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Do you buy fresh flowers for your home?

by Ivana Katz (follow)
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Do you regularly buy fresh flowers for your home or office? What type of flowers do you buy and where you do you get them from? How much do you generally spend?

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Top Answers
Occasionally we do buy fresh flowers, and spend about $10 on a bunch. Or I pick them from the garden.
I don't personally because I'm not interested in flowers, but I live with my parents and my mum often buys flowers or takes cuttings from the garden. I sometimes buy her flowers for birthdays and Mother's Day, ad I'll get them from Marks & Spencers for between £5-£15.
I love having fresh flowers at home, so I do buy them occasionally as a treat. If my budget allowed it, I would buy them every week.
Only during Jonquil season, when they're $4. I love Jonquils and the price is right! Otherwise it's too much to spend on myself!
I do. My aim is to buy a fresh bunch every week for the living room at least. Sometimes I might buy multiple bunches for the entire house. When going away I don't buy any.
I would only buy Fresh flowers once or twice a year.

I buy them from Aldi, because they sell even nice bunches of Roses for about $5.
Fresh flowers are divine, but I just can not afford them...sadly.
I simply love having fresh flowers at home. Roses are my favourite! I do buy flowers for my home every week.(or my husband buys them for me) Mostly from florists close to home. flower stalls along some country roads are ideal if you pass them regularly. Put something like $4.00 in a till and you can take home a fresh bunch of flowers that was picked on the day itself!
Oh Sharmila....how lucky you are that you have a husband who buys you flowers!
Mine refused to as he thought it 'a waste of money'.
So never got them on Birthday, Mothers' Day, Wedding Anniversary.
Something small, that would've given me great joy! Sad, very sad.
by donjo
I never buy cut flowers for the house and i ask other people not to buy me any as well. The cut flower industry uses vast amounts of water which is fit for human consumption in poor countries but is used on in the growing of flowers instead. Also there is a huge problem with poorly paid workers and those workers having to use very dangerous chemicals every day. I do not need flowers that much to compromise other people health.
Interesting points to consider!
I don't buy them often, but have a lovely rose garden, so when roses are in bloom I pick them fresh from the garden to enjoy. I don't like store bought roses because they don't have the fragrance that the fresh ones do, and its all about the fragrance for me!
I prefer living to cut,therefore I would buy a flowering potted plant for preference on the odd occasion I want flowers in the house.
Usually only for a special occasion. I like to buy daffodils when it's Daffodil Day, and when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby I bought myself some flowers. Sometimes my daughter insists on my husband buying some flowers for me when they're at the shops. The latest bunch is an arrangement of white carnations, pretty coloured leaves and pine cones. Sounds weird but I like it.
Yes. I buy Lillies from Coles. They are $10.
I buy them as a treat for myself. ..I get them from Angel Flowers as they have the nicest range ive found...I love flowers with fragrance and colour. ..one favourite is the lilly.

I personally find flowers as a waste of money. They never seem to last more than a few days and alot of them don't have much fragrance to them. I don't lke receiving them myself but I don't mind buying them for other people if I know they like them. I usually spend $10. Mandy E.
I love fresh flowers. I do buy them atleast once in a week.
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I don't buy flowers for my home due to financial constraints. I love flowers in the house so I pick flowers from the garden. I make sure there is always something I can pick so there are always flowers in my house.
I buy a bunch of Carnations once a fortnight, from Woolies at $8. They come with 'powder' to put in water, which I've found, keeps them fresh til the next fortnight! Love Carnations, & they brighten up my life no end!
Yes i do ,I love flowers they make me happy...
I do buy my flowers from Aldi as they are fresh and last longer than other store bought flowers even though I have a lovely garden full of roses, Dutch irises and natives. My husband hates me cutting them for the house as he prefers to see the gardens a mass of colour.
I buy flowers every week from a local farm. The flowers are grown hydroponically with minimal use of chemicals and recycled water. The workers are protected by Australian law and paid fairly.
I feel very fortunate to have fresh flowers in my home. They distract people's eyse from the dust.
Yes, I often buy flowers for the dinning room table. I don't like mixed bunches though. I'll mostly buy carnations, tulips, lilies & 1 flower I don't know the name of. I always buy them from Aldi for $4.99! They usually last about 10 days. I buy mostly pink or orange flowers. Since my mother-in-law lost her No 3 son, I've bought her a bunch of flowers every time we have visited, & that was about 13 years ago. We usually buy them from the flower shop at Central, while going from 'our' train to the platform for the Newcastle train. If we don't have time to buy them there, we'll buy them from Woolies, in the suburb they live, then walk down from the station to their house. At Central & Woolies, the flowers will cost about $15, but my mum-in-law is worth every sent. I 1st met her, the 2nd time I met (& later married) her middle son! Oh yes, & I'll also buy her roses. The stalks should always be snipped off at the bottom, just a tiny bit, no leaves from the flower stalks should be in the water, & the water should be changed every 3rd day, & the flowers re-snipped.
by Miro
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