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Do you believe we are too fussy regarding germs?

by Finy (follow)
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We hear a lot about germs in the media and television.

Some countries clean their food on the street, yet do not get sick from this.

Do you think we place too much emphasis on germs, and not enough on getting our immune system used to these everyday germs?

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Top Answers
When I see children, yes I think many of us are way too busy about things we hear and read and see on television.

Kids get used to germs and become immune to them and even though some people vigorously clean things like the kitchen sink daily, others do not, and do not get sick.

I read that kitchen sinks have more germs than toilets (hard to believe!) though perhaps many of these are not harmful?

If this were really the case wouldnt we all be sick a lot of the time?

Yes, I think there is too much fuss made about everyday germs for the ordinary healthy person.
by Finy
Marketing ploy. I think they have geared us up to buy all these whizz-bang "germ destroyers" for germs we never thought of because we don't see them. Some people survived the bubonic plague with clove and cinnamon oils which is why they were expensive & highly prized. There was no Glen 20 or Spray and Wipe back then. I think unless there are huge deposits of trash, filth and an open septic tank in your back yard, you are probably doing okay. I agree with Finy . . . . "Yes, I think there is too much fuss made about everyday germs for the ordinary healthy person".
by Rice
I think there is some merit to thinking that we may have become slightly germ phobic.

I think also we must remember it is a very different world from years ago.

We have more cause for alarm now, we hear awful stories of people becoming quite ill....due to certain standards not being met.

Life changes, and with it so do the habits of people...If we did not have people being admitted to hospitals, and children falling ill we may not be alerted to these nasty germs.

I for one have always been a cautious person, I do sit up and take notice.

Nothing is as it was 20-30-40 years ago, and I would hate to think I have been too careless.

Yep, kids did have it different years ago, but my opinion is because we live in a far different place now...we need to be aware these days are not those.
I wouldn't assume people don't get sick from cleaning their food on the street. I bet people get sick from that all the time. Countries without clean water and rules about food preparation tend to have higher mortality rates.

There's a balance to be struck with germs. You don't need to freak out about them, but basic hygiene (washing your hands after going to the toilet and before you eat) is a must.

I have believed that this IS the case since before I was married. When I was growing up, we had just a couple of basics in the house for cleaning with,and though I was always ill,it was due to allergies and a rare genetic auto-immune condition, rather than 'germs' per se! My sister,mother and father all lived in the same environment with those basic cleaning items,and they were NEVER seriously ill!! I have always believed that the promotion, particularly in recent years, of so many germ killing products is to do with old fashioned GREED by the companies which make them!!! They are NOT necessary as far as I am concerned.If kids are not exposed to any germs at all,then they will never build up any immunity to them at all,and then they will, unfortunately,end up becoming sick far more often that children who run around and play amongst the 'natural elements' in the world around us,as we did when we were small. I do not buy or use many cleaning products at all,as I answered in a previous question about doing just that! Common sense is the key,washing our hands before eating,after using the toilet,and when we have been doing work where we are obviously exposed to dirt and germs.I seriously feel that big business profits are behind all the advertising,not actual scientific evidence.By the way,my son,who was raised the same way I was,without masses of cleaning ,and germ-killing products, also was never seriously ill,besides asthma, another condition which has GENETIC origins! (it was from his paternal grandparents)
In general, I do think people are too preoccupied with exterminating germs. I would imagine that the use of chemical sprays and sanitizers could be harmful.
by Vee
I totally agree with you here. Some people are way too fussy. Hovering mothers come to mind. A lot of places I visit have soap at the door as you leave or enter for your use. I know that people get sick despite this. Don't get me started on food handlers courses and all the stipulations involved. Many mothers, as soon as the child falls over or gets a little dirty its " Come inside and wash your hands". I used to play outside all day with dirt and grime on me. I never got sick. Some people really are a woos. This germ phobia really has gotten out of hand.
Definitely way too much emphasis is placed on germs. One of my daughters was allergic to dust mites, amongst other allergies. This was 36 years ago. I was told to buy aspecial spray, do tge curtains and bedding weekly with this spray amongst other things. Then I woke up to myself! When she has a sleepover at a friends house they won't have the same standards as I have so out went the germ control aids and welcome back to normal in the house. The funny thing is that she's married to a germaphobia freak. There are bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere, in the car door, everywhere and the house is spotless. Even the boys, as soon as they get their hands dirty don't have to be told to clean them, into the bathroom to wash or a facial wipe if needed. Don't get me wrong. It is good they have good hygiene habits but it concerns me that they won't be immune to most gerns when they mix more with other people in public environments.
yes with out a doubt yes and I am very guilty of this.

I try not to be but living in the city You can't leave the house especially if you go to the park without getting dog poop on everything as its everywhere around here. so I make the child change if its been at the park/school/anywhere out of the house really.
yes we are made to be fussy with all the advertising that goes on, maybe it is the cleaning products that make us sick.. products that come to mind are the spray ones, these we breathe down into our lungs, not only cleaning products others as well.
No, I believe it is correct to be concerned about germs.
In some circumstances we may go overboard with our approach to germs.
But where it involves dealing with food I think it is correct to be cautious - Wash hands, maintain good food hygiene.
Those things have no bearing on our immune system other than protecting us from needless exposure..
There is no need to alter the basics of hygiene, except to say, washing hands, and keeping things clean does not constitute being excessive, as stated in your comment those who cook on the streets also clean their food when preparing it

No, I don't really think we're been too fussy over germs.
I am not worried about germs most of the time but I do wash my hands before and after using the bathroom. Also they invented vaccines so there is really no need to get your immune system used to germs.
I think some people have odd priorities. They will use dangerous chemicals to wipe out germs that our bodies are capable of dealing with. I believe hand washing is very important, but every surface in our homes does not need to be bleached. Care taken with food handling, cross contamination and proper refrigeration are important.
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