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Do you buy free range, organic, or barn chickens to eat?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Do you buy free range, organic, or barn chickens to eat?

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Top Answers
I do not buy organic as they are quite hard to get in Perth, and I generally just buy ordinary barn chickens.

I sometimes buy free range, however these are still not organic so I cannot see much point in paying much more for them.

I think corn fed ones taste nicer,
by Finy
Isn't the point in paying more that you are paying extra for the chicken to have a better life?
Being on my own,I do not need a whole chicken to cook all at once,so I just buy portions.They are organic,yet despite the higher cost I still buy them! I do not mind paying the extra.
Your standard chickens are pumped with antibiotics in their feed which in turn we eat so I try to buy organic and as they are more expensive,balance that out by eating less.Modern society eats way to much meat anyway.
I would like to buy free range but they are not so readily available. The flavour of free range (worm eating) is far superior to that of the commercially raised to me.
by Gia
I prefer to buy free range but my husband does the shopping these days (he is retired) and he always goes for the cheapest. I would be happy to pay a premium to put an end to caged chicken farming.
I don't buy whole chickens, just pieces and am ignorant about where they come from.
I am disgusted re the pic and the thought of how the chickens never see the light of day so...I should buy free range.
by Fran
Organic. I would rather not have chicken than buy barn or battery chickens. I think it is disgusting and immoral to raise chickens this way and I will take no part in it. Far better to eat half as much for twice the cost and know that the chickens have been treated properly.

The fact that they taste better is a bonus.
I don't eat chicken, but if I was going to I'd buy free range ones or possibly kill my own. I really don't want to do that though.
I Only buy

Free Range.
We buy free range. I really wish organic eggs were more easy to come by - better for the chicken and better for me.
by Vee
I always buy free range chickens and free range eggs
by AJ
I like to buy chickens from the farmer's market when I can, but when that option is not available I buy free range and/or organic.

We make our own chicken broth, so I like to have a healthy chicken for that purpose as well.
We have our own chickens for eggs, and I buy freerange RSPCA approved chicken to eat.
it depends on how much money I have. I do try, but buying 'better and ethically' is so very expensive. When on Pension, you cannot be choosy.
Depends if I can afford them. Will do so if can.
Otherwise, it's just whatever. They all taste pretty much the same. And they all can get cooked in the various ways!
We always buy organic eggs even though it's much more expensive.
I do not buy eggs from the shops any more was sick and tired of the small eggs, fragile shells and no taste or good color, I now have my own chickens which can roam around the garden during the day I do fed them grain once a day as well as any left over food from the dinner table , greengrocer shops will give you leafy leaves that they trim off the vegetables that they sell, and they lay strong shelled eggs good taste and good color. as well as making a good pet

Free range chicken and free range eggs, although I don't really eat a lot of either.
I usually buy the cuts I need for the dishes I'm cooking but have no idea where they come from.
I buy free range chickens because the family demands that…I buy free range eggs because the family demands that.
Personally, left to my truthers, I would buy chicken that I can afford as NONE of it tastes any different to me. I don't really fancy free range eggs because the shells are so fragile that it drives me crazy. It also makes me think that the chickens that lay those eggs are lacking in something diet wise. However, I know that we are meant to be buying free range chooks and eggs because it makes for a better life for the chickens. I just hope that I am not tubing into some sort of misinformation, because I certainly have a feeling that I might be.
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