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Do you change TV channels all the time?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you change TV stations continuously with the remote control, otherwise known as channel hopping?

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Top Answers
I do this when I am looking for something decent to watch and at the moment I channel hop all the time as TV is just hopeless with repeats and rubbish on most of the night.

Normally I work out what I want to watch at night, and then do not channel hop though, while I hate the advertisements, I like having them as I can go do things and find food to eat whereas with the ABC you miss the show if you want to do a few other things.

I often record shows I want to watch and that way can cut out the ads and stop the recording if I want to do something else.

Guess I could use the DVD player to pause live TV also but dont often do this despite buying a new player that would do this....if you do this, and then I go to bed to watch, the timing is all out and I have missed the next programme.
However at the moment as there is nothing on, this does not happen.
I channel hop at 2 am when I cannot sleep and tv is also rubbish!
by Finy
No. Living with someone who does this would drive me CRAZY. I would have to confiscate the remote from such a person . Fortunately, my husband and I like the same types of TV shows so this doesn't happen. We have a TV guide and organise our viewing schedule for the night beforehand. As for the ad breaks, I usually find something purposeful to do . At the moment, I am sorting through my jewellery and my make up. Any old makeup gets tossed. I have thrown out some which will need replacing.
I don't like switching frequently. I just like to find something and stick with it unless its really a bad show or I see some content that I do not want to consume.
When I am lucky enough to be able to get to the T.V.

Love Channel Hopping never know what! you will find... LOL
No, I plan what I am going to watch as I hate channel hopping. I hide the remote too. I had to buy a new one recently and nobody is getting their hands on it.
by Rice
I rarely watch TV these days. When I do its something that I have recorded. So no I do not channel hop.
by AJ
I usually watch Netflix these days, so there is no channel to change. When I have access to regular cable, I usually pick a show and watch it, but I will often find something to check-in on when the main show I want to watch has gone to commercial. I'll flip back and forth until there are no more commercials playing on the channel airing the my first choice of shows to watch.
No. My husband is very easy going and lets me watch what I want. We have similar taste in TV. I tend to record TV on the hard drive recorder so I can skip ads. When we watch live tv I will sometimes ask if he minds me having a flick through the channels is we are waiting for another show to begin. It's annoying the way Commercial channels let their programs run overtime. We think it's so you stay on their channel because you miss the beginning of another show if you watch the end of theirs.

I've set tv shows' I like, which I VHS tape, then watch at MY convenience!
It also means I can fast-forward the numerous adverts. which are shown, which waste usually between 10-12 minutes'. Hate them!

I don't have the time to watch shows' as they get televised!
I have never done this as I know how very annoying I find it myself, when others do it!!! I decide what I shall watch and then turn it on. If there is nothing decent,I read a book or find something else I enjoy doing!!
I don't do it but himself annoys me as he does it. If I'm lucky enough to get the controls I choose what I want to watch and if he doesn't like it, he goes to bed and reads, despite having another 2 TV's in the house he could watch. We do have certain programes we both like to watch so I'm not being selfish.
Not unless there is nothing on. I hate it when people "channel hop".
by Vee
No, I only watch movies and documentaries. I don't have cable tv. I always have a movie going on in the background when I am on the computer working.
I'm ok with a quiz show that we both enjoy watching, & 3 or 4 news programmes & Current Affair, but after that, I'll wash up, my other 1/2 will channel hop, As soon as I've washed up & tidied up the kitchen, I'll have a shower & go to bed to watch iview or go to sleep. He'll usually channel hop for the rest of the night.
by Miro
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