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Do you buy cherries when they are almost $20 per kilo?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

At the moment cherries are as high as $19.95 per kilo in Perth.

Would you buy them at this price?

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Top Answers
I have bought a few at this price however it really irks me that they can be so expensive just because it is the beginning of the season!

I now, out of principal, will not buy anymore when it is in season here in Australia.

It is a different matter if it is colder weather here and they are imported from America -I do buy some then as I can understand the price however I think it is a blatant rip off to charge more just because it is the beginning of the season and there are not so many around.

However I guess they do it because they can!
by Finy
Good point!
No Way!!! I have not even seen them so expensive for about 5 years .I am amazed that up here in North Qld I am able to get the loveliest sweetest biggest firmest juiciest cherries for just $8.50 kg and we are only 3 weeks into the supply for this summer!!! When I lived in Melbourne,my school holiday job for summer,back in the 70's was Picking Cherries! The MOST fun ever!!! But it is the most labour intensive job and involved climbing up into the trees as well as really being hard on the fingers!! I think for this reason,I have always felt that the high price we pay for this wonderful fruit is somewhat justified! But NOT $20 a kilo!!!!
Not here they're not! They're often below $10 a kilo, I get 3kg of seconds for $10 as well. They sell them by the side of the road. I love it!
Umm, No !
by BK
No, they are not that important to me, I like them but don't loooove them
by fran
I will buy a little if they get that expensive.
by Vee
Never. What am I... some kind of fatcat? Way too expensive for me, sadly.
I would not buy anything at that price!
Despite normally being rather frugal, I just bought some on the roadside for $18 a kilo! It was a lovely old couple selling them and they were freshly picked and the most delicious cherries I've ever tasted. Much better than ones you buy at the supermarket. These are my Christmas splurge.
That sounded like good value, though. Yum.
by Rice
I rarely buy cherries - but I do really enjoy them when I do
by AJ
Nope. Aside from the fact that they are only $7 - $10 in Adelaide, there are price points that each of us have for fresh fruit, and $20 is above mine for cherries
I don't think I've ever bought cherries. They are readily available where I live. Its just a matter of picking them.
No way would I pay that much for a kilo of any fruit. When fruit and veg go above what I am prepared to pay I find a substitute. When zucchinis and cucumbers were around $10 a kilo not that long ago I wouldn't buy them. Sometimes bananas get pricey so we don't buy them until the price comes down.
No way, can't afford them. strega
NEVER! Being on Single Disab.Pension, I know cannot ever possibly afford to buy these luxuries.
We actually grow them, as we have 2 cherry trees in our front yard. YUM! and they make great ice cream extras too!
I'll pass, thanks!
There're other fruits' I can buy much cheaper.
NO NEVER! I have to wait until the prices are really low! At the moment where eating bottled Aldi cherries on our cereal, which aren’t as nice as the fresh ons of cause, but so much cheaper!
My husband was born in the cherry town of Young, NSW & recently I heard they only have 1 cherry farm left up there.
Isn't that a crying shame. 1 grower ?
I guess it must be the same with apricot growers. I haven't had a decent apricot for years, and if I stumble across a box that look a reasonable quality, they are far too expensive. I can't believe what is NOT available in stone fruits, in fact all fruits, these days.
by fran.
P.S. I love the cherry photo, above! When my father would bring them home with the shopping, us kids would go through the box of cherries, to see who could find the most double ones to hang over our ears!
No. I love them, but no. What a gorgeous photo.
by Rice
I love cherries. I hold out until winter when they come from America. Lovely, big, black juicy cherries.
No, I won;t buy cherries at this price, as much as I do enjoy eating them.
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