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Do you believe in fortune telling?

by annep (follow)
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We spend a lot of time in our life not knowing.

Have you ever wished that you knew what the future held? Ever thought that your life would have been so different if only you had know the consequences of your decisions? Those are the reasons people seek the help of a fortune teller.

Do you believe in the art of fortune telling? Would you ever see a fortune teller?

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Top Answers
I don't think anyone can predict your future with a 100% accuracy. We all have free will and our actions can change our destiny at any time. However, I do believe there are mediums and psychics who can tune into our energy and bring to our conscious mind what may be in our subconscious. I also believe that we all have the capability to connect to other beings on a deeper level.
No, I believe I create my own destiny. I think if you ask someone else for advice on your life, you're in a way putting the power of your future into their hands by not creating it for yourself. Just my opinion.
No. There's no science behind it and no reason for it to work. At best it's a bit of fun, an amusing party game. At worst fortune tellers and psychics prey on vulnerable people and rip them off, in some cases gouging them for thousands of dollars. Some fortune tellers actually believe they have powers, others deliberately use well documented techniques to defraud people.

All that being said I quite like tarot cards because I find all the symbolism behind them fascinating and some of the decks (I have three) are so beautiful but my appreciation of them doesn't mean I think they can actually tell the future. I find other methods of fortune telling like reading tea leaves and rune stones and weird stuff like reading the entrails equally fascinating.
No i don't. I make my destiny. Fortune telling is used by some cunning people to prey on vulnerable and gullible minds and reap monetary and other benefits.

I will relay what Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory once said: Fortune telling is nothing but pseudo scientific hocus pocus.

No not at all....
We are creators of our own fortune through positive thoughts, self belief and hard work. Readings can be insightful and accurate at times, yet life is constantly changing.
Palo looked at my palms and told me that I had kidney disease as a child. I did. He told me my current relationship was about to dissolve because of differences in types of intelligence. It did. He said I would have a serious health issue then produce several children. I didn't.
Then there was the gypsy in London who gave me a plastic black cat, told me I was a teacher (I was), then asked me to cross her palm with a paper note in return for my fortune. I didn't.
Who knows?
I like it for a bit of fun. The last tarot card and coffee reading was about a month ago. The lady said I was going to catch up with a friend from long ago. That afternoon I answered a knock on the door to a friend who had moved to QLD 14 months ago and it hadn't worked out, so he had moved back to Sydney 2 weeks prior...I hadn't spoken to him since he left Sydney. I had dropped my mobile phone and lost all my numbers. I thought that was a co-incidence! I'm waiting on the rest to happen.
Fortune telling is reliant on a form of concieving, believing,achieving.
The risk is that if the belief is harmfull to the person then the outcome is likely to be bad.
An example would be that the fortune teller uses the age old trick statement to a lonely person: You will meet a tall dark handsome stranger.
If you believe the prediction then you are likely to spend your days smilling at people that match the description and the result of this behaviour will be that you are likely to meet someone fitting the description.
This then increases you belief in the fortune tellers pitch to you.
When you give up your own thought process to follow that of another persons then you are at risk of being controlled by others who may not have your best interests at heart.
My advice if you are seeking guidance for your future is to make a plan that meets you own requirements and belief systems, then trust in you own ability to make your own reality.
Controll you own destiny and believe in youself and God.
Kind regards from Kym
Just saw a tarot reader. She said I would get some money through the signing of a contract. I am putting in an insurance claim and she said that would apply, so I am now waiting to find out if it is successful. She also said I would be going overseas and interstate for a wedding. The time period was 7 weeks. I am sure looking forward to getting some $ as I'm broke. I find that if you go and get your fortune told don't take it too seriously. Sometimes it gives you a lift with the positive feedback. They should not tell you bad news if they do they are not being true to themselves. The same with psychics. Some are genuine, some aren't and are just after your money.
Great Question. I had my fortune told once for fun! The fortune teller said I would become a millionaire and the first house we would buy would be from a deceased estate. Yeah - still waiting to buy a house and not a millionaire. Unless she meant monopoly money?
Only God knows our future. However, only some genuine mediums/psychics have the ability to see through that small window, that we call fortune telling. They can only speculate but they give you an idea of what it will happen to a certain time. Who knows? Yes, they can tell your future to certain time length.

I don't believe in fortune-telling of any kind. I did try palmistry but only for fun. Did not reveal much any way.
Even if there is some truth in it, I'd rather not look into the future as I'd worry too much. I've also seen too many people mould their lives based on what their horoscope or some psychic has told them.
It is a practice as old as time but is very dangerous and often lies. The suggestions often become self-fulfilling. If you believe what you conceive then this can often be achieved. Be careful what you wish for is my opinion.
Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den because he was in the Kings favour. This was because the gift granted to him by God was to foresee the future. This made the people who drew their powers from the dark side jealous so they schemed to kill him. All things get copied and are most often fakes.

It is a dilemma. Just because there is no scientific support, it doesn't mean that it isn't rue. Sir I.Newton showed three axioms to the world that took us to the moon and back. So, even science has its limits. Yes, it is true that there are let's of unworthy mediums and fortune tellers like with all professions. However, the ones who really know their stuff, they know it too well. Yes, they can predict our future with a given error default. We do have options and decisions but some events in our life happen, no matter what we do, they are suddenly unavoidable. They are those ones that fortune tellers predict and make us turn to the next page. So, keep your mind open and never say No.

I dont generally believe in this though there are very few people around who are good at it.
I have been to a few years ago but would not go now.
by Finy
I don't want to know my future. If someone really could predict my future I would not want to know. If something good is coming up it would spoil the surprise. If a challenging event is in the future I would worry, stress and over-plan which means I wouldn't cope as well as if it just happened. When I am 'thrown in the deep end' I do cope. I wouldn't consult a fortune teller even as a bit of fun.
Not in the slightest. It's all fancy guess work.
Getting told I had approx. 3-6 months to live years ago by a specialist doctor was awful. Now I never want to know my future because of the trauma i felt then. My friends and family went through hell too.
IMO, It's dangerous to 'play' or 'have a bit of fun' with the occult.

I would NEVER go to a 'medium' of any description.
It's against all my beliefs'.

We are each the authors' of our OWN destiny.
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