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Do you buy a new mattress regularly?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you regularly buy a new mattress?

Or do you wait till you can see it REALLY needs changing?

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Top Answers
No I do not!
It is a hassle to buy a mattress as how do you know which one to buy.
Last time they had a machine that "told" me which one was right for me after lying on a special mattress connected to a computer.

Whether this is a sales gimmick or what, I do not know however the mattress IS comfortable.

I notice it now has an indentation where I sleep and think if this happens when I turn it again, that it is time for a new one?

How do you know.....it is about 5 years old but was a very expensive one.
by Finy
You probably have a memory foam mattress, Finy. They are supposed to mould to your shape and 'remember' the level of support you like. Hence, the indentations on your bed
by Lluxi
No Lluxi, it is not a memory foam mattress
by Finy
I have a pet hate about a Mattress being more than 5 years old.
So out they go, and a new one put in it's place.
I don't also buy cheap ones, they just don't cut-it!
Mattresses are a breeding place, so I have to vacuum and disinfect with Glen 20 every now and then.
I don't buy way expensive just middle of the road.

Mattresses these day are not made to be kept for long....You can spend a lot, and need a new one down the track, nothing is made very very well now.
Even if it were a Great mattress, I just would not keep it over say 8 years.

A mattress also takes up moisture, even in the best of home eps in winter.

What happenes is the inside becomes unhealthy,so it's best to be on your guard with any of them.
Unhealthy??? Like what?
by Finy
Dust mites:
The 450g of skin scales we shed annually are a delicacy,for them.

The average bed contains more than 10,000 house dust mites!!!
which can spark allergic reactions triggering asthma and eczema.
Plus....who wants that in their mattress, I don't.

A Mattress is not one of the cleanest things we have in our homes, just a breading ground, that's it! We all get hot in bed at some time, and sheets do not stop the skin we shed in the bed...it still gets into the Mattress.

If it was possible, I would sleep in a hammock but at my age well that's not possible, but at least I could wash it all the time. :)
by jonaja
jonaj, how did I know you would answer in this way? LOL! Oh yeah: please refer to pillow questions. :-D
by Vee
We are onto our third, I think, in our entire married life (29years ). We got one a few years ago at a Home Show. We are very pleased with it, as it provides the right amount of support. Once it becomes uncomfortable, lumpy, and does not provide the right amount of comfort, its time for a new one. We average a new one every 10 years. I would never wait until it REALLY needs changing, Finy. My husband and I have lower back pain, so a comfortable bed is paramount, considering you spend a third of your life lying on it. Leaving it too long can cause further back problems, if you are negligent about it. We used the computer too, Finy, and they custom make the mattress. The level of support I need, compared to the level of support my husband needs is different, so they custom make it, so my side is different to his and vice versa. This equals better support individualised to you. I also get my pillows from there, as they are made according to the level of firmness and height WE want....better than the old Tontines !!! Everyone is NOT the same.....backs and necks are different.
No I don't buy a new mattress regularly at all. The mattresses that I've own usually retain their comfort for years so I rarely ever have to change them.
After my ex husband left us,I decided to invest in a really good mattress,and because I am the only person who sleeps on it, I have found it is lasting way better than I ever thought it would. I regularly turn it over,and/or top-to-toe it so that the wear remains even.Well,I DO get some help to do this heavy chore!!! The next bed I get,and which I have already been looking into,shall be a fully powered support bed,like the one I slept very well on,while in hospital for a week after a shocking fall!! OH!!It was blissful indeed!!! With just one little power pad to control every aspect of the settings,I found it so simple to adjust,without the need for any assistance at all!!! The support and comfort were simply amazing,and though these are rather expensive,I shall definitely be investing in one! My step mother, at 70, has had one for a few years now and though she could only afford a Large Single, she cannot believe the change in how well and how pain-free she feels when she wakes in the morning! She and my darling dad have slept in separate beds for many years due to him having 'restless legs' which makes sharing a bed very difficult,and uncomfortable,no matter how much love is shared in everyday life! I too shall only be getting one of these support beds in a large 'single' size, as it is more than adequate for me. I shall set up a sofa in my bedroom for the dogs who have always loved to be close to me. This shall hopefully be my last,or second last bed/mattress purchase,as they have very good warranties! They also can be made to measure for personal health issues!!
No, they're expensive. I bought my current one a little over two years ago. There should be a few years in it yet.
No probably not as regularly as we should, but then we buy good quality and before we know it 10 - 15 years have passed us by.
Good Mattresses are not cheap and at around $2000 per mattress we try to stretch the number of years by the time it is due to get a new one.
The mattresses to all intent are like new when we get rid of them (the ones we have gotten rid of have never been rejected by "Op shops" as they have a cover over the mattresses when they are slept on and look in mint condition.
The cost of replacing mattresses when they don't need to be replaced is wasteful. I only replace mine when it needs to be replaced and as I buy quality all the time, I get both my money's worth and use out of it. My underlays and protectors do their job so these items are replaced more often and washed regularly.
Mattresses are costly. Im happy with the one I have and it's comfortable so I won't let mattress sellers tell me when to buy a new one. When im no longer comfortable in my bed ill get a new one.. Some of the most dearest mattresses are not always comfortable as I have found whilst traveling.
Not at the price for a good one!

Bought a new bed, base, & mattress, four years' ago.
Would hope it'll last me many a year!
It's got a Lambswool cover, them cotton cover, then two doona's, then my childhood pure Aussie Wool blanket, then a cotton fitted sheet.

With the exception of the two wool covers, the doona's get washed once a week, the sheets & pillowcases every two days. Disinfectant goes into wash water as well.

All get hung out on the line, in the sun & wind, unless it's raining!
I have never bought a mattress...I'm hoping to buy one when we move house at the end of the year.
by Vee
Oh Vee, I am so sorry that you have to sleep on the floor . . . . Hahahahaha!
by Rice
Funny, funny, funny. ಠ_ಠ LOL.
by Vee
Possibly around the 5 year mark but I love my current mattress so it may be longer this time. I do vacuum it like mad and sponge it over gently with eucalyptus and vinegar though.
by Rice
Good Girl...your like me :)

by jonaja
My mattress has a 10yr guarantee. It's six now and it's still really firm, no dents or anything. It cost a bomb, so I'm glad about that LOL
No I don't, there is so much of a big range of mattresses it's not funny, plus we couldn't afford to buy new ones regularly anyway.
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