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Do you clean your fridge and pantry regularly?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you regularly clean the inside of your fridge and pantry?

Or do you only clean them when they look dirty?

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Top Answers
I don't do either regularly -I only clean them when they look dirty or I think they must be dirty as I havent done them for so long.

I probably do the fridge far more often than the pantry as fridges seem to get dirty and particularly as I have glass shelves which, although I like them, they show up the dirt.
by Finy
Only when it looks dirty. No real point otherwise, is there?
by Vee
I am not very good at these boring chores!!! I sort of do the fridge,on Rubbish night,but not even then as completely as I could do it if I put in more effort!!! My pantry gets a good tidy once in a blue moon,or slightly more often!!I do throw stuff out if I have not used it in a while,but I don't empty it out completely and wash every single shelf as a good little house-human should!!!
Heeeeere comes a high five!!
by Rice
The fridge every couple of weeks because it often gets stuff spilled in it. The pantry not nearly often enough. I need to go through it all again soon and check for expired things, make sure there are no weevils etc.
I don't do either regularly- only when I think it really needs to be done
by AJ
They are cleaned the minute they start to look like they may need a clean.
I am worried about things being dirty as my mother use to let the odd job go by.
Nothing much....but I just became a bit of a clean freak!
My 'magic sponge is all I use, and it takes no time at all'.

Winning. :)
Jonaj, how long does each one last and do you wet it to do most jobs?
by Rice
I don't clean the inside of the fridge very often. I just wipe the shelf when it looks dirty. If there isn't much in the fridge, I might clean a few shelves, but there is usually plenty of food in there. As for the pantry, I take everything out and wipe it out thoroughly once a year. It is a great way to see if there is anything you need, that has been used up. It is also good if there are things in there that you don't need. I give those items to charity. I tend to keep my pantry very clean and tidy all year, so it isn't a big job. I just don't like the thought of insect bodies on the shelves near my food, so I give it a thorough clean every year.
Fridge bins go through dishwater regularly. Shelves cleaned immediately if there's a spill. Otherwise, every few months' with Vanilla spray.

Pantry, no. All's organised, & frequently used/replaced.
Better things to do than drag all its' contents out, wipe clean shelves, & put all goods back in the order they're placed! Geeesh!
I try to clean out the fridge once a week and the pantry once a month. Its mainly driven by cost savings, since cleaning out my fridge means I try to use all of the left overs I have in there , helps me update my list for grocery shopping (so I dont buy things I dont already have) and it keeps the fridge running efficiently (not stuffed with left overs) and clean.

The pantry is where I put things that I buy at random sometimes and think i "might need later" but never use. Its also quite small so I need to make room and the only way to do that is to clean it out.
I look through the fridge the night before rubbish night and give stuff the heave-ho. If my glass shelves need a clean they get it. My pantry probably needs cleaning out due to his hoarderness but I have a lot of trouble reaching up these days, so it can wait. . . he hides things on the top shelf!
by Rice
Aaaaah! I do not feel so lazy at all anymore!!!! Thanks so much for making me smile!
by Jules
Had a major clean out of the pantry late last year, and I do mean MAJOR! There was so much food out of date because I've a walk in pantry which had wide shelves and hubby wouldn't stack where the food was supposed to go. He ripped all the shelves out and painted and carpeted the pantry and installed industrial type fittings. Now all my food is in plastic containers and baskets, labelled and easy to find. I sonetimes just switch the light on, walk inside and just feel calm and happy it's so neat. As for the fridge, it's done when necessary, usually on bin day or if I need to move food around.
Shamefully, I don't clean either very often. These are only cleaned when they get messy.
Well I always clean the fridge but as for the panty, a lick and a promise if it's lucky.
by fran.
No, I don't clean them regularly, and I know they need doing. it's a job I put off, like the ironing and cleaning the oven.
ME too, Diana! I only iron on demand. I'm also very lazy, in the house work deptartment I have a lot of stuff in our fridge, (in jars, like curry pastes etc,) so I can't be taking them out to clean the shelves every 5 minutes! And our oven was a self clean 1, (when it worked) so that was great. I wish the fridge was as well.
by Miro
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