. This is because, (as I've mentioned in the replies to other questions like this,) I only make the same meal once a year. I have a list in a 'draft' folder of all the recipes I've made since Feb' '15. For a few nights through the years, I've made up a recipe, as in a pasta 1. So yes, I enjoy cooking!
by Miro
Yes, the older I get, the more of a chore it becomes. However, I did make a lovely stroganoff the other night. Part of it is probably that the human vacuum cleaner eats so much that I never have left overs and it would be nice to do as you do, Finy . . . eat something for a few nights.
by Rice
It depends. Sometimes it's fun, but if there is time pressure and a lot of other stuff going on it can be very stressful. I try to do prep ahead of time so that doesn't happen, but sometimes stuff comes up. It's also less fun cooking for people (like small children) who can be very picky and unappreciative. This too shall pass.

I guess it's a chore in the sense that it's something that needs to be done, but it's not the worst household job in my opinion.
Cooking is only a chore when I am tired, and can't be bothered cooking , such as when I arrive home late at night. My husband does help out, though, if I don't want to do the cooking. Every other time, I love cooking and put a lot of time planning my meals. I love to try new recipes. I get a lot of pleasure out of seeing others enjoying a meal I have made
Yes I do. I do it because I have to and not necessarily because I want to.
I've never considered Cooking a chore.
I love it, & all that it encompasses.

In a bygone era, when having friends' to Dinner, I would start trawling though my Cooking Book Library at minus one month, writing ideas' down.

I would, once night over, record Guests' Names, Menu, & Wines' served, along with any Notes. This way same guests' never got same food twice.

As previously said on this site, my son is a Head Chef, so I did something right re: Cooking, methinks!
I have always enjoyed cooking and I instilled this love in my son who went on to become a chef as soon as he was old enough to get his apprenticeship!! Cooking is fun,creative and also has the benefit of something delicious to enjoy after it is done!! I am by myself now and like Finy,love to cook things which will give me enough for more than one night's enjoyment!
no... because I don't do it

No, My wife and I both like cooking, I just don't like the washing up afterwards.
But then there is the dishwasher if need be.
I am cooking a Stir fry on Wednesday, to give my wife a break.
With an electric WOK the washing up is kept to a minimum.
I have considered one of the new pressure cookers as they look great for cooking all sorts in.
Cooking Roasts is easy when you know the times of veggies and other things take to cook and then it is easy.
Have a try if you haven't started to plan and cook meals.
I enjoy cookig when I get the opportunity to do so as my husband cooks almost all meals. Years ago when our family was younger we would take turn about with friends to cook new menus which was great as I did the cooking, and we also had many progressve dinner parties.
Like Lluxi, cooking is only a chore for me if I am tired or cannot be bothered. I don't mind cooking. It's deciding what to cook that I find tiresome.
by Vee
I love cooking and was lucky my parents instilled that love in me from an early age. I have a huge appreciation and love of food, and am incredibly grateful I am in the position to enjoy it when so many around the world aren't.
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