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Do you believe in dream interpretation?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Some people believe you can predict the future through reading dreams, or that they are trying to tell you something important about your life. Different images are meant to symbolise different things. Do you believe you can interpret dreams, or are they just random thoughts mingled together with no particular meaning.

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Top Answers
I believe that dreams are a way to help sift through all the data you collected throughout the day. If you have any worries or anything exciting happening in the future that you can't get off your mind, narratives sort of play out in your head. It is a way of putting ideas and abstract thoughts into something more tangible, and helps us deal with issues that we might be struggling to understand in the waking world.

I do not however, believe that particular images mean certain things. For example, seeing a baby in your dream is meant to represent innocence and new beginnings. I don't think this is particularly true. Different objects have a different significance to different people, and they can't all mean one thing or the other.
Great answer, Bryony. I think you've hit this one spot on!
I believe in the meaning for different symbols in our dreams. I often dream a lot and the interpretation of my dreams clarify a lot of situations in my life. They, sometimes, relay messages from other people or prepare me for certain events in the future.
by rika.
Yes. I think it is a way for the brain to showcase a solution to a problem that you have been thinking about for sometime.
Absolutely yes. Dream recall is an invaluable tool for helping your soul or higher consciousness communicate with you using images and symbols that you will understand. The hardest part is recall, but that becomes easier with practice.
To a certain degree I do. Our dreams can really bring to life things that we are worried or anxious about and even encourage us to find a solution or ask for help. I think that our dreams are based on past experiences in a roundabout way. They help us to know the things that we need to deal with or move on from. I don't believe that dreams are predicting our future. Like dreaming of death doesn't mean someone around you is about to die although nightmares are unnerving and awful I don 't believe that what you dreamt about will happen to you.
Sort of - mainly for festering on anxiety...
Definitely. Dreams are ways to help you encode a problem. They're signals from your unconscious mind alerting you to something. That something is quite important. Only you will begin to know the message. In this process keep a journal. I have a pencil and note book on my bedside to note these things down if they wake me up. When written down, that way you can go back to sleep and worry about it the next day.
I think dream interpretation is a bit dodgy. In my own experience, I have narrated a dream to one person and it was interpreted as something great, whereas another person interpreted the same dream as a disaster. I think I am a bit of a skeptic.
I sometimes wonder about a dream, and can it be interpreted (accurately)?
I think more about the fact that some dreams you can remember but what of the dreams that you don't: is there a reason for not remembering some and for those we do?
I sometimes wonder about a dream, and can it be interpreted (accurately)?
I think more about the fact that some dreams you can remember but what of the dreams that you don't: is there a reason for not remembering some and for those we do not?
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