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Do you blow dry your hair after you wash it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you blow dry your hair or do you let it dry naturally?

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Top Answers
I usually just blow dry the "long" side as the rest is so short at the moment and if I don't blow dry this side bit, it kinks the wrong way.

I do if I am not in a hurry, blow dry it a bit sometimes so that it stands up and has a bit of body at the front -rather it spikes.
by Finy
No! My hair is very long so I just twist it up into a bun and secure with a comb!
It would take me forever to dry it with a blowdryer!
Well I have two styles!
My hair is naturally curly so if I am in a hurry, having a day at home, after a swim or just feel like a change....I leave my hair, use a little product and scrunch it...whoosh, lovely curls.
Of course we never like what we have naturally sooooo I often blow dry and straighten it.
by fran
Nine times out of ten, I will blowdry. It sits better if I do.
by Vee
Let it dry naturally. It's better for your hair.
I blowdry in the winter as my hair is so thick that if I left it wet, then it would still be wet 24 hours later and I get a stinking headache. In the summer my hair dries faster and I am less prone to headaches so I sometimes leave it. It depends how pushed I am for time.
I blow dry it because I have long hair. It would take ages for my hair to dry if I left it dry naturally
by AJ
I let it dry naturally. There is no need to use a hairdryer, especially at this time of year in Australia. The weather is heating up and your hair will dry within minutes of going outside.
I let them dry naturally. If I am worried of how they would turn up after drying, I use a wide tooth comb and just comb them a bit . If i had to ever use a hair dryer, I use the cool option, so that the heat does not mess up my hair. Hot air from dryer can cause split ends.
by BK
I blow dry my short fine hair and it doesn't take long. Five minutes max. I reckon it looks thicker and sits better. If let to dry naturally it is flat and has no body. Ha Ha, except mine under neath it, sorry for the pun!
No. I have a hypersensitivity to thermal pain so I can't stand the hot air on my scalp.
In winter I dry or partly dry my hair with a dryer. In summer I usually let it dry naturally.
No, I towel dry then comb out my hair.
by Gia
no just comb or brush it through
Yes, every day. I wish I didn't have to but I have dead straight hair that needs some help!
If I am going out or entertaining I tend to wash and blow dry my hair. Otherwise I prefer to leave my hair to dry naturally so it retains the bouncy curls I am born with :).
let it dry naturally, better for your hair,
No use, as it's only half-inch long all over!
Just towel dry, & comb! Takes two minutes. I've a marvellous hairdresser who's been cutting my hair for the last 36 years'! She's the ONLY one who cuts my hair the way I want it, & it always looks beautiful! I'm very fortunate!
I do use the hairdryer for a minute our 2, so I don’t have water running down my back. I do also dry it with a towel firstly, & only use the dryer if I’m going out, or I’m sick of my hair being tied up with a heavy towel!
No. I towel dry it and let it dry naturally. My hair is curly so if I blow dry it, it ends up frizzy !!!
no I don't have any hair ha !!!
let it dry naturally,
Dry naturally
If I have to go out and don't have time to allow it to dry naturally I will blow dry. My hair is naturally curly and very thick. It takes a long time to dry, even in Summer. When it was long if I put it in a bun wet it would not dry and I risked it going mouldy. Blow drying does not help with good hair condition in my case.
When I am in the mood for straight hair then I do blow dry but if I am going for the naturally curly bouncy look no blow drying - jus a bit of product to scrunch the curls in place and its done!
Yes, i use my hair dryer after I’ve tired it up with a towel for 5 mins 1st. I have shoulder length hair, but I only use the dryer for up to 2 minutes, twice a week, jus so the water doesn't drip onto my shoulders!
I usually just let mine dry naturally.
I do blow dry every time, along with using it on my body, after a shower.

Sometimes I dry it fully, and others half and let it dry over the course of my day.
Just in winter, but not always. I let it air dry.
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