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Do you believe in reincarnation?

by chipp (follow)
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Photo courtesy of WASP - Women's Air force Service Pilots

Have you ever had that experience where you go to a new town but you could swear you have been there before? Do you believe in reincarnation?

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Top Answers
I believe it is plausable. I have had an self hypnosis experience where I found myself flying a World War I plane. It explains why I enjoy that adrenaline experience of going up and then coming down.
Or maybe you just enjoy the experience of flying because flying is awesome (in every sense of the word). I went paragliding a few months ago and loved it but that doesn't mean I was a pilot or a paratrooper or something in a previous life. It's just a fantastic thing to do.
Yes I do ... I believe we live many lives.
I have had the feeling I've visited a town before. It felt & looked 'familiar'.
It is possible, judging from all the stories. Still, I haven't seen any confirmed case of reincarnation before.
Why do you think the stories mean it's possible? People can make up stories about absolutely anything. An awful lot of the people who claim to be reincarnated say they were Cleopatra or Napoleon or some other notable person in a previous life.It's rarely every just some guy who worked on a farm, had kids, got old and died.
No. I suppose it's not impossible, but it is very unlikely, and the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.
Your thinking of '' Deja Vu''

No I do not believe in reincarnation...because too many people, like Jennifer has said thought they were Cleopatra in the last life.
How many Cleopatra's where there?

Just the one.
I think we've all been reincarnated. Especially when you receive some spiritual treatment; they go on about your "past life" and it all gels together. You'll know when you experience such nirvanic experiences.
Come to think of it I do believe in a sort of reincarnation, it's just that it's physical rather than spiritual. Every atom in our bodies has been a part of something else before it was part of us and will eventually be part of something else again.
Most definitely! I often have experiences of being somewhere, doing something or saying something to a particular person and having a memory of doing it before. Some people call it Deja Vu. whatever you want to call it, I believe that we die and come back again over and over. I'd love to come back next time as a spoilt cat or dog. What a life they have! Eat, poop and sleep! Get cuddled and kissed and somebody makes my dinner every day! Sign me up! Mandy E,
We are raised from the dead and judged only one time.

No. Not in the slightest. There is nothing empirical (historical or scientific) to support that concept to date either - other than Jennifer's reference to the physical/atomic recycling side of it - but not for the soul... Hence it just comes down to individual thoughts/beliefs, of which mine say a resounding "No".

That doesn't mean I don't still respect those who do believe in it though. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs provided it does not negatively impact their fellow human beings.
by kimp
PS I have two good friends who are devout Hindu & Buddhist (including belief in reincarnation).
by kimp
No, I don't.
Yes I do believe in re-incarnation,when I was in England on hollidays I felt as if I have been there before, it just felt strange.
Lately I have come to reconsider my idea of reincarnation. Please bear with me.

I have become interested in the fact that 10% of organ recipients undergo significant personality changes. Sometimes good and sometimes not so. You might think that receiving an organ would be a life changing event so the recipient may make lifestyle changes. It is more than that. They take on tastes and sometimes memories from their donors. Suddenly liking food they previously couldn't stand, or craving foods they never wanted, but the donor did.One health conscious woman changed her diet to unhealthy foods that she previously wouldn't consider. Google it, you may find it fascinating too.

It makes me wonder, where our memories are stored. We have assumed it is in the brain..but the brain is super- complex and still a mystery. Some scientist are now saying our stomachs are part of our brain, as they make the link between gut flora and brain function- particularly Autism.

If our memories are stored in cells throughout our bodies, why would it be strange that a child has memory of a town never visited in this life? Or events they could not have witnessed?
A little food for thought..

PS- if you are not convinced- ask yourself what instinct is? Why do we have it? Could it be part of our cells?
by annfi
Good points annfi. I never thought of it this way.
by helga
It is new to me too Helga. I started considering the implications when I learnt of an upcoming head transplant. This is a real thing! An extremely complex procedure that is set to take place in the later half of this year! The donors is brain dead and his body is being kept on life support. The recipient has a degenerative and fatal spine disease . We started asking - which man is he, if he manages to survive? I don't know if they really expect him to, but the first heart transplant recipient only survived 3 days, I think. Heart transplants are more common with around 3000 per year.
by annfi
I didn't believe in it before but I have a recurring dream about a house that I lived in. I feel comfortable in it but I'm not to go in my parents bedroom which I do . The smell is very musty all through the house. There were unusually drains at the back of the house and I never went near them. I believe in God and I think he gives us extra chances until we get it right. Anyway my daughter took me to Cairns for the first time as I hadn't travelled then and I saw the drains that were in my dreams. My daughter thought it was freaky.
Yes I do believe in re-incarnation, the first time I went to England for a holiday I just felt strange like the surroundings were familiar.
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