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Do you believe in Climate Change?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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I read that in 2011 a third of Australians didn't believe that climate change was caused by the actions of industry and mankind. We have a some climate change deniers leading the country. Australia is one of the few countries in the world still debating the science.
What do you think? Is climate change real, and caused by humans? (and are you living in Australia or elsewhere?)

#Climate Change
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Top Answers
It really disturbs me that this is up for debate at all. The scientific community reached a consensus long ago and it's long past time to get on with trying to fix things! One minute two thirds QLD is underwater, the next NSW is on fire, and then on the news we see communtities destroyed by typhoons and other disasters and still we get people like Alan Jones spreading misinformation on air.

That cartoon by Joel Pett that's been doing the rounds sums things up nicely. It shows a climate change conference with someone in the audience saying "What if it's all a hoax and we create a better world for nothing?"
nothing wrong with creating a better world, for any reason
by pfuit
Well said Jennifer.
I second that! Well said, Jennifer...
I live in Canada and I see the effects of climate change almost every day. I live in a valley surrounded by mountains, the glaciers atop these mountains have been receding for years. There are even markers put up to measure the amount of loss year by year. There are sometimes articles in local papers showing the way the glaciers used to look 20 or 50 years ago, only to end by showing how miniscule one particulate glacier has become when compared to its older photo. For me there is no debate, it's not a matter of belief, but of proof.
There is no denying of climate change (I live in Australia). Denial of climate change equates to putting your head in the sand. Look all around us, no matter where we live, it's happening. The news is filled with shocking news of bigger and stronger storms around the world. How can we deny climate change, no matter what the reasons of this change are?
I agree with all of you. I think it's astounding that some people can think that we can consistently pollute and destroy the planet and to expect there won't be a reaction. Perhaps it's just too freaky to consider the fact that human society (especially our Western society) has caused such immeasurable damage and to take the responsibility to make better, earth-friendly lifestyle choices.
You can't deny that climate change exists, but I think it's blown a bit out proportion sometimes and there's alot of scaremongering going on out there. Mandy E.
There is no scaremongering - or maybe there is because we need to be scared. And we need to convince people like you but above all idiot politicians like Abbott. Yes we have had droughts and floods and fires in the past here in Australia. But it is happening more often and longer and harder now. That is because of us meaning the rich industrialists who don't care how much they pollute. But also we do not need to keep having all these children and making more population. Stop already!!
by lbowd
I live in the UK, and I find it amazing that despite all the evidence, some people still are not willing to believe that climate change is due to us. I think they are just scared to admit that we have done something wrong, and are unwilling to take responsibility. I also think it is an excuse not to make the necessary changes to their lives.
Yes and No. Climate change has a lot to with two major things happening in the world that is out of our control. The first is the shifting of axis, which has been scientifically proven to be a major contributing factor to climate change. The second is the gravitational pull towards the sun. Outside of that, we are more people, we consume more, but if you had to add up all the ants int the world, they would weigh the same as all the people in the world!
Axis shift? Do you mean the pole shift hypothesis? That's been pretty thoroughly debunked.
Just take a look at our weird and bizarre weather patterns. Mother nature is not happy with us. Once upon a time we used to out our winter clothes away for summer and vice versa. Not anymore. Our wardrobes need to flexible to account for unexpected weather at any time of year now.
It amazes me as to how despite plenty of scientific evidence and current environmental situation around the globe, some people vehemently deny the existence of climate change. What truly pains me is that educated and intelligent people deny that climate change is happening.
Climate change: yes.
Man-made: yes.
Forgive the "deniers" for many of them think instinctively as we evolved to do. They don't fight the big dange; tthey hope it is not really there and flee. Until a climate or energy "9/11" hits us, this won't change.
Read anything by Professor Tim Flannery or watch the doco "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore.
What's there not to believe? Denying climate change is an issue or believing that humankind has no bearing on it is as absurd as suggesting that we can actually trust our politicians to keep their election promises.
by Vee
Yes I do beleive in climate change very much so, all you have to do is look at our crazy weather patterns, the weather is different to when I was growing up in my childhood.
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