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Do you believe cafes when they say they use free range eggs?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you believe cafes and restaurants really always use free range eggs, or do you think they sometimes use the cheaper, caged eggs?

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Top Answers
I actually do not believe cafes when they state they use free range eggs.

Im sure some of them do but I am equally sure that some of them just put this on the menu as we, the public would not know the difference, and the cage eggs are quite a bit cheaper and especially if using a lot.

I may be way out, however I just do not often believe this.
by Finy
Yes I do...how stupid am I perhaps !
by Fran
Up till now I have but now I will be checking it out a bit more closely. Surely there are fines if the cafe is found to be lying.
I dont know if this is something anyone could trace! they could buy some, keep the cartons and then buy cheaper ones and just fill the old free range cartons and who would know the difference -certainly not me!
by Finy
Yes! At least, in England I do. We have very strict laws on misleading consumers and they are fiercely enforced. To be able to claim free range or organic, a café would have to be able to prove that's exactly what an egg was.
Since most eggs i are free range these days, I expect that they are telling the truth. I don't see the point of lying. It is not obligatory to say an egg is free range, barn, or caged, so if it isn't free range, they would most likely just say 'eggs'. Why risk being caught be inspectors for something that is unlikely to affect how many customers they get. I mean, would you really walk out of a cafe because it didn't state whether or not the eggs were free range?
I have never thought about this before but now I will probably be paranoid every time I order a fry! I would hope that they use free range as it would make me think what else are they lying about?!
No! Hubby is a chef and he's seen all manner of claims that are false.
I am allergic to eggs,so I do not even look at these items on a menu! Therefore I have not noticed this as a selling point.
I hope they are telling the truth - however I suspect that there are many false claims made by restaurants - particularly if they are small restaurants
by AJ
You've only got their word, so I hope they're telling the truth.
Yes I believe them. I think they would have to be honest about this kind of thing.
I figure I'll never know the truth so give them the benefit of the doubt and try not to be cynical but who knows?
No, I can't see any or many cafes spending the extra money. They certainly won't spend the money on decent paper serviettes or condiments so I can't see them lashing out on free range eggs which are considerably, not a little, more expensive than your cage or barn laid eggs.
Also off topic slightly - I cannot bear those bottles of water that are placed on the table when you arrive, that every kid and every customer have man handled. I never drink the water out of them as with a good stream of sunlight hitting those bottles, there is quite often fur at the bottom (where they have often never been emptied (simply topped up). Pretty unhygienic.
I've gone right off topic here.
by fran.
I tend to believe them. If they are being deceptive they soon get found out by the consumer and or inspectors. If the eating places don't live up to their own standards, people don't go back. I think some of the places that are struggling would "cheat" tho...
Sewing seeds of doubt I see, Finy. Now I don't! LOL.
by Vee
Misspelling words is unforgivable unless it's done after 8pm. Sorry. LOL. Sowing*.
by Vee
by jonaja
Now, THAT would be a teeny tiny sewing machine. LOL.
by Rice
by Vee
One would think they do.
After all it's good to have some faith, in some people.
Depends on the cafe - you can tell by their style if they cut corners or not. I trust the organic wholesome places for sure, but some more modern places might be trying to pull the wool. Cheaper eggs are tasteless, so you'll work it out pretty quickly once you have a bite.
by Lucy
Yes, as it in 'writing' they're legally liable, if they telling 'porkies'......
yes, i think most business owners have better things to occupy their time with than duping their customers out of "free range eggs" besides most "free range eggs" aren't really free range any way one hen per square meter is not what i consider free range.
I do. What else have you got to go on? If I was in doubt I would order food without eggs. I think a restaurant's reputation could be ruined by giving false information.
I actually do believe in them but I dont think many of us go to the extent of having it proven. You read the menu and order them . There isnt an easy mechanism to really test it.
I just have to hope they are being truthful . . . but if they run out of eggs, they are probably going to run across the nearest shop and get what they can, I suppose. Cluck.
by Rice
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