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Do you clean your face before you go to bed each night?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Do you clean/wash your face before going to bed each night?

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Top Answers
I have just started doing this but often it is just too cold in the bathroom.....
I have never done this before but after listening to a SALES GIRL on a cosmetic counter, I decided to do this twice daily instead of just after my shower.
However, it is a novelty at the moment and probably will not last long.
by Finy
I'm with you Finy - I get all enthusiastic too for a little while but it soon wears off.
by norma
I wash my face in the shower everyday. I don't wash it before I go to bed at night. I don't wear foundation or powder on my face so I don't feel the need to wash my face before bed
by AJ

Always have, and will.
There is so much grime that comes off, after each day.

I could not sleep if I have not clean my skin.
LOL....LOL....LOL......'who' would have thought!!!

Such a innocent question could cause such a fuss?*#!?*!#!!

by jonaja
Yes I do. I feel so uncomfortable if I don't. I think it also helps to block pores and bring on black heads
by Gia
When I was young I actually listened to and half-believed all the hype put out by cosmetic companies,and I would do the whole routine twice a day!!! But once into my 30's I realised it is a HUGE money spinner,so I just used much cheaper,generic products which seemed to work identically!! These days,and for the last many,many years I simply rinse my face with tepid to warm water and pat dry with a towel before going to bed.I do like to go to sleep,clean!!I am very fortunate to not have many lines at all for my age,and I hate the feel of any 'gloopy' stuff on my skin at all!! I feel like it totally negates the cleansing process!!! In the morning I like to wake myself up with a good wash of my face as well.
No always. If I am wearing make-up - which is rare - then I will wash my face before bed. Otherwise, I'm not too fussed.
by Vee
Not* always
by Vee
Yes. Never miss.
I don't wear foundation at all so only wash the face at night if I have applied eye makeup and lippy which is only a few times a week, and then no soap.
Have NEVER been able to go to bed with make-up on! Total anathema to me!

Only wear lipstick nowadays, unless attending a Formal Function.

Back in the day, when had ALL on the dial, moment I got home, out came the bottles of 'Lemon Delph', an astringent, as I've oily skin. Then finish with their 'Milk', a soothing moisturiser.

Now I felt 'clean' enough to enjoy a good night's sleep, without dirtying pillowcase, or inbedding grime into pores!
? inbedding?
by norma
Oh! Norma, look it up in your 'Funk & Wagnall's!
by donjo
Perhaps I should have clarified my response for you donjo, no such English word!
by norma
So? Your problem is what, exactly? Jealousy somewhat?
by donjo
If you dish out criticism, you also have to take it without resorting to snide remarks donjo! I'm surprised with all the "honours" you have received you didn't realise "inbedding" was not an English word.
by norma
You're the one with problem, norma. Now you're calling me a lier. Pretty nasty of you. Aren't you cognisant of the fact English is an evolving language? Or are you only a retired school teacher, trying to be a smart@&):?
by donjo
Not a retired schoolteacher, just someone who had a good education. By the way you have misspelt "liar". I see you are using expletives again in your reply - refuge of the poorly educated!
by norma
So, according to you I'm poorly educated? I suppose that's better than being a jealous person, which you obviously are. You're too obsessional in your nit picking, & you should be a bit concerned about that. You're way OTT of normalcy in your rants. There're worse things to worry about in life. You've NO idea of my life, so quit with your judgemental attitude towards me.

by donjo
Oh dear, I must have touched a nerve. However, this is becoming boring so won't be pursuing any further as can't seem to have a decent discussion without you resorting to insults. Just not interested in your opinion!
by norma
Did you forget YOU started it! Look at top line! You wanted an argument, & you got it. You're as weak as........

Not ONE of your comments was substantial. And yes, you're boring as bat@&$! Go & play in your local Library Dictionary Section. That's how YOU get your thrills, obviously. Geesh! Some people!

BTW, YOU claim your son's a geologist. Ask him what's embedding mean.
by donjo
* wow *
That turned ugly
I have to say I have been there
done that and it makes one feel awful later.

There is only a handful of us girls.....so take it
from me....we have to just ' play nice'.

I'm talking from experience....it really is hug and make up time.
by jonaja
Well that is sad.
I seemed to get from you a person who is strong and not easy to upset.

But! on the very positive side it gave me an opportunity to
see that it is not warranted on this site ......and to ask Jennifer to
forgive any and ALL my own 'lack of patience at times !

The only reason I did give input into this is because often with such a forum, we have to I think in now thinking, make 'light' of what can and is sometimes said...
There can be one or two times....it may not play out, but for the most and in my opinion this case, really is not warranted.

After all we are all adults.

As I said before, it has been a positive for me personally....even when I have at times been pushed, I guess I just want to set the record straight.
Being 'angry' over such a small thing....is ugly, and we all seem to go there at some time, don't we.(Maybe not on here) of course.

donjo.....you have done a good thing in a way, that others can see how little it takes, and make a choice maybe not to react to quickly, to the small things in life.

Please don't think I am having a go at you, I'm just saying you helped me....when on here I felt 'pushed'.
I have found better to pick my battles.

by jonaja
Thanks donjo :)...loved that input, and yes it does help a great deal to understand how other work...
by jonaja
Yes - I wash my face every night before bedtime., and I also try to remember moisturiser but have to confess to being a bit dilatory sometimes with this. I'm fairly lucky though, my skin is pretty good for my age, so can't complain.

Also I love how annoyed the woman in the picture looks. For some reason it cracks me up.
Annoyed? She's smiling!
by donjo
P.S. I'm saying re: real woman, not drawing! Lol!
by donjo
That doesn't look like a smile to me, but it was more about the eyebrows. Not that it matters.
In jonaj's photo lady's smiling.
In drawing at top, she does look snarky, & yes; Jennifer, it's the eyebrows! Lol
by donjo
Agree Jennifer - I think the cartoon woman has that "I'm going to do this if it kills me" look on her face - irritated and determined at the same time.
by norma
Jennifer...as I read what the 2 other girls are getting upset about....it makes me feel quite sad.
I hope we can be friends, as I have hated our (bad times).

I'm sorry for many of my harsh words to you.
Just reading what they wrote to each other sent a shiver down my back.

by jonaja
To jonaj, your both lots of words are understood. But I'm NOT going to be corrected, in anyway by a 'stranger' over something so petty. There was NO reason for her make that first snide comment. Norma thought she was being smart. She took on the wrong person. Her comments are evidence of this, & they're just the pits!
by donjo
I'm not sure why I've been dragged into this.

Jonaj you seem like a lovely lady and you are quite right about picking one's battles.

Donjo, it might be an idea to calm down and stop flipping out at every little comment a stranger makes, especially as you make similar comments on other people's posts all the time. It's not that big a deal. None of this is life or death. You don't even post articles here. You don't have to be here at all if you're not having fun.
To Jennifer.
Didn't realise there were 'rules' to this site that I HAVE to 'post articles'. Why? You might like to, have time, & interest to do so, but I DON'T!
I'm not 'flipping out', but I get annoyed at rude, bad mannered people. There're ways, & ways to 'correct' someone, & IMO, Norma doesn't know the ways. She was a 'bully' in her comments to me, & I will NOT put up with that sort of response, particularly when she did it TWICE to me. She said I wasn't 'educated'. Well, I know who's the one who's not. Education comes in many forms. I'll leave it there.
by donjo
P.S. Jennifer, it was to another post I commented that Finy got her idea for this question. Didn't know that did you?

My comments are factual, well placed, & to the point. So you don't need to 'have a go' at me every opportunity you get, which you've done several times now. You sound like a 'broken record', & I think you've got a 'hidden agenda' with your continuous sniping at me. Give it a break, ok?

I enjoy replying to various questions. My hope is always that others' may learn something new from my replies, due to the fact, I've had a 'fortunate life'', & enjoy 'sharing' where I can.
by donjo
No, I wasn't saying that was a rule. My point was that posting articles would be one reason to hang around the hubgarden and answer questions/comment etc. (people who post articles need to acquire karma points and can do so by answering questions, voting etc). Another reason would be because you enjoy posting answers and comments. When you keep flipping out and getting angry all the time it doesn't seem as though you are enjoying being on the site, so I wonder why you are still here. But maybe you just enjoy getting angry, and hey, if that's what floats your boat you can do that, though I wish you wouldn't be so rude.

I won't be discussing this any further here with you. I gave an honest answer to an innocuous question. Your bickering with Norma has nothing to do with me.

Jonaj thanks for being so sweet.
Something good came from this....I saw it very clearly.
I mean what I said Jennifer, and I hope donjo you understand that your welcome here, but it has had it's problems long before you came.
You have been invaluable to me at this time....to see that we are a little family, of mainly ladies.

Life is short, and reading too hard in between the lines is not a good thing.
I think we have come to understand one another moreover this, but in all my many years on this planet, it's not about a 'Pissing contest'.

Never was....It's about treating one another as we would want to be treated.

Lets now put this baby to sleep, it's been a learning curve...and really a good one....for all concerned.

We are a little family, and at times families get upset with one another.
When I haven't heard from someone on here in a while, makes me wonder 'are they ok'?
donjo I do hope this will not make you feel 'less welcome' that's not the truth as far as I can see, maybe because we don't know your 'life' and what you have done and been. One can't get the full picture.
I have told part of 'my story' on here...so has Finy...and Jennifer has shared a little with us.
Other wise we go in blind....don't we :) BIG HUGS OXOXO
by jonaja
Sorry I should have posted this in
donjo space....... Jennifer.......my bad. It was for her.....not you! :)
by jonaja
Hi jonaj. As usual, your level-headedness comes to the fore, for which I THANK YOU!

In all my life, I've been very passionate about anything in which I'm interested. I can't help it, that's just me. It's helped me enormously with what I've studied, worked, & have leisured at.
Unfortunately, others take that the wrong way. I can never explain enough in written word how I feel about a particular subject to my feelings extent.
If you, or any others, met me in person, it would be easier to understand.

On various subjects, I've been the 'go to' person by my family, work colleagues, & friends. My knowledge of 'left field' subjects is what's different. I'll give you an example.
I've got a big, thick book which is the printed version of the Symposium that was held to discuss 'The Effects of Volcanic Ash on Aircraft'. This was in the mid '80's, but it's still relevant today, due Mt Ruang eruptions. Volcanism &/or aircraft/aviation are just two of my 'passions'.

Anyway, those who read these words, may get to 'know' me 'better'. I can only hope.
Enough 'boring bits' from me now. Cheers, & again, my thanks!
by donjo
yes every night
always at night also in the morning
I only wear lipstick, when I go out these days, & VERy occasionally I wear foundation. On those evenings I’ll wash my face under the shower, with soap, all other times I splash my face morning & night, with COLD water, 3 or 4, without fail.
Yes absolutely
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