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Do you consider all newborn babies beautiful?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Do you think all newborn babies are beautiful?

#Newborn babies
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Top Answers
No I certainly do not!
I think most of them are quite awful looking...very few are "pretty" and usually those born by Caesarean.
However my first, born by C section had hair on her forehead and back and looked quite like a monkey -I was quite horrified.
My adopted boy was much prettier with red hair but also not exactly pretty when new born.

so, no, most newborns are not beautiful, but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
by Finy
All babies are miracles, but not all miracles are "beautiful"...We would do well to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder though! LOL.
by Vee
In fairness, nine months submerged in the bath would make us all pruny. LOL. Babies are all miracles, as stated by others . . . and it would be sad if anyone was really judging their insides by the look of their outsides. Babies are miraculous little learning sponges. . . I just wish some parents would care more and nurture their potential :(
by Rice
I know, Rice. I know. :-| I knew I would regret my response.
by Vee
My response was far worse ;-)
by Rice
It's okay Vee . . . everybody knows I am not keen on babies . . . my response was actually meant to be an apology for thinking they are all a bit ugly. LOL. My stepdaughter just had one and it looks at everybody as if it wants to eat their brain. Strange baby.
by Rice
Oh my gosh, Rice. You are too funny!
by Vee
by Rice
Oh my gosh, Rice! Why did you give me such a hard time?! LOL!
by Vee
No sadly they are not.

I know they are meant to be considered beautiful by everyone but I think in that situation a newborn baby may be only truly beautiful in its mother's eyes?
Except maybe this one, hey Finy?
by Rice
hmmm -that's a new photo Rice -how exciting -Ill bet HE was beautiful as he fell out!
by Finy
We'd certainly like to think he was :-))))))))))))
by Rice
doesnt help us though!! are you watching him in the Prime Minister series (cant remember the name) -he is not so nice with ordinary hair but such a good actor in any part.
by Finy
Yes. Loving it. He is quite wonderfully "hissable" . . Love Emily Watson too.
by Rice
My God Rice - what a gorgeous photo - love this guy!
by norma
LOL! Finy, I wish my son 'fell out'. If only it was that easy!
by Vee
Certainly not all are. Having worked on these wards in hospitals, I can attest to that. I try to see the beauty in all Gods creatures and I'm sure that the parents consider their 'creation' beautiful. My friends baby when it was born looked like a frog with its big eyes !!! She doesn't look much better now. Ugliest child I have ever seen.
No. Some are quite ugly, actually!

My baby boy was handsome, & still is!
My baby girl was just beautiful, & still is, exceptionally so!

BUT, I'm very biased, as they're mine!
No, with one exception and that is my eldest grandson who was so gorgeous when he was born with fair hair and the bluest eyes I'd ever seen and at 15 years old he is still the same and admired by so many girls. Unfortunately I cant say the same about my 3 girls the first being battered and blue due to instrument birth, the second a caesar and puffy and the third another caesar due to size who came out looking like a minature Buddha .
No,I don't.But then to the parents,a new baby will always(well,ALMOST always!) be the most beautiful creation on the planet.And this is exactly as it should be! Otherwise these babies would not be loved and cared for as they need to be.
P.S. I actually felt extremely fortunate when I saw my son after the most horrendous pregnancy and birth. He came out,absolutely perfect,if not beautiful, with gorgeous dark auburn hair and brown eyes! To this day his striking features have attracted more girls than any one person deserved to cope with! He is not classically handsome,by any means,but he has a certain 'something' which makes people want to get to know him. His inner beauty is apparent when he is first met,as he has a wicked sense of humour and is the most honest young man I can say I am proud to know.My friend who had 3 blonde girls was always aware of how pretty they were as little ones,yet only the youngest of them has retained her 'physical' beauty,even into her late 20's! And she has a personality to match! It's almost as if she has different DNA! Ha ha haha ha ha ha!!!It is funny how things can change over the years!
No - except to their parents, and I am no exception. When my son was born the midwife said he had the longest eyelashes and bluest eyes she had ever seen on a newborn. They are still the same as an adult. I think generally though babies are more interesting once they reach the one year mark.
(Psssst . . .on Pinterest there are whole pages of David Tennant. The mad fangirls are always posting new ones.)
by Rice
Oh my, no! I've seen some quite fugly ones.
The miracle of new life is beautiful to me, but not many new born babies are beautiful. I worked photograping new borns and many were pretty ordinary. My own son was not a good looking new born , bordering on ugly actually. His poor nose looked huge, probably just swollen from the natural delivery. After a week he looked better and as an adult seems popular with the women.
No. They however grow cute as time goes by.
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