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Do you believe there is a soulmate for everyone?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you believe that there is a soulmate for everyone, or only some of the population?

Have you found yours?

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Top Answers
I think there probably is, but like Jonaj, I keep picking ones that are not!

Or I guess they are not, or we would still be together.

Most of us have felt we are in love at least once in our lives, and I am not sure if this means we have met our soulmate!
by Finy
I would like to believe.

I thought twice I had found mine.....sadly no.

I have now given up looking, and focus on just living one day at a time.
I do believe in soul mates. I don't think there is just one though and I also don't think that they necessarily come in the form of a life partner. I believe that certain friends and family members can also be soul mates. I think another that you have a really good connection with is a soulmate. Like those friends in your life that would always be there for you and you would always be there for them
by AJ
Alex, I never thought about it like this before, but now that you have written it this way, I do agree with you. One of my really great friends is my soul mate in this context as we can understand each other without using words.
I have always believed what you think of soulmates too. They don't have to be a partner at all. Have you noticed how we are drawn to some people and not others. Is that a sign of finding a soul mate
by nat_c
Yes I do , however I believe that they only arrive in our life when we don't need them to "complete" us. When we love ourselves unconditionally we will then draw into our loves those who mirror that love back to us. So I am suppose I am saying they arrive in our life when we are not looking for them.
I think there probably is, but like Jonaj, I keep picking ones that are not!

Or I guess they are not, or we would still be together.

Most of us have felt we are in love at least once in our lives, and I am not sure if this means we have met our soulmate!
by Finy
No! My best cousin hasn't found him. My sister-in-law, God bless her soul, passed on without finding him. I know too many people who are unhappy in their marriages. So even if the soul mate exists, you may never really find him/her.
I have to agree with you.
by jonaja
I do believe there is something like soul mates. However I don't think it happens often, and when it does everyone can see it!
I believe there is but it's easy to think you have found the one then you realise you where wrong. That makes it hard to believe.. It's a search I went round the world an back to find mine
No. I believe that there are enough people in the world that there are probably quite a few people out there that any one person could be happy with. Relationships are a combination of luck (meeting someone compatible) and hard work (keeping them once you've found them).
No, I don't think so...I believe there are quite a few potential 'soul mates' for us out there....what do they say...'it's not so much finding the right partner as being the right partner'...maybe something in that. To me it is unrealistic to say there is 'one' person right for us is the world.
by Fran
When I was younger I used to feel that everyone had a soulmate somewhere. Now I believe that only SOME very fortunate people actually do have one. But I am not in that group! I have a very dear friend in USA who in her second marriage has definitely found what I can only regard as a soulmate.And my own father in his second marriage has such a close bond with my stepmum that bit is like a shining light when they are in a room together! I know that he adored my mum,but it was a whole different kind of love he felt for her. After she passed away at just 42,finding someone to spend the rest of his life with was not the major priority for him.He was more interested in making certain the lives of his two daughters continued as painlessly as possible.And then IT happened,and was so obvious that if they had NOT married,it would have been almost criminal! I have not found this oneness with another person even though I have been deeply in love. That dose not mean,though,that soulmates do not exist! Just not in all cases!!
and THAT Jules was the question! great answer.
by Finy
Thanks so much for that,Finy. My first true love when I was in my very late teens, was the one I feel was as close to being a Soul Mate as any in my life! But looking back on it,I feel that maybe I was in love with the whole concept of 'Being in love'...... From what I now have seen,it is the partners in their 2nd or subsequent relationships who are truly finding what I believe to be 'Soul Mates.
Aaaah.....the wisdom that comes with age?!!!!! I sometimes feels that my beloved dogs are more like soul-mates to me than any human. Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
I think that there potentially is, but not everyone will find them.

Yes i do believe that there is a soulmate for everyone. Yes i have found mine.
No. You have to make it work with whomever you find yourself with. If that person should die then you find someone else with whom you are compatible.
So many persons who are married meet someone else and for the cause of infidelity claim that that person is their soulmate.
by Gia
I believe in soul mates but I don't believe they are always romantic. Most people think they are looking for a lover, but I believe a soul mate can be the friend who seems to know you better than you know yourself.
It's a nice dream, and while there may be, I don't know anyone who has discovered one. I've been married for almost 25 years and while we're definitely not soul mates, we work hard at our relationship in order to make it work.

Actually, I think this myth can cause a lot of unhappiness as so many people flit from one person to another in the hope that he / she will be 'the one' and make them 'happy ever after'. When it's clear that they're not...they're dumped! In my opinion, the way to find to find wholeness and contentment in our relationships (provided they're not abusive or overly negative) is to find it within. Then we won't be needy when we're with our partners, and we can accept each other, 'warts and all'.
Not at all. I am very happily married to a wonderful man and I wouldn't change it for the world but I do not believe we are soul mates. I have studied spiritual principles for my entire adult life and I do believe in soul families and I do believe that people tend to reincarnate with people that they have been around with before. But the romantic notion of soul mates, I don't believe in at all.

I believe we make a choice to fall in love and continue to make that choice daily.
Sure do! I believe there are different kinds of non-romantic soulmates too eg friends, family, colleagues.

No. I don't think there is - at least not in the context most people talk of it. This is because it is most often associated with some sort of perfect match. There is no such thing. Relationships that work usually do so because the partners work at it and acknowledge that neither of them is perfect.
by kimp
I don't believe there is a soulmate for anyone because if that person dies then you would not be able to find someone you love a much as that person ( or more)
Yes I believe there probably is a soul mate for everyone. But that's all they are "soul mates". But some people aren't happy with just a "soul mate" they want it to be much moreā€¦..which I think is a mistake.
I used to.
But, alas, no longer.
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