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Do you celebrate Star Wars Day?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma ~ Eartha Kitt.
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boba fett, star wars, cosplay, star wars cosplay, dragoncon
A cosplayer as Boba Fett at Dragoncon 2006. Photo by Michael Neel.

May the fourth be with you! Do you do anything to celebrate Star Wars Day?

#Star Wars
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Top Answers
Well, I have been celebrating the last two May 4th as it is the day I met my boyfriend.

Meant to be? I think so :-) And yes, we watched 2 star wars movies and went day sailing prior to that :-)
No.......but we do keep saying it all day?!#*
and just giggle, I love it.
No, till i joined Answerangels I didnt even know there WAS such a thing!

I like Star Wars but not that much.
by Finy
I think the kids and I will just watch the first movie (Episode IV) tonight.
Not normally, but I like Jennifer's idea and I think we will do the same.
I didn't know there was one and have probably missed it - will next year though, sounds like fun!
No...I'd never heard of it until now!
I'd like to.. Guess I'm going to find out when this is happening in Melbourne..
It's international, on the 4th of May.
aw.. missed it this year then..
by Manny
May the fourth is my birthday, so I do celebrate but it has nothing to do with Star Wars!
by Vee
May the fourth is my birthday, so I do celebrate but it has nothing to do with Star Wars!
by Vee
I had no idea it was a day, but then there are others like 'talk like a pirate' day. If it comes up, it's great for a little fun.
may the fourth and talk like a pirate day are a bit of fun.
Hmmmm.....People trying to 'attach' to 'something', due feeling 'insecure' somewhat?
Used to be mainstream religion, but these days', anything goes, & NOT for the better, unfortunately!
It's simply a bit of fun. No insecurity needed.
What I said STILL applies. End of.
by donjo
Oh donjo, you poor thing, I feel so sorry for you. Your life must be terribly dull and boring if you think having a bit of fun and enjoying yourself is a sign of insecurity.... as for not being for the better. Hmmm. Dressing up as a movie character or even just making a point of watching the movies on a particular day seems a lot better than some of the festivals celebrated long ago. So far as I'm aware, May the Fourth does not involve human sacrifice or indeed any bloodshed of any kind.
Of course, VerityG, you must get your 'reverse psychology' 5c worth in!
Go away. Would prefer to say 'something' a tad stronger, as fed-up with your 'goes' at me. You're just a...........

I can guarantee you that my life has been a much more interesting one, in every respect, than yours'. Suck it up!
by donjo
If I had to pick a topic that would make people leave cranky comments Star Wars Day would not have been it! It's beyond me how anybody could anything wrong with people getting together to enjoy a movie they like. What's next, popcorn is a sign of laziness? Jumping on trampolines is a symbol of the degradation of modern morality? To quote Dr Seuss "If you haven't done these things, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good."

That's not reverse psychology Verity was using, it was sarcasm. Reverse psychology would be if she was trying to talk you into doing something by telling you not to. Donjo, you have had plenty of digs at Verity (including bafflingly accusing her of stealing a line from a movie, then refusing to even say which movie you were talking about) so turnabout is fair play.

I agree that Star Wars Day is definitely better than many ancient festivals for the reasons Verity mentioned. It doesn't involve bloodshed in our house unless somebody wants to put The Phantom Menace on. "Meesa Jar-Jar-aaaargh!" and it's hey nonny nonny and blood all over the place.
Where did ancient rites come into this question?
If she used a quote from a movie, she should KNOW which it was, & acknowledge it.
If it's such 'fun', why do people put it down on Census as their religion?
It's c@&$, & weak-minded persons use it as a 'life force'. What garbage!
BTW, am still entitled to my opinion on a subject. If you, or anybody else don't agree, you can 'toss the point', which YOU will always do, just for the hell of it. You're view on the world is just so different to mine, & with less experience. Maybe it's just a 'personality clash'. Oh! & with a goodly amount of jealousy on YOUR part, it seems always. Personal problem, as in said in the Army.

by donjo
As far as I know, Verity didn't use a quote from a movie at all. You accused her of doing so, but didn't say what movie (on the question "Do Animals Have a Sixth Sense?"). You made an accusation with nothing to back it up. Maybe you could check your facts before doing that next time and provide proof. It might be that you misremembered the line, or that there are few words that are coincidentally the same. I really doubt Verity would intentially steal a line from a movie just to put in a question on Answer Angels. That seems a bit pointless.

I see what you were thinking of now. Celebrating Star Wars Day, doesn't mean you put "Jedi" on the census (speaking for myself, I put "none"), though as it happens I think people do the latter as a joke too. That's probably a bad idea since you can get into trouble if it's proven that you lied on the census, but there it is. There probably are people out there (one or two) who do actually believe in it but I reckon they'd be few and far between. "Mainstream religion" is alive and well. For most people who like it Star Wars Day is an entirely secular celebration, like Shark Week, Towel Day or Kebab Day (two of those are real things, Kebab Day is something my husband and I made up, we just go and eat a kebab on that day every year for the heck of it). You don't have to think the Force is real to like a movie, even to like it so much you want to dress up like one of the characters, write fanfiction or whatever.

I can't be jealous of you because I don't know what it is you reckon you have that I don't. I come here to comment for karma points that I use to feature articles and to pass the time. Since you don't post articles I assume you do it for fun, though when you keep getting angry it doesn't sound like you're having fun. When you leave answers, people are entitled to reply and disagree if they want to, just as you often leave replies on other people's answers. I replied to this particular comment because it was not clear that you were referring to people who put Jedi on the census, and your comment saying that people are somehow insecure because they like Star Wars sounded a bit bizarre without context. It also makes your comments a bit harder to understand when you use quotation marks around words that don't seem to need them. But now that I know what you actually meant, sure, you're entitled to believe that there's something wrong with people who are very into Star Wars. I don't think so, but we'll have to agree to disarreee

Disagree even. Weird typo there.
Well now you’ve made me chuckle, donjo, so many thanks for that! It’s always nice to start the day with a smile :)

Telling me to go away, so grown up and mature! And not at all in direct contradiction to your oft-repeated comment that you are entitled to your opinion and to state it here – I quote from above:
“BTW, am still entitled to my opinion on a subject. If you, or anybody else don't agree, you can 'toss the point', which YOU will always do, just for the hell of it.” donjo
Are you suggesting that I am not entitled to my opinion? Or that I’m not entitled to express that opinion here? Either way, if it’s one rule for you, then it’s the same rule for me. If you can stick around being offensive and judgmental then equally you are in no position to tell me to “go away” (donjo, above).

And Jennifer is right, I wasn’t using reverse psychology. I believe we’ve discussed elsewhere the benefits of checking out what you say BEFORE you say it. Throwing accusations around makes you look pretty silly when they are factually incorrect.

And how can you “guarantee you that my life has been a much more interesting one, in every respect, than yours” (direct quotation from donjo, above) ? You don’t know much, if anything, about my life. I could be a boring pen pusher working at a desk all day with no sense of humour and no social life OR I could be a trapeze artist who has travelled the world, met lots of interesting people and spent my entire life having fun and enjoying myself. Or something somewhere inbetween….. the point is, you don’t know. I don’t know where you fit in the spectrum either but given your original answer to this question said that you equate being silly and having fun with being insecure, it certainly implies that you don’t have much fun. Maybe that doesn’t equal interesting in your opinion but for me, a life with no fun in it would be boring in the extreme and not interesting at all. So I’ll happily “suck it up” (donjo, above) if it means my life is interesting by my standards. From things you have said here and on other questions, I certainly wouldn’t want your life and your standards. You spout hatred, spite, wrongful accusations and display so many other negative attributes that I would be ashamed to show myself in public if I in any way resembled you or your life. I couldn’t possibly be jealous of you (and from what I know of Jennifer, I really doubt she could be either) so you really should stop worrying about that. You are in no way an object of envy for me. If I had to name a few emotions I feel on reading your responses, they would include (in no particular order): derision, amusement, annoyance, bafflement and pity. And that’s not sarcasm, I really do feel sorry for anyone who is so embittered and yet believes that anyone who disagrees with her is jealous of her. And I feel sorry for you that there is so much bile and anger in your life that it overflows into your replies on Answer Angels and other hubs.

Now to answer a couple of questions for you:
“Where did ancient rites come into this question?”
From your comment “Used to be mainstream religion, but these days', anything goes, & NOT for the better, unfortunately!”. I was simply pointing out that celebrating mainstream religion used to involve all sorts of unpleasant things, so dressing up and watching movies seemed like it WAS for the better to me.

“If it's such 'fun', why do people put it down on Census as their religion?”
I can’t answer for those who put Jedi down as their religion on Census forms, but speaking as someone who puts Christian, I have a lot of fun through my religion. We sing and dance and pray and tell stories together and share food and love and support each other in good times and bad. Last Sunday we had a picnic on the beach after church, which was a lot of fun! Religion is not just about boring and dull activities or being punished for wrong doing but about enjoying life and doing good things. My God is a God of love and mercy. Two attributes you might like to consider working on in your own life!
To Jennifer..... Words that were used are direct quote from script of movie 'Strictly Ballroom'. Said by Fran's Grandmother to Scott, first time he goes to her place, & she teaches him to dance Spanish dancing.
So please don't EVER intimate I don't know what I'm saying or writing about, as your words above have said. You infer I'm stupid, am not able to 'back up' what I said. Go jump!
Sick of both you, & VerityG trying to make absolute 'mountains' out of something very simple. You both have very little to do in your lives; that's obvious.

by donjo
To VerityG.....I speak my mind. Always have done so. If you don't agree with what I say, so be it.
As for 'spouting hatred & spite & negativity in my life', your words to me above, you're way off the mark. Anyway, your opinion of me, makes no difference. Doubtful you'll ever meet me 'in public', so you've got no cause to worry!
by donjo
P.S.to VerityG.... Don't try & force your way or thoughts of Religion on me. I'm not interested that you have church picnics or anything else in regards to it. Church going is just a crutch, same as various cults around, for those who don't have enough guts or backbone to think for themselves. Glad you like your 'God'. Hope he doesn't forsake you at anytime!

As I'm opposite to what you think I am, my good works for community are appreciated, & it gives me a thrill to be able to help those, who can't take care of themselves. This I was taught to do as a child, & continue to this day.

Also my 'marks' around words is what I was taught at School. Must be a lesson you missed, to again, have a 'go' at me about. Sad, really sad.
by donjo
Donjo I did not say that you were stupid, I said you didn't back up what you said. You can't go around making accusations and not back them up. Other people aren't psychic and won't know what movie you mean unless you say. Which part of what Verity said was supposedly a line from strictly ballroom? If you really knew, why not just say so in the first place? What was the point in mentioning it otherwise? Seems like you were maybe just stirring.

Re. quotation marks, I was taught only to use them for direct or indirect quotations. You seem to use them just for emphasis, for which I would use italics, or in a program where you can't use those maybe all capitals.
And no, I wasn't having a "go" at you about it (see, there I am quoting you, so I used them), I genuinely have to re-read your sentences sometimes because of them. When I see them it signals that you are referring to something someone else has said (or it does when other people use them) when I don't think that's what you actually mean.
Jennifer, if you re-read ANY of my comments I use SINGLE apostrophe, never double. Maybe you need to go to 'Specsavers'!

I don't 'stir'. Don't believe in doing that. Got better things to do with my time.

I believe that using frequent 'capitals' on a computer constitutes 'shouting', according to 'Computer Etiquette 101'!

by donjo
I used double quotes there because it was a direct quote. I was taught that single quotation marks are for indirect quotes, which is not what you seem to be using them for, and as I said I find using them for emphasis confusing because they have a specific meaning.
What is leaving a comment supposedly calling out plagiarism but refusing to be specific if not stirring? Whatever floats your boat.
Ok Jennifer, if you don't believe what I say, your problem. I don't lie. It interests me not.
Re: ' ' that I use. On here, I'm not sitting a formal English exam. so I'll use whatever suits ME, at the time. If it's too much for you to bear, you can always not read, & THAT seems a really good idea, as you seem to have an 'issue' with EVERY comment I write, in some tiny way usually, or conversely, look away, whatever floats YOUR boat. Geesh, some people give me the s@&$-!
by donjo
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