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Do you collect frequent flyer points?

by Finy (follow)
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There are many different programmes offering Frequent Flyer points, and many different things you can do with them.

Do you collect these, and what will you do with them?

Which programmes are you with?

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Top Answers
I don't fly often enough for ff points to be worth it. I do use swagbucks and myerone though.
Rachel, what are swagbucks?
by Finy
Swagbucks are through amazon. Basically you get points for using their stuff: shopping through them, watching their videos instead of youtube, etc. the main one I use is their search engine. You get points for searching, because they sell your info. I figure, google sells my info anyway, so I may as well get paid for it! You can redeem points for all sorts of gift cards. If your interested, I'd love for anyone to use my referral link:

Now THIS sounds like something which I could USE!!! Thanks for the link as well as the info!!
by Jules
No. I don't fly frequently enough for that to be worth doing.
No I don't...
by Fran
I'ver never heard of a frequent flyer programme, but since I have never flown in my life that is hardly surprising.
I have many f/f points as I charge everything to my cards and over the years have amassed enough points to go business class around the world twice.

Trouble is, I have lost interest in travelling, so I will end up giving them to my son and family.

It also means I have spent a lot of money as you get one point for every dollar you spend.

My points are with Qantas and others in their "group" of f/f awards
by Finy
Yes! As a student, I make it a point to get the most value out of my money :-)
No. Not worth it in my opinion. Clearly the companies involved get plenty out of it - and seemingly change the conditions on the program whenever they like!
Matt -i have two round the world business class trips I could take with my points -some programmes are obviously better than others!
by Finy
Wow. Now I'm jealous! You're starting to convince me Finy - and that's not easy to do!
Really? By law, FF companies' must give notice of SIX MONTHS' in writing, for any changes. And of course they'll change, that's just good management & business sense. They'll change to suit market requirements.
by donjo
No, I've never travelled enough to warrant the
I have never used it ever since it started.....never will.

I don't like the idea, that I can be tracked for years and years of what I buy, how much I spend, and esp where I go.
oh my jonaj, but you are suspicious! there we differ...
by Finy
lol...I was taught by some very smart people. :)
by jonaja
I collect the points but have no idea why, I never use them. I have used my Commonwealth banks points lots of times and gotten some great free stuff though.
Yes, Virgin's Velocity and Emirates' Skywards. Both are excellent for upgrades and free flights and are free to join.
You need to book early if you want to use points for flights and upgrades depend on the popularity of the business class seats, so learn how to get the best out of your points!
My husband does that, but we haven't used the points yet.
I have of virgin air. Though the points are few, we hope t accumulate them
I fly every month and think its not worth the money you spend on the points. eg..Qantas Frequent Flyer point, you have to spend $20,000 to get $100 worth of ticket.... nooo its not worth it.. You can get cheaper flight on same route with other airlines..

No! I have no use fior Frequent
As I was saying,I do not collect these sorts of points as I do not travel! I have benefited from the Woolies Everyday card as I give all the great petrol deals to my very kind neighbour who takes me shopping rather than me having to use taxi services! Unfortunately,being ill has a lot of downsides,but I am more than happy with my lot,as I have the loveliest neighbours and friends here who help me a huge amount,in so many ways. I also have many interests which keep me occupied despite my restrictions!
I wish, unfortunately my work requires me on the ground for the moment.
Yes I do collect frequent flyer points. We built a house last year and paid every thing with the credit card. We were lucky enough to use our points to go to New York last year! I definitely recommend using the frequent flyer system!! :) :)}
by SJP
No, but I do use MyerOne because they do offer worthwhile rewards.
by Vee
yes, but they never get me anywhere....
My husband and I both do, with Virgin Australia's Velocity program. I've scored a couple of gift cards from my accrued points, but my husband has managed to use his for a few free flights.
I dont fly that often but i do use my credit card and woolworths everyday rewards card and now i cashed in some points and got an ipad 4 and an iphone 4 from the qantas shop for NOTHING!
Yes, as I usually travel by Qantas, but just a few times per year. Sometimes I 'd shop in Woolies and collect some frequent flyer points using everyday rewards card, However, the points I've collected per year is very limited, so at year end, I will transfer them to my husband's account.
I think this a big con. Ones got to fly like a regular airline staff to be able to get these big awards.After the going thru' the whole shopping trip you then wait again & go thru the whole drama with a check out person & I just can't wait to get out ASAP than rather waiting for another charade with check out person.
Shane, what do you mean by '.....fly like a regular airline staff....'?
by donjo
I travel frequently for work, so yes I use them and they add up quick!
by Gwen
No I don't collect them.
Ugh, a pain b.c it's mostly unattainable like fly bys sure you can get stuff if you buy thing with flybys but yikes you need zillions of points and I don't drink wine. On A Current Affair this last week they had the pros and cons of these kinds of cards. I use everyday rewards from Woolworth as its good for petrol.
To get specials on certain products you must use your card in order to get the reduced price which are yellow ticketed items, if not you pay full price. :}
All good to make you spend more I guess.
Yes, for items I have to get already. Don't go out of my way to do so.
Yes absolutely! I fly regularly for work with qantas & have my credit card linked to qff as well as everyday rewards. My husband flies occasionally too. I've been able to use the points for business class upgrades and free flying guys for my husband in the past. I'm currently building them up to have free flights overseas for a family holiday. It's definitely worthwhile. You may as well get something for free with your shopping!

No, I don't.
I'm saving mine for a rainy day💸
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