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Do you believe in testing on animals?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

I recently saw that a laboratory has created a small human liver growing on a mouse.

Do you think that animals should be used for testing to enhance human life?

Do you think animals should be used to test cosmetics?

#Cruelty animals
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Top Answers
I don't believe testing should be conducted on animals at all, even if it might save a human life. No, animal life isn't quite the same as human life, but I have seen footage of such experiments and it is nothing short of torture.
by Vee
Vee, I too have read about these things and receive many petitions to stop unnecessary testing. The pictures and descriptions are so horrible that they make you want to cry. I can never understand how humans can do this to a living being.
I know Therese. I once watched a video in which live rabbits had their fur ripped out. I didn't know rabbits could scream. Those images will remain with me for life. I cried for days after seeing that.
by Vee
Who are we to do whatever we want to who and whatever we want. Animals are not there for our own selfish benefits. It doesn't matter what the testing is for. We are using innocent animals with feelings and we are torturing them. I find it sick and inhumane. Why not do all of our testing on murders, rapists and peodophiles?

Rapists, murderers and child molesters are a perfect model for all testing.
by brigi
Amen to that!!
by Rice
definitely not. It's a cruel and heartless way and the animals are kept in cages, frightened and cold. Tubes are forced down their throats, they are restrained while these experiments are being carried out. View Peta website for more information. There must and should be another way.
what is another way? is a new product has to be tested, I cannot see how else it could be?
by Finy
people who have no other options available to them are willing to try. Computers are so sophisticated now that statistics should be able to be input and a solution calculated. Anything is better than the treatment of terrified animals.
by pfuit
You are so right. Much of the testing done on animals "in the name of science" is unnecessary and there are viable alternatives. As for testing for cosmetics, this is so so wrong. That is why it is now banned in many countries. China is one of the few countries that "insist" on it. Many of the petitions and information I receive about this sort of thing are so sad they make you want to cry.
If it is to help save lives...ONLY
Yes, it is fine.

Other from that no way, not at all.
I don't think cosmetics should be tested on animals because cosmetics are unnecessary and I don't think we have a right to torture animals if we don't need to. Medical research is a different matter. I'd rather animals weren't hurt, but if it can save a human life I think it can be worth it. I wouldn't give my life or that of one of my loved ones for a rabbit's.
I think testing on animals for cosmetics is also very necessary. If they did not do this, we could also get sicknesses from make up etc.

I am definitely in favour of testing on animals if it will help save the life, and make the life of a human, better.

Much as I love my animals, they are not quite as precious as a human life.
by Finy
Animals experience pain and suffering just like humans. Humans have choices, where as animals in these situations are tortured against their will. It is cruel and horrifying. It is unacceptable.
by toodl
I don't see animals wearing makeup! Testing on them is pointless as the reaction is so different. Many people are willing to be tested on and they could get paid.
by brigi
It's pretty horrible and should never be done for cosmetic reasons. It's debatable whether its ok to do for medical reasons and I'm still out on that one.
This is quite a challenging question and one to give deep thought to. I am a huge animal lover. I advocate for not using animals for testing and experiments. However, I do understand the need for certain types of research. The use of animals in research is a part of our culture and I have always had difficulty with this. I am heartened, however, to know that there now Animal Ethics Committees that monitor animal in research and I hope that there will come a time when humanity no longer do this at all.
This is a great question and one that will have us thinking well beyond this moment of brief reflection.
Very well put, Selina. I am also an animal lover however have had a child who needed a kidney transplant and I am therefore for it.
by Finy
Cosmetic testing on animals no way. Brings me back to Legally Blonde 2, and her quest to save Bruisers Mum - go Elle!
Definitely not
I think the whole animal testing has gone too far in the name of science.It's so cruel & animals I.e mice ( I could list here almost all animals,birds & some mammles )all suffer in various ways,depending on the expriment.I always wonder just how do these so called 'doctors' can go home aft. work & still conduct a normal life.Ultimately they all break down untimely but that's another issue denied by the scientific community.
Most definitely not who are we to put another warm blooded animal through these experiments for the good of the human race. We have a time limit on this earth to make sure that life goes on,not on and on and on and on
benbu -i have had a son who need a kidney transplant, and I therefore cannot agree with you -he was only 34 and if they had not done experimenting transplants would not be available to the many thousands who need them in order to live. It is not just old people who are sick.
by Finy
No.that's cruel and gross..
No. It is barbaric. There are committees that scientists have to go to for approval to animal test, however most of the committee members themselves are scientists and are on the same page as the applicant. So therefore approval is usually granted for the benefit of science, not with the animal in mind. There is no excuse for Animal testing for cosmetics. There is absolutely no need these days. The laws for animals protection need to be stepped up.
As many have said I love animals and couldn't bare for one to have cosmetics tested on them! However although a vegetarian and an absolute animal lover (I'm an ethical vegetarian - I don't eat meat because I find it cruel) I do agree with medical testing being done on animals - although it makes me sad so many children have their lives saved or bettered by testing and as long as the animal is tested on as humanely as possible I guess I'm all for the continuation of this kind of research
no because in the end we always create something that is going to affect us in the near coming future
Ok, so if Science is going to 'move forward' in helping humankind, in all manner of areas', what do they test on, if not animals? Plants & trees'? Limited capabilities' they'd have, I'd have thought.
Soil? Frozen ice? Water?

Ethically, it would be hoped they treat the 'lab rats' in at least, basic humane ways. 'Horrible' images' could be 'set-ups' by the 'anti-crowd', too.

Have ANY of you been inside a Lab. or actually done the job, when animal testing being conducted? I know a scientist who's aware of these situations', who said the animals' are treated very humanely. Hope he was correct.

Humans? Now there's a good idea! Wouldn't the 'do gooders' be up in arms about that, more so, than if tests conducted on animals'.

So it's a bit of a conundrum, isn't it?
i do not believe in amial testing, it is inhumane and causes them great suffering, and while many think that the benifits outway this, i on the other hand do not, how any living feeling soul could ever condone the pratice of what goes on in animal testing is beyond my belief, and yes i am totally with Ksutt opinion on this.
Anything that causes any living being be it animal or human should never be condoned no matter what the reason because if it causes another such horrific pain and distress how can that ever be right in anyones view -there are other ways for science to conduct their testing and they should practice those instead of putting these poor animals through the horrific testing that they go through.
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