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Do you buy organic food?

by EricaL (follow)
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organic food, do you buy organic

When you buy your groceries for the week, do you choose to buy organic over conventional produce?

Many of us understand that organic foods have not been exposed to chemical pesticides and are not generated from genetically modified seeds.

It is therefore considered by some that organic foods are higher in nutritional value, and considered the better option for us.

However, organic food is generally more expensive than its conventional counterparts, which can make the choice to buy organic a difficult one for families on a food budget.

What are your thoughts on buying organic produce?

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Top Answers
I do buy organic foods, but it is more expensive so there are some I prioritise over others, and one food I only ever buy organic. That one food is milk - dairy cows are not only fed food that's been covered in pesticides, but also receive hormones and antibiotics that they don't need. Organic dairy cows will not have had any hormones or antibiotics that weren't related to a specific medical condition.

I also only buy organic, free-range eggs, because then I can be sure the chickens were treated well.

And in terms of fruits, if it has a thin skin like strawberries, then I try to buy organic there too.
I definitely prefer to buy organics, but like many of us, I do find it very expensive. There are some tricks, though, that can make organic food shopping less expensive. Firstly, buying dry goods such as rice, legumes, beans and grains in bulk (5 kilo bags, or even more) can save a small fortune. It's a bit of an outlay initially and you'll need to purchase larger air-tight containers to store them in but it's definitely worthwhile long-term.

Another idea is to shop at your local markets, as often local small growers sell there at dramatically cheaper prices. Locally-grown organic products that are in season are also the healthiest foods to eat.

If organics are outrageously expensive, perhaps also look out for pesticide-free fruits and vegetables instead. Although they aren't certified accordingly to the strict standards of organic growers' associations (which take many factors into account), at least they haven't been sprayed by the toxic chemicals that conventional products are.
I think the latest marketing jargon is 'Organic'. Everything that dies and decays is organic. Everything I buy is technically organic.
I try to buy organic as much as possible. I prefer to have a little of good quality more expensive products and be careful not to waste what I buy than lots of cheaper items.
Definitely. Get them delivered to my door. Otherwise specialist grocers sell good organic produce. I go more for fruits than vegetables, as I generally eat out. Organic food is more expensive, yet its better for you.
I am glad that pesticides aren't used because it is more environmentally friendly, but I tend not to buy organic simply because it is more expensive. When I did my shopping yesterday, however, some of the organic vegetables had been reduced in price to the same as the ordinary food, so I bought organic instead.
I only buy organic full fat milk when I make my own yogurt, but otherwise I rarely buy organic fruit and vegetables because it is so expensive. Organic, unpasteurised milk is free from hormones and the nasties which kill off the live natural properties of the milk. So yes, I buy organic milk, but only a few organic pieces of fruit and veg, if it's been reduced in price somehow.
I buy mostly organic - I usually can't afford to buy everything organic so I choose my organic produce from the Dirty Dozen list and non-organic from the Clean Fifteen list, to minimise pesticide residue.
I buy all my fruit, vegetables, eggs and dairy organic, and 90% of my meat organic, otherwise free range. Even though it is much for of a struggle financially, with proper budgeting, organisation and more effort, you are able to relax about what you are feeding your family and what you are not feeding them.
I got together with a group of friends almost 2 years ago and started an organic buyers group. Together, we were able to source organic milk, meat, eggs, groceries, fruit and veggies and buy in bulk for a reduced price. If we hadn't got together, it probably would have been too expensive to go as organic as we have gone (I'd say 90% at the moment - we were buying bread too, but the baker changed hands and stopped doing organic bread). I have to say that after so long, we hardly get sick with coughs and colds like we used to and are all much healthier for it. The buying power of groups is immense. Organic isn't that much more expensive from farm to market, it's from market to shop where the price seems to take a hike.
I absolutely do try.

It is wonderful, a tad more expensive...but well worth it.
The taste is far far better.

I will only ever buy free range eggs, people have little idea of how terrible the conditions are for chickens that are not free range.I have seen first hand, its a wonder the poor things can lay anything! Quite shocking to see.

I think if everyone was to just keep that one fact in mind! ...please.
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