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Do you buy cage-free eggs?

by Vee (follow)
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Industrial chicken coop
'Industrial chicken coop' by ITamar K.

The conditions in which caged chickens are made to produce eggs are cruel and disgusting. For this reason, I refuse to purchase caged eggs.

Do you buy cage-free eggs and why? If not, why not?

'Chicken eggs' sourced from Wikimedia Commons

#Animal cruelty
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Top Answers
This is a far bigger than the issue of cruelty. Caged hens suffer the risk of disease generated by the confines of the cage and the rotting mix of manure and urine.
To offset this birds are pumped full of antibiotics that find their way into our bodies.
World health authorities have recently released information stating the biggest risk the world currently faces is an explosion of ill health that cannot be contained because we have over used antibiotics causing the current medications to become less effective as the viruses have become immune to the antibiotics. Pig farming is also doing the same thing. We need to rethink what we eat. I have noticed that the only way to be sure if the eggs are truly cage free is to look at the shell. True free range eggs are likely to have stronger shells and vary in colour with specks on them because the birds are picking up a range of insects from the ground.
Doing the right thing can be profitable.
I spoke to a grain farmer who was in financial trouble and could not sell his low quality grain so he set up a real free range meat bird farm without any fences at all. Feeding them his low quality grain and only locking them up at night they spent the days in the massive paddock returning to the barn at night to get the grain.
He sells out every day at the market and cannot keep up to demand.

I am very lucky that I have two people close to me who have their own vey happy chickens which lay profusely. Therefore I rarely have to buy my eggs from the store.
When I do even though I know their plight isn't as it should be I hope by choosing free range eggs the stores/suppliers will get the message that as a consumer the fair treatment of animals is important to me.
I only buy free range eggs. They cost a bit more, but
I have been to the farm they are produced at and the hens actually do get to
range free in the outdoors. It takes a bit more effort to
get them directly from the farm, but is worth it knowing they are ethically
produced. In terms of health benefits, the eggs are bigger and more orange on the inside and must have more vitamin D as a result of the hens being exposed to
I like eggs from happy hens. Will not buy anything else and more shops should encourage range free eggs incl Spud Shed.
It's such a small extra price to pay to ensure that chookies have some kind of a good life. I loathe modern farming practices. They are truly disgusting and point to a culture that's lost it's way when profits take precedence over care and kindness
No I don't as I do not believe them!
Also free range they are still locked up and I believe they CAN come out but dont always, so NO, i buy any.
by Finy
I know that they are often kept closed up in a shed, but surely that's better than being locked up in a small cage.
by Vee
Perhaps it is Vee, but I just don't trust them.
by Finy
I know Finy.
by Vee
It's difficult since they changed the definition of "free range" so that it's pretty much meaningless. I want to buy ethically produced eggs but it's so hard to know what the conditions for the chickens are really like unless you've actually seen them. That's why I plan on getting my own chickens soon.
We've got to get younger hens. Unfortunately, our ones will produce an egg a day and that's if we're lucky.
by Vee
Yes, I get free range eggs. I would never get battery eggs. Not only will the nutritional value of the egg be poorer, but I couldn't bare to think how that poor chicken suffered.
Yeah, I prefer non caged eggs too. It's terrible the way those hens are treated. The trouble is that here, legally producers can keep 10,000 birds per hectare (6 times the recommended limit, ie. severe overcrowding) and still call it free range. Here's hoping for a change in the law to prevent this soon.
About 15 years ago, a friend offered me some work.
It was on a farm with Caged Chickens!
It was one of the most dreadful days, I have ever had.
I left that day never to return.

I never buy caged eggs.
It should be banned!

Only Free Range for me.
I like the R.S.P.C.A. Certified eggs, that say the chickens are in the best environment.
by jonaja
I get free range - I know some got busted recently for lying, but all I can do is hope the bad guys get caught. At least I am trying not to contribute to that.
I have my own hens, but if I have to buy eggs, I only get free range.
It's a big NO from me totally unexceptable I sat put yourself in the chickens place and see if you like it do unto others that's how it goes is'nt it
Not I must but I have .
I buy free-range. cage-free is often no better than caged as hundreds of thousands of chooks are rammed into a large shed together. Always look for free-range as this is much less cruel. Foodland also sell Organic free-range but they are pretty costly.
I recently got 3 hens. It's still a thrill collecting fresh eggs every morning. After seeing how much they like to roam around and explore in the garden, I would find it really difficult to buy cage eggs again.
by Jane
I recently got 3 hens. It's still a thrill collecting fresh eggs every morning. After seeing how much they like to roam around and explore in the garden, I would find it really difficult to buy cage eggs again.
by Jane
I am a complete vegetarian, so no need of eggs. But when friends have requested me to buy eggs on the way home, I've for some strange reason, always bought free range eggs.
I'm on a budget, so I buy what ever is cheap at the place I go shopping. although I would hope that Australian producers are monitored so that the animals are not ill abused or a threat to humans.
You hope so, but it won't make it so. The bottom line is the most important thing for many companies. The wellbeing of people and animals - not so much.
by Vee
I only eat eggs from my chickens and ducks in the backyeard. While they sleep in a cage at night they are free to roam during the day.

I think caged eggs are a disgrace, and I firmly believe that they will be phased out in the next few years. We are already seeing a range of battery farms going on the market and I think these 'farmers' see the end.
I hope you're right Matt.
by Vee
I know I should, and if I had the money, I would. I don't. Where I live the cost of a dozen eggs is around $3.20, but free-run eggs are more around $5.99 or more. For now, I have to be careful with every dollar I spend.
I totally understand.
by Vee
Absolutely. Animal cruelty is completely unacceptable and I would go without rather than give one cent to that industry. I found that the Animals Australia website has a lot of info on this subject. Luckily I have a friend who often gives me eggs from her very happy chickens otherwise I carefully read the labels if I have to buy them from the supermarket.
There are 5 chickens in the backyard, however if I were to buy eggs it would have to be free ranged eggs.
Not usually, as am on restricted-income, & simply cannot afford to pay2-3 times the price of 'home-brand' eggs!

I can appreciate that. Have you ever thought about buying hens?
by Vee
No, Vee, not an option, unfortunately, for me. Your thought appreciated, though!
by donjo
We buy Aldi free range . . . .waaaay cheaper.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, there's just 'something' about Aldi I can't take to. Was ONCE only in a store for a particular advertised item I wanted, couldn't find it, as all their goods arranged 'higgeldy-piggeldy' to me, not a staff member within coo- ee to ask, so I just left!
There's a new Aldi opened up nearby, so MIGHT venture inside for 'curiousity' sake only!
Cheers to you!
by donjo
I swear I felt exactly the same as you! It took me ages to get the hang of it as my daughter always sang Aldi's praises . . . but now I like Aldi . . and it's cousin, Lidl (pronunced leedl) is coming here too. It is also nice to know that our Aldis are autonmous - no longer owned by Germany.
by Rice
We don't buy eggs at all - our girls in the back yard (who we rescued from cage batteries) lay them for us naturally :-) Everybody's happy!

by kimp
Good on you kimp. :-)
by Vee
Oh, that is lovely! Good for you :-))
by Rice
Free range for me. I need to get back to having my own chooks, I miss chooks :(
by Rice
I have my own chooks. If I had to buy eggs I would only buy free range eggs and even then reluctantly as I don't think most free range eggs are truly free range.
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