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Do you believe in vaccinations and do you have all that are available?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you believe in being vaccinated and do you and your children have all that are available?

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Top Answers
Yes, I most certainly do believe in them, though when my children were young, there werent very many.
I now have several a year starting from this year - flu, pneumonia, and shingles - the last two I will have for the first time. Also have had tetanus some years ago.
by Finy
I do. We do not have diseases spreading like the did before. If you notice in the US how measeles started spreading when some stopped vaccinating. I do believe that people should have the choice to do it or not .
I have had all mine and my daughter had all hers . . . whether ignorance or bliss, I'm not sure but it wouldn't have occurred to me to baulk at a vaccination.
by Rice
I know. It was just something you did, without question, and we all turned out alright
by Lluxi
I absolutely believe in vaccination. If you have a means of preventing an illness or disease that may kill you or other people, I cant think of any LOGICAL, evidence based reason not to !! I wholeheartedly support the governments 'no jab, no play' policy. I am up to date with all my vaccinations. My son rang recently because before he started a new job, he had to have an up to date vaccination record. Do you think I could find it? I found all the other kids records. Fortunately, you can check online now. I made sure all my kids were fully vaccinated.
Indeed . . my daughter is a teacher . . imagine having no vacs in that situation (!)
Also, you are right . . we seem to have turned out okay. I think other factors are at play as far as something to blame for problems. Perhaps nuclear testing all over the world should be the first port of call .. . .? ? ?
by Rice
Now you two - WHO TURNED OUT OK - by whose standards please?? LOL
by Finy
Ha ha Finy !!!😊
by Lluxi
Yes I definitely believe in vaccination. I have a 13 month old and she has had vaccinations that are available.
by AJ

If there is a vaccination available - I have had it..
I believe strongly in children beining vaccinated against such things as polio, whooping cough, measels, meningitis and TB. Vaccinations across the community can help stamp out these diseases altogether. I support the government's stance on vaccinations. I have not really thought about getting flu injections for myself.

I guess I have always thought of vaccinations as something to protect children.
YES and YES.

I know there are risk's, but one can not do without in today's world.
It is a worry, but you just have to hope that no after effects will come, after having the vaccinations.

There is no need to live like 3rd world, in 1st world.!
I have always believed in the benefit of vaccinations, and had all of mine when I was growing up, as well as having my son immunised when he was little! I have had the flu vaccine for many years as my immune system is so very poor. I have not had the flu for more than 20 years now even though many folk around me have suffered awfully with various strains! I do feel that it is worthwhile to have vaccinations where we know that we are at risk.My Tetanus shots are always up to date as well, as I have had some bad falls in the past few years.
My children and grandchildren have all been vacinated and I endorse the Government's stand as well. However as I'm normally quite healthy, I do not have flu vaccinations. As far as school children are concerned, it's not as traumatic as it was when I was at school.
Yes. So have my children, & grandchildren.
Why not?

The people of the 18th, 19th, & early 20th Centuries' would've given anything to get the Vaccinations' we can get, & most of them are free!

When I was working, I got a Cholera shot every six months', Typhoid shots' each year, Smallpox each ten years', Malaria medication constantly.
I was very happy these were available, as they're terrible diseases'.

Wel I really don't know, is it really just the pharmeceutical companies making a massive profit and telling us to have althea vaccinations Of course we all had jabs whilst being at school there was no choice. I think people should have a choice without blackmail. I don't get it, if your child is vaccinated and others are not, then your child is protected so what is the problem?
Herd immunity is the issue. Some people (newborn babies, people whose immune systems are compromised eg. cancer patients etc.) can't be vaccinated. People who can be vaccinated but choose not to be could pass on deadly diseases to those people.
I don't know how I feel about vaccines. However, I have had all my vaccines bar the HPV one (or whatever it's called. Some scary crap that is). I also don't get flu shots, though I did get the whooping cough one while I was pregnant. I have/will vaccinate my kids. Though I do pray for the day that the potential side effects are made known to the public in a transparent way. Big Pharma makes big money and has a vested interest in keeping some things hush, hush.
by Vee
Yes, I certainly do believe in them, but no, we don't get around to have any of them, but our granddaughters always have them, when they're due.
by Miro
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