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Do you buy a book or borrow it from the library?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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Libraries are a great resource for borrowing books. However when it comes to the latest book, especially if it is that sensational book that everyone wants to read, there are long waiting lines to borrow at the library. I have reserved books, which I have received several months later due to the waiting queues.
Is it smart to purchase the book that's the latest craze?

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Top Answers
I personally don't see the point in buying a new book when we have access to free books from the library, plus the abundant books available to buy in op shops or at markets which can cost as little as 50c.
I tend to borrow from the library and then if I really enjoy it and want it on my shelves i'll buy it. It's pretty rare that I'd buy a book without having read it (or a prequel) before. Having said that, tthe wait lists for some new books can be pretty massive. Try going in with friends and passing it around after a week each.
It probably depends how patent you are. I haven't bought a book new in a long time, because the only specific ones I've been really set on reading lately have been ones that have been turned into movies (and I've wanted to read them before I saw the film) and these are generally in the library, though they've often been borrowed by others and I've had to wait awhile to get hold of them (so I end up seeing the movie on DVD). New releases aren't always at the library for a while, but I'm patient enough to wait till they show up in second hand stores. I'm someone who likes rereading books, so I like to own copies when I can, but with so many books already, I don't feel like I can justify spending too much money on them when I have so many unread ones lying around anyway (usually old ones from friends and family).
You could consider getting the digital version (instant gratification - just pay and download), or if it's a really popular book you might find one of your friends already has it and you can borrow from them.

I love the library however there are some books that I like so much I have to have my own copy.
I never buy fiction anymore, it seems like a waste of money when I can borrow books from the library. I do still buy reference books though.

There was one red hot book series that I bought because I would've waited months in the library queue, and once I'd read them I sold them on eBay and almost made my money back!
I have to be the odd one out here and say I'd rather buy the books. I'm quite picky about what I buy so usually have an idea of what I want. If I like it, I'll keep it to read again, if not, I'll pass it on to a friend. Having said that, I have started to download the free sample on ibooks and read the first chapter before I buy it. I like a good paper book, electronic copies just aren't the same.
Great Question. It depends on the needs of the moment and time. I get many books from the Library, and of course they have a fantastic on-line service where you can see if they have the book or if it is available in an e-book. However, I have found that they don't always have the books I am searching for, which result in me purchasing the book.
Opt shops may be a great place to browse, but the problem is time. Not everyone has the time to scour through opt shops for books.
Library. There are tonnes of books, magazines and other resources there.
A little bit of both, depending on the book.
Library most of time, keeps the council's libraries operating & buying paper type books expensive. I do have my favourite authors that I just have to have ASAP so lash out on their latest. Linda.
A combination of the two, depending on the book. Library sought is better.
Definitely love the local library. Why kill more trees when books can be easily borrowed from the library? Besides, one rarely reads the same book twice. Further, keeping the library alive means keeping the jobs of librarians alive.
The short answer is "yes." I do both, all the time. I borrow books from the library constantly because my budget couldn't possibly support my reading habit. Brisbane City Council libraries are fantastic because you can borrow from any branch in the city and have books sent over to the library closest to you.

However, I do buy books if there's a new release I'm excited about or want to get signed at an event, or one I plan to read multiple times or slowly a bit at a time like a poetry anthology. I also buy a lot of books for my kids because they like to read the same ones over and over. With chapter books I read them one chapter at a time over a month or longer, so they have time to really inhabit the world of the book, so it works well to be able to keep them for a while.
I like to borrow from the Library mostly because I am on a limited budget. If I can't find a book that I want to read, I will ask some friends if they have it. And, if that does not work, I will see if I can locate it online for a price that fits my budget.
It's the library for me, I don't usually go in for what everyone else is reading because I have particular tastes in reading, so at the library I can find sometimes older books which I like to read.
I am usually slow to read books, so going to the library is not really an option for me, so I tend to buy books either new or second hand.
I like to borrow it from the library, because you get varities in the library
I prefer borrowing books from the library.
I rarely buy new books, occasionally buy second hand books but I love the Library. I especially enjoy the Logan Libraries. You can go home with 20 items and not have spent a cent. Very exciting for a budget conscious person. My joy is only spoilt by wishing I could support the authors who write the books.
I borrow from the library. When I find an author I like I will read as many of her/his books as I can. I use the internet to put holds on things from the library. The books I read have been around for a while so there isn't a long waiting time before I get hold of them. I am a library junkie! I haven't bought a novel in years, not even second hand.
I love our local library and regularly borrow books. I still buy books if going away on holidays or ask for them as Xmas presents, but I definitely could not afford to buy all the books that I read.
I usually buy a book.
I work in an op shop so get all my books there -their rejects mostly.
by Finy
If it's REALLY my scene, & I think I wish to read it again, I'll buy it.

Usually just buy factual books these days; very rarely fiction.
I borrow 99% of the books I read from the library. Only if it's one of my favourite authors do I buy it straight up. With the amount of reading I do, I'd be broke without the library!
I love reading but I don't usually read the latest trends, to say so. I like classics the most. I like going to the library, it's a gorgeous place, filled with books, it makes me happy to be there. Sometimes I borrow books from the library and sometimes I buy them. But I don't buy books that are new, almost never. I've never read Fifty Shades, it's not my style.
I like to listen to people read audio books on YouTube.
I never borrow library books, & only buy my books from op-shops, & mostly James Patterson ones. I have a pile of about 10 to read, as I only read 1 book, about every 2 years!
by Miro
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