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Do you buy fresh pineapples, or use the tinned ones?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you buy fresh pineapple or do you use the tinned variety?

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Top Answers
I love fresh pineapples however the last few years they are just not as nice as they used to be.
They are not sweet like the ones you get in Asia and the ones I buy are generally from Queensland.

AND lately they are terribly expensive.
However I still buy them to have on a cheese sandwich and also to cook with.

The tinned variety are nice but too sweet even though they say "in natural juice"
by Finy
I love pineapple but it has to be fresh. I've tried tinned pineapple once in my life and it almost put me off the fruit. The pieces were overly sweet and the fruit mushy. If I suspect something has been cooked with tinned pineapple I'd rather skip the dish or drink. I do enjoy the tartiness of the fruit.
I'm with you!
by Rice
Always fresh. Evcen if I make dishes that ask for canned I will cook them in syrup myself.
by Gia
The skin is great steeped to make a drink or vinegar.
by Gia
I use fresh pineapple if I just want to eat it raw and tinned for things like putting on pizza or in desserts or salads.
Tinned but love fresh ones...sometimes buy one and keep it on the shelf just for the delightful aroma it fills the kitchen with
by Fran
I can not touch a fresh Pineapple.

I can't hold one, so I can't buy one.

Tried it once, and had a reaction to the feel of them.
Tinned for us all the way.
Living in North Queensland,it is always very easy to get lovely sweet pineapples,and,just for the fun of it, I have even grown small ones myself by planting the removed 'top' of a nice one!!! The ARE very slow growers though, taking 2 years to produce a good fruit!! You just cannot beat a beautiful fresh sweet juicy pineapple!!
True, Jules, but it's got to be icy-cold! Lol!
by donjo
I prefer the taste of fresh pineapple but it has some chemical in it that strips the top layers of skin off my tongue so I can't eat it any more. Something about the tinning process seems to remove whatever it is that attacks me, so I can eat as much tinned pineapple as I like :)
I go for the fresh ones bust must admit that I cheat and buy the sliced and cored ones. Pay more but it saves me from slashing myself to pieces while trying to achieve that outcome.
I've had a hard time trying to find a nice and juicy fresh one this season, so I've been buying tinned pineapple for my pizzas.
by Vee
When I buy pineapples I always buy fresh ones
by AJ
I always use fresh pineapples. it delecious and tasty good smell. but tinned not that much good smell.
by asha
Purely depends on what it's needed for, & on my mood at the time!

I l o v e it fresh, really cold. There's nothing like it!
I use tinned infrequently, BUT always make sure it's Aussie! None of that Asian garbage!
Asian garbage?
by jonaja
Yes, Jonaj, how do WE know how pineapple tinned in Thailand or the Philippines meets OUR standards? I you want to buy cheap asian imports, & NOT support Aussie pineapple growers' that's up to you. But I will NOT; that's up to me!
by donjo
umm....getting a tad passionate about them Pineapples....LOL.
I got your point!
by jonaja
Really? Do YOU have a problem with my getting worried about my health & that of my children? It's my choice to describe them as I see it! End of.
by donjo
I always buy fresh. I think fresh pineapples taste so much better than tinned.
I always use fresh. I am shocking at picking one that is nice and ripe so often disappointed and I absolutely love tinned. I never, ever buy tinned asian pineapple. Seems silly to do that anyway
i prefer the fresh pineapple because they work better for me, i love especially the sugar pineapple that is the extra extra sweet pineapple hmm yum yum
I buy fresh pineapples, from local growers, they are always sweet and delicious.
I love fresh pineapple. Specially the ones you get in tropical countries. They are much sweeter and juicier. Growing up in a tropical climate, I remember eating whole fruits of pineapple by my self during the pineapple season! A piece of very sweet pineapple with a sprinkle of salt and chilli powder is sensational! So , the bottom line is, I am a huge fan of fresh pineapple.
Fresh all the way. Gosh they're divine. Tinned tastes weird to me.
by Rice
No, we buy a tin of pineapple, but we'd only use it about once a year for my marshmallow & pineapple salad. A fresh pineapple would take up to much room in the fridge, & go off before the 2 of us could eat it all. Also I'd be worried it might be sharp, not have the taste I was waiting for. (I hope that makes sense.)
by Miro
I love fresh sweet pineapple, although I do use the tinned ones for pizzas.
I rarely buy fresh as my dry mouth bleeds with the sharpness of the pineapple. I use cans of crushed pineapple in my boiled fruit cakes and iI'm partial to the odd pineapple fritter from the fish shop when the mood takes me. I'd occasionally buy the tropical chicken pack from Red Rooster but I haven't had one for years as I think they only have the banana in it now.
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