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Do you buy free range eggs only?

by Sandy Ludinski (follow)
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We are now fortunate to have farmers' markets in our area, making it easier to buy free range eggs. The trick is to get to the market early, because they sell out quickly!

Do you buy only free range eggs? Where do you usually buy them?

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Top Answers
Yes I get free range eggs. I normally just get mine from the supermarket, as we're not that close to any farms, but if I pass a farm, I may get some from there too. The fresher the better.
I was buying from the supermarket too but now I'll be supporting our local farmers at the market because it's easy now the market is close to home.
At the moment I don't have to buy eggs because my backyard chooks are producing enough for us but when I do I try to get free range ones.
How I wish my free range eggs came from the backyard!
Oh! How lucky!!! I want to pick my own eggs first thing in the morning....slightly difficult with urban apartment living
I only buy free range eggs, and I get them from the supermarket.
Yep - it's a small change but it's worth it.
I eat my own duck eggs from the ducks that I have in my backyard. And they are delicious!
I am lucky enough to have a butcher who sells organic free range ones at a very reasonable price. In winter, they are harder to get. My butcher told me that it's because in winter more of the bird's energy goes into producing feathers to stay warm.
Well there you go, I've learnt something today. - thanks for sharing!
yes, i seem to learn something new from Angels every day. wonderful. i buy free range, but somehow they're still not quite the same as my daughter's chicken eggs, that come straight from her backyard. and the chickens always seem quite pleased with themselves when they've laid one - guess i just still love the fairytale side of life.
by sandw
Yes, I have bought free-range for about 6 years now. I used to work with a girl who lived next door to a chicken farm. We would supply our own egg cartons and she would bring in a couple of boxes of eggs each holding 6 x 30 egg trays. I could definitely tell the difference. Now I purchase them from the Supermarket and hope they are the real deal...
Trouble with supermarket eggs is you never really know whether they are actually free range. I keep my fingers crossed when I buy them from the supermarket.
Yes, only free range or organic eggs.
I converted after my science friend told me the effects of eating caged eggs.

Some are concerned about the cruelty of cage chicken, that too, but the real impact is caged eggs on human.

The price of buying free-range eggs are much higher, but for the goodness of my family, I am happy to pay that premium.

I reckon it's worth the extra money too.
Yes, only free range eggs. Whilst I'm no philanthropist I'd rather the chickens had the opportunity to roam.

Free range eggs also taste much better than non-free range eggs. There is a noticable difference.
No, I don't buy free range eggs as I do not trust them.
Free range means they have the option to roam however I read that many of them do not anyway and at night are locked away as normal cage chickens anyway, so cannot see the point.

This practise is open to lies, so I buy the XXX large ones at a local fruit shop -free range eggs are no longer more expensive at some of the markets etc here in Perth, and if they are, only by about 50 cents, so it is not really the price.
by Finy
As often as I can. sometimes slip off the wagon.
I buy free range and organic if I can, I never buy the brand Pace as the special I saw on them was upsetting and they would not let the investigator go thru the sheds. They were also very rude and told the journalist to leave. this is a choice article link that may help you…


My family police the eggs I buy and the insist we have only free range. I don't care but, I seem to have had to re-educate myself with handling & transporting free range. I always seem to have one broken egg when I return from the supermarket and if I don't want the egg broken like for making scrambled eggs or a cake or an omelette. I need to be extra careful when cracking the shell (like to make poached eggs). The shells seem to be very fine, or, is it just my imagination.
i used to but supermarket eggs , yes the shells are fragile and break easily also the eggs are small.
I now have my own backyard chooks they love roaming the backyard during the day and are locked up at night , they produce large eggs and stronger shells , at least now I know what the family are putting into their mouths
by flaga
Yes I only buy free range and I buy them from our local independent grocer
I buy what I can afford at the time!
FR eggs are usually just SOOOOOO expensive, way out of my price range!
Some people are making heaps of money on a 'fad'.
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