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Do you buy things at garage sales?

by dom a (follow)
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You can pick up some very cheap items at local garage sales, but many people don't want someone else's cast offs. You often read about people who have bought a rare and valuable antique for a few dollars.

Do you go to garage sales? If so, how often? Have you ever made a great purchase?

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Top Answers
I LOVE Garage sales.
I have for many many years.
There have been times when people have put something out to sell, and it was worth a lot of money.
In all good conscience I can't buy it, and make a killing on eBay.
I have told them, they have taken it off the table...and thanked me.
If people didn't need the money....they wouldn't have the Garage sale, I think.

One person had a lot of Royal Doulton plates for sale that were new, (I think he just wanted to get rid of them, so I asked twice....you do know this is only $1.00 a plate....he said yep.
I bought 3 of them, and gave two away as gifts..That was a huge bargain.
Normally they sell for $35 plus new.
I think if I had found that one thing, which was worth a great deal, as I have heard people doing I would sell at auction, and return part of the money.
It has happened to me, and something I bought for $30 ...I put to auction and it sold for $435.oo. It's all about no being greedy, and sharing the joy! :)
I used to if I was looking for something specific, but now I believe I have enough and don't need anything more!
I really like going to garage sales, however, it's never planned. So I only ever go when I stumble across one. With the digital age, there are quite a few "garage sale" on Facebook or gumtree and I often browse them for fun. Sometime you find something that's worthwhile. It's quite fun
I'm a complete garage sale junky. If we have to go out over the weekend I make sure we leave early just in case we pass a garage sale. I have found plenty of interesting items and i have found a lot of stuff for my building projects and my art projects. You can beat a good garage sale
If it's something I need for the house (such as furniture/table covers, cute cups), I go to garage sales because they're affordable and probably in excellent condition :-)
Sometimes but only if we can't find it any where else
Yes to garage sales and moving sales. Someone else's junk can be your treasure. Plus you save heaps of money if you find something you need for your own house.
They're great. No I don't go very often. I'm one of those new consumers...
Personally, I haven't been to one. I always seem to notice the signs when I'm on my way somewhere else, the sign is a week old, or I simply haven't got any cash on me at the time. It probably would be fun to plan it by checking out where they are happening and going along to one to see what they have.
I FORCE myself to drive past (usually). I should be having a sale, not going to one.
I like garage sales and have bought bits and pieces from them in the past. Now I don't need much and don't want to accumulate unnecessary items, even if I can buy them cheaply. I have held garage sales myself before moving house and to de-clutter.
I am also a garage sale 'junky'. Absolutely love them. Also car boot sales, church or school fetes, whatever. We go every Saturday. Love the stuff you can find, that you wonder 'where was this sold in the first place and why didn't I see it then'! I do not buy to then sell for more - it's all for me! :)
Having downsized, I rarely go, unless we are driving past.
I the past I was a garage/auction junky, I loved doing people watching as much as bidding.
I have a wonderful wardrobe, and 2 clarice clift cups (amongst stuff in a $l box.) Cant part with either of these items.
I love garage sales, antique markets, op shops - anywhere you can find something interesting. I bought a beautiful little netsuke for $2 which I presumed couldn't be ivory but when a friend saw it he valued it at $500 - it was ivory and he taught me how to tell the difference between real or fake ivory.
I love them! They bring out the innate treasure hunter in me.
Yes especially babies toys for my parrots

The kids' & I used to go. Had a great time, buying bits & pieces.
Then we all lost interest after about 12 months'.
yes I do
by Finy
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