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Do you complain to the manufacturer if you get a faulty product/food?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you complain or email the manufacturer/shop if you received faulty goods or something wrong with food you have bought, or do you just throw it out?

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Top Answers
Yes I send emails most of the time.
I have the time to do this and recently got $50 for using a toothpaste that made my gums sensitive -usually you get gift cards for a supermarket nowadays in lieu of goods.

I cannot see why I should keep a faulty item so yes, I do complain if I get something that is not right as I have paid for it.
by Finy
It depends what it is. If it was just a piece of mouldy fruit like in that picture then taking it back wouldn't be worth the effort of going back to the supermarket when we are busy. For something more expensive, like electronic goods I would definitely return it.

I don't let anything go un-noticed when it comes to food.
Just one of those areas that needs to be looked after big time.

I phone-or-email, and maybe go back depending on the item.

by donjo
You Know It..... LOL...LOL...LOL
by jonaja
I have a bit of a dilemma with this at the moment. I buy things from a local store but they go bad within a couple of days. I don't know if it's because they've been sitting there or what. I would usually rather buy from a local store than Woolworths, but now I'm not so sure.
by Vee
I'm not good for complaining when there is something wrong with food. I have thrown a lot of food out unfortunately.

In relation to faulty goods I would complain if something was faulty shortly after buying it.
by AJ
I just received the grand total of $2.20 from Woolies for some overstored pears.Last week Coles gave me my money back and a half price deal on lamb chops after I returned some which fell far short of their useby date. I will not put up with poor produce in this country. I simply pop it in the freezer until my next shop. .
I have not but I probably should.
by Gia
I definitely make the supplier or manufacturer aware when items are not up to standard!!Food in particular needs to have these issues addressed as we can end up extremely ill if there is a problem. All supermarkets here where I live offer a 200% warranty on their stock. i.e. they will refund what the item cost PLUS replace it!!! I usually am more inclined to say something when the item is expensive, rather than just if I find something like a couple of bad grapes in an entire bagful!! These little things happen and it is no-one's fault. But when I have bought stone fruit which has had a problem with every piece,then I DO think I need to say something,as the entire crop may have had a major problem as it formed on the tree! I am always extremely respectful and pleasant when I do have to complain about anything as it is not the fault of the poor person who is on the other end of the phone,or who is receiving the email. I recently had an issue with a very expensive 247 specialty health food item which I have often bought and always enjoyed immensely.It is only available at Coles,and I was very impressed when I told them of my problem with several packs from one batch/use by date. Not only did they refund me the FULL price for the 5 packs which I had bought on a half price special(this equated to $50 in my purse!) due to them having none in stock at the time,but they also asked me to fill out a report which would take the matter further.Imagine my delight and surprise when I received a parcel in the mail last week filled with several goodies from their range for me to try as well as some of the item which was the problem to start with!!! It is refreshing to find a company which really takes their customer satisfaction seriously!!
Off/bad food goes back whence it came for refund, pronto!
Yes I return food that's off or mouldy. I often buy food reduced on the last day of 'Its' life which I usually immediately freeze. Before freezing I open, sniff and repack in portions for one. If it doesn't pass my sniff test ...says she laughing it goes back. Both Woolworth and Coles are usually happy to replace. I am having a problem with my new dishwasher from Aldi... its not draining properly and the water at the bottom of the trap smells off after a day. I will check the drain pipes first to make sure there is no blockage and if still the same will contact Aldi. Has anyone else had this problem with an Aldi dishwasher?
Yes….always to the manager, team leader, top check out chick supervisor i.e. whomsoever is IN CHARGE.
I never complain to the underpaid check out chicks…only ever to the manager.
not usually i find that companies in Australia mostly pay lip service to service so they just loss my custom for a year or two till i forget why i don't buy there stuff and start buying it again.
Yes, if something doesn't meet the need I bought it for I will expect my money back at the least. It's the law that anything you pay for must do what it advertises. I'm never rude and if I can't get sense out of the person on the line I will as to speak to their superior.
Yes, you bet I do! Once I was shopping in Aldi, & I found 3 pieces of mouldy fruit, which I handed to 1 of the employees, with a frown on my face!
by Miro
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