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Do you buy home brands at the Supermarkets?

by Finy (follow)
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Most large supermarkets are getting rid of more and more product names, and putting in their own cheap branded products.

Do you think this is right, and do you buy these cheaper products?

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Top Answers
I do not like home brands.

I do not approve of the big stores pushing out our local producers.

I do not like the quality of these cheaper items.

I therefore rarely buy any of them, and only do so if there is no alternative.

I will however, go to another shop first before buying their home brand products as, for me, it is a matter of principle.

So many Australia producers have gone broke due to this practise, and they are pushing more and more off their shelves.
by Finy
Exactly! That's my viewpoint too! We need to support our local producers and farmers.
Here here! Well said!
I do not,as a rule,buy home brand food as I have found it often comes from China,India and Indonesia which I am extremely wary about! I have,however bout the Top of the range Woolworths Gold Belgian Chocolate Biscuit range as I know these are actually the famous and very delicious Desobry biscuits which are always so beautifully packaged at Christmas time!! I have also bought the home brand toilet paper,mot the super cheap one,but the 'Select'! It is made here in Australia,otherwise I would not buy it! I always check where everything comes from,and some thing I really hate is the way Dried Fruit from Angus Park,a very well known Aussie company from years back,is often a mix o0f local and IMPORTED products!! This annoys me no end,so I have stopped buying certain of their producys now.The Aussie farmers are already strugg;onmg and discarding too much of their crops each season,and it is just plain wrong not to support them! In fact,I usually got to the local fruit market where I know all the produce is not just Australian,but also LOCAL!! and b eing a SMALL business,this makes me feel much better,supporting them rather than the supermarket! Even a lot of the fruit in supermarkets is not from Australia,which was a huge shock when I realised this!
Being on a student budget, I often go for what's cheapest/what's on special.
I mostly buy home brand if they are available. While I do agree ethically with the reasons for not buying these products, being on a tight budget this is not an option for my family. I have to go with what is the cheapest milk, butter, cheese etc or go without that product entirely, which I'm not willing to do.
NEVER EVER buy $1/litre milk!!! That's what's bringing our dairy industry to it's knees. Do buy home brand chips sometimes, but that's about it.
I bought it once recently Sandy -can you believe they did not have any hi lo left in another brand? It is half the price but only bought it once...
by Finy
I don't really buy home brand but I will for things like cling film or tin foil or kitchen towel.
by AJ
I do sometimes but try not to
by Fran
We do not buy the home brand products - unless there are no Australian made alternatives available.
NO home brands for me either, for all the same reasons that Finy has put forth. Even when on a tight budget, I refuse. I read an interesting article that said, consumers spend hugely on clothing etc and buy cheap at the supermarkets! That made me stop and think how right that was. I would rather buy fewer good Australian food items than ANY cheap imported stuff! What happens to us when there are no more farmers?
rarely buy homebrand,
No problem with Woolies' 'Home Brand', 'Select', or 'Gold' products.
Their Bread & Milk baked/produced by top notch Australian companies' anyway, but don't have to pay the big price!
I buy what I can afford. I still 'toe the line' at many cheaper products eg buy GC Pineapple Slices, NOT Philippine imports!

I loathe having to buy home brands, particularly the Select brand from Woolworths. I find they have taken some of the brand names I used to buy and replaced them with theirs and 99% of them are imported.
Yes I buy home brand milk especially when I'm running low on funds. I do prefer organic milk called 4 real milk but it's really expensive and hard to get my hands on.
depends on what it is most homebrand products are not worth buying, do not taste the same as the well known brands.
Yes - I do. I buy Coles own brand milk and have never had a problem with it. I love milk and drink litres of it, hot, cold, lattes etc. I do buy own brand, cooking foil, baking paper and cling film, but don't tend to buy own brand food as am never sure of the quality of the product.
Yes, whatever is 3 litres for $3. 99% of the time we buy our milk from Aldi, & I don't think they bother with a home brand.
by Miro
Some items I do, I find the coles home brand better than the woolies brand, I don't mind buying the serviests, and gladwraps in the home brand they only go in the bin any way.
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