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Do you buy Home Brand milk?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you buy Coles, Woolworths or other home brand milk?

Or do you buy the good brand named milk?

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Top Answers
No, I do not -with all the hype about farmers throwing out milk because of this I would not buy the cheaper milk just to save 50 cents or whatever.

I would far rather support local and interstate people.

Although the other day while in a supermarket and my normal milk was not available while there was plenty of home brand, the employee pointed out a note pinned up regarding the milk. They make no profit out of the milk but it brings people into the shop, or so the theory goes however I rarely buy home brands anyway as I find they are often inferior, so therefore rarely buy their milk.

I disagree strongly with pushing growers/local business out of business with their big buying tactics.
by Finy
No, I certainly do not buy home brand milk anymore. Particularly Coles who are doing this to the farmers. I think it is terrible how the farmers have been treated. Surely it cant be legal. The government wants to help, which is good. No farmer could live with prices so low, and so many are being forced to sell up, making us ripe for the Chinese to come and buy up our land. I hope that something can be done for the farmers, some regulation to stop this happening again. It is just pure greed and no one thinks it is right or Australian to do this to another person.
There will always be those customers who follow the almighty dollar and buy homebrand milk despite what is happening to the farmers. They just want their cheap milk.

by Lluxi
Lluxi -I agree with you -next time you are in Woolworths, see if they have a small note in the dairy section explaining it....
by Finy
I'll look out for it. We haven't been shopping this week. Hubbies dad died so shopping last priority at the moment.
by Lluxi
Lluxi.....there're some of us on a Pension. Can't afford to pay heaps for milk, even though would like to support dairy farmers'.
Don't knock them, as finances' very slim.
This week I had $1.65 to last me 3days, til Pension arrived. I HAD to stay home, as didn't even have enough petrol in car to go anywhere!
I HATE living like that, but that's the reality!
by donjo
Absolutely NOT! Farmers are entitled to a decent wage, would you like your wage to be reduced due to greed??? If the supermarkets want to sell cheaper milk then THEY should take the hit/reduction! Shoppers come into the store anyway. All store brands are inferior and smaller in size, don't be fooled by the cheap price, how do you think the low price is quantified? We should all support the farmers, how will we live without them?
We buy own brand from the supermarket we go to. It's the cheapest, and just as good as any branded milk.
I have done in the past as we had to be super careful with spending. As our income has increased I have stopped as I worry about the impact.
I actually buy Heart Active milk which lowers Cholesterol. Due to a very nasty medication I require,my liver does not function as well as it should,and my doctor recommended this milk to me.I use it more as a preventative than a cure,with my cholesterol levels being quite within the normal range. I do not care about its higher price,as it is only used in my tea,or for visitors' coffees!! I also do like the flavour which despite being Low-fat,does not taste any less creamy than normal good quality milk. If I was a big milk user,and didn't have health issues,I would buy branded milk anyway,as I am very much into supporting our local dairy and other agricultural industries.The dairy industry is a a major one up here in the north,as the Atherton Tablelands are very close and some of the best dairy farms are in this region! Mungalli Creek Dairy produces some of the creamiest and most delicious milk I have ever tasted!!!
No...we buy the Tetra-Long-Life Milk.

I never have to worrie about it going 'off' and it can stay on the shelf for 12 months, and has been treated for any extra 'nasties' the fresh stuff may have.

Plus: We never ever run out of milk! too easy .
P.S.... Once it has been opened it must go into the fridge, and treated as normal milk, so it will last as long as normal milk, but because it comes in small pkts you don't have the issue of it going 'off' in the fridge.
Downside: It can cost a tad more than normal milk.
by jonaja
jonaj -I find this milk lasts much longer than ordinary milk but it does not have the same taste -though if you only drink in tea, guess you would not notice - I have cacao with full cream milk.
by Finy
It didn't take long for us to find it in fact much nicer taste to be honest :)
by jonaja
Mornin' Ladies'.....UHT Milk is the same cost/litre as Woolies brand ie $1/litre.
Ad always keep 4 of them in the 'fridge, as 'spares'. Unopened, they'll last a long time, but once opened, yes, use ASAP! Cheers!
by donjo
I'm with Jonaj and buy the long life milk because we are not a milk drinking family and it does last much longer and tastes creamy compared to the "real" milk. Also I buy about a dozen 2 litre cartons when on sale as I've plenty of pantry storage
I buy milk powder - w/cream and wo/cream.
I buy the gold top, full cream, unhomogenized milk as I find it is nearly as good as my darling cow used to give and it also reminds me of visiting my sister in NZ as she gets raw milk from the farm. YUM.
by Rice
Forgot to say we always have several cartons/tetras/thingies of UHT in the house for "just in case" . . .
by Rice
Yes, as that's only what I can afford.
BTW, there's nothing 'wrong' with it whatsoever!
It tastes same as 'expensive' brands!
We buy whatever is $3 for 3litres. The other day, Coles sold us 3 litres for $1. My husband told the guy on the checkout, he'd made a mistake, & he said, "No, that's the right price'"
by Miro
Was it close to going off?
by Vee
I use to buy home brand milk as im on a strict budget. I had no idea I was hurting farmers until I signed the petition. I only buy the farmers direct brand now but I still feel sorry for family s that struggle and I hold no grudges towards them or those on struggle street as everyone has the need to survive.
I do...I know I shouldn't and I always tell myself that I will buy a branded milk, but when I get into the shop, I completely forget. Old habits die hard.
by Vee
No, it wasn't close to going off, Vee. Another time we were buying 2lts in an IGA for $2.00. I looked at the useby date, & it was the for the DAY BEFORE!! I took a photo of it, & showed it to the girl at the checkout. She shrugged her shoulders! I should have asked to see the manager!
by Miro
An interesting topic. Milk. You need to look deeper into the milk industry and just what is just what is behind cheap milk and what the farmers have to put up with. We have two major producer's that really pull the strings for the milk farmers. Look up some past articles from the Weekly Times to get the real story. No I don't buy the cheap milk as I think what is in it.

I have done that in past but we are buying Devondale these days.
by BK
I do my best to buy milk from my state, South Australia.
I used but stopped recently. Felt their skim milk isnt all that great.
Sasha, I think skim milk isn't all that great in general, LOL.
by Vee
I only buy milk that is full cream will not buy milk that had additives or anything taken out of it.

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