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Do you believe in UFO's?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: dan -www.freedigitalphotos.net

There is great mystery and many differing beliefs around Unidentified Flying Objects.

Do you believe in UFO's?

Or do you think they are just a figment of some people's imagination?

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Top Answers
Unidentified flying objects? Yes. There have been a few times when I have seen something in the sky and not immediately known what it was. Do I think those things were aliens? No. I think there is probably life on other planets somewhere in the universe but it doesn't seem very likely that it would have visited us here.
I think it's easily conceivable that there might be life elsewhere but who who knows if they have advanced to creating their own flying objects.
Yes I do believe in them. Makes mundane life more curious and mysterious.
Of course. Considering the number of planets in this Universe alone AND the history of Governments "shielding " us from things they don't want known AND the number of people who have sighted inexplicable things (including my mother - who did not believe in UFOs till the day she saw one and her friend 2 suburbs away saw the exact same thing) AND also - why not?
I want to believe.

But at the same time: -

Scully: Logically I would have to say no. Given the distances need to travel from the of reaches of space the energy requirements would exceed a spacecraft's capabilities ...

Love the quote Bryony!
by Finy
It seemed fitting :P
the Enterprise had no problems at warp speed :-)
by pfuit
t's fiction; the pressure of warp speed in real like would crush the human body. It all depends if an alien body could cope with it.
I saw one 2 years ago.
I was so shocked at what I did see, but it helped me a lot when in the newspaper, people said they saw the very same thing.
The pic I have put up, is of the U.F.O...in the newspaper.
I saw a very silver round shaped ball kind of u.f.o, at the same time(week).
It was not anything else but what I saw.
I personally do not believe in UFO's.
On saying that I wonder though at odd things that people have seen and documented, however till I see it myself or see an accurate and believable report, I do not believe.
by Finy
Yes I do believe in them. Makes mundane life more curious and mysterious.
I am undecided on this topic but, if there is life out there, they would be greatly mistaken to visit us.
by Vee
I believe there is life on other planets, but I haven't seen any trustworthy scientific piece of evidence regarding the UFOs. Until I see it, I am on the edge about it.
I suggest you research the testimony of the us army officer who instructed his lawyer to release top secret information after his death. The information was about interaction between the military and research that has been taking place funded by tax paying citizens for years.Entire crews of large battle ships who have made statements about close encounters.It opens up a lot more questions so if you would rather not add stress to your life then don't bother like the rest of the world.
by kstew
got a web page address?
by pfuit
I think we are past asking if we believe based on the amount of public statements made by reliable witnesses from the Air force and Navy. The questions should be what the relationship to us is and what the risks are. A question that I have is why did man take hundreds of thousands of years to invent fire then thousands more to invent the wheel but since the fifties we have advance to the stage of cars that speak to us and park themselves. We now have phones that wait for us to smile before they take a photo, computers that can identify people from the way they walk in a crowd and so on. Individuals with commercial interests have become rich from a sudden advance in technology. My question is what have they traded for it and why is it so secret.
read Out on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine. Personally I believe in ET's as there has to be a greater intelligence than ours, and they are among us.
Well apparently recently a planet very similar to earth has been discovered and they say it is inevitable there would be some form of life on it...fascinating, however generally I don't believe in UFO's...
by Fran
Yes there are aliens and there are UFO'S . The Aliens are as small as Pencils in height and are receptive to anxiety and will not come to you if you fear them! They are here, we have been made in our Gods Likeness but we have evolved and changed to suit Earth.They are kind ,they do not wish to harm they feel that the Media is causing Havoc in everyones mind. They are going to make there presence felt more in time .There is a God. There is wrong in blaming God for everything .They do not understand that concept when he is all good and is not ego/ devil / thought forms which should be blamed for ALL troubles! They say Gratitude & love is your Link to Miracles and Peace.The End of days is a threat if Obama cannot correct and stay focussed on the Radium issue & why is it that more are not standing strong for the rights of mankind ,why does there need to be a imminent Religious war? Technology & Peace can right all wrongs ,why is it that a few Powerful People behind the scenes wont allow the world to correct all the issues, we have the answers? WHY is it they ask is the reason behind controlling : Energy,World Banks,Minerals,Education, Agriculture,Religion!
They say the World is dying & There are natural Earth changes taking place there is nothing we can do this is a normal process.This will begin a new cycle, & the world will kick off again..go back to Default. The Populace they say will one day habitat under ground but due to Government regulations this will need to change like many things .

by info
where do you get your info, info?
by pfuit
what? small as pencils....*~*
by jonaja
Yes, jonaj, Mr Squiggle is their leader. Why do you think he comes down in a rocket ship. Please keep up. There will be a test. ಠ‿ಠ
by Rice
I'm with you Rice - Mr. Squiggle would make as much sense as this write-up.
by norma
I'm sure they exist. There have been too many sightings around the world and over the years to deny their existence.
We may want to believe that there are lives elsewhere in the galaxy, its not untrue that there are living things - superior/inferior to us is not the question. But its definitely a possibility I want to believe.
keep an open mind
UFO's - sure I believe in them. Some of them are earth made though and others are space objects. Do I believe in aliens - also yes as it seems inconceivable that we would be the only creatures alive anywhere.
maybe, who or what built all the strange things that abound in many countries around the earth
I saw something at 5pm on a clear day a few years ago that I cannot explain. I was gobsmacked. I learned that other people, unknown to me at the time, had seen it too. These people were approimately 1.5 klm from my location, yet they saw it too. The speed of this thing was beyond anything I have ever seen. The way it manouvered in the sky was just impossible to rationalise. Do I believe? I am not sure that I want to believe but after what I saw, I find it hard to say that I don't.
by Rice
Arghhh! Must get a new keyboard. I meant to put "approximately". This thing has suddenly started dropping letters and I have to poke really hard to get them to take :(
by Rice
UFO's definitely they are just flying objects that aren't identified. As for aliens I'll believe in them when I see firm scientific evidence, until then will just happily sit on the fence with the answer "they could be out there."
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