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Do you believe a place such as hell exists?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by wintersixfour, morgueFile.com

Some people claim to have seen it, particularly those near death.

Do you believe a place such as hell exists?

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Top Answers
by Vee
2 Brilliant pics....Love the one for the Question.......bravo Miss Vee :)
by jonaja
LOL. Thanks jonaj. :)
by Vee
I will tell you why.

Say people like Hitler get off ''free'' for all the
EVIL they do in the world.

Then we must say our world is totally out of balance.

We know there IS Good and Bad in this world.

To think one can unleash so much Evil (and remember Hitler is not the ONLY one to do so)....then we have to think ''how can it happen, and then they die, and they got away with that much damage to Human Beings.

There is perfect balance with our world and even science tells us this.

You can Not do damage to human beings, as bad as this....then die and that's it.

Totally impossible conclusion.

Hell was not made for human beings, it was made by God for the one who has influence over humans from an evil stand-point. It was made for satan....To hold him and the angels that followed him, and this is in any Bible you pick up.

Evil had a beginning.
It started with satan.

People say well how come God made such an evil 'angel'.

He didn't.

He made one that was able to think and feel like humans do.....but! here';s the 'kicker', satan knew he had many powers.....and he used them.
He alone 'invented evil''.

I have often asked some of the worst offenders in jail 'why' and they have said ''something came over me'...or 'I have no idea I just snapped'.

It is a very complex question....'why' do people kill each other..
Why do we see people kill little children.

The heart of a person is part of the problem, along with mental and even in some cases even people who have no mental problems....do Abhorrent actions to one another.

It would be the greatest malfunction of human existence, if people like Hitler did what he did and then just shot himself , to get away from it all.....Then no reprisal.

Justice may not come in this life, and from what we know and are told Hitler committed suicide...So he suffered maybe a few short seconds for the crime of 6 million souls.

It is a impossible conclusion.
To have caused so much pain, and sorrow.

Hell is real, and no one has to go there.

The Bible tells of 'how' that must happen.
John 5:24

The Bible is no fairy story but a correct account of Heaven and 'why' a hell must be in place.

Say you and I were sinless, against anyone or thing.

It would need to exist for even just Hitler.
Now what about all the other insidious people who have raped children...and felt NO

Some may say ''well they get life in jail''....or they may be put to death'' do you really think that is a 'Just punishment' for say 6 million souls?

Or raping little children, when that person (also) shows no sign of sorrow for the crimes committed.
My answer today is what I know and believe as a Christian.

I also know that as long as we as people feel we should be 'sorry' for the things we do wrong, and for me I ask for Christ to forgive me...and try my best to love people and treat them as I would want to be treated.

Christ forgives me.

Because I want to do better, I want to be a decent human being.No one is perfect, only one person ever was and His name is Jesus

On the flip side Heaven is the total opposite to Hell.

Amazing answer. Thank you for sharing.
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj......I'm 100% with you........
I believe there're many people who've scoffed at it, & been unpleasantly surprised when they've died.

I cannot believe that a person can be evil in this life, & that includes treatment of the lowliest living, to a human being, & ALL creatures' in between, & not have some come-uppance, upon their demise.
by donjo
by jonaja
Well said. I too have been forgiven and I am so thankful to have Jesus in my life. From the beginning it all started in the garden of Eden. That's where Satan conned Eve. It went all down hill from there. The Bible speaks truth about Heaven and Hell.
by janet
Yes Janet I agree.... :)
by jonaja
Yes I do. As a christian I believe what the bible teaches.
by Gia
My bible taught that there is only Sheol, the grave. I grew up in a Christian religion.
by Rice
Nope. People claim all sorts of things. I'm not even saying those who claim to see it are lying necessarily, but there are other possible explanations for what they think they saw.
Fair enough.
by Vee
Yes, same as there's a place called Heaven.

I also believe in the 'Rainbow Bridge'.
Not too many know about CERN compared to what should - scary stuff :(
by jonaja
Yes, Jonaj, but how many people do you know are interested in, let alone, fascinated by Astronomy!
by donjo
Hell is not a concept people like to think about - acknowledging that it exists also means they have to accept many other inconvenient things, such as certain ways that human kind is supposed to live which are contrary to contemporary secular thinking. Secular/atheist people will have no reason to acknowledge that hell exists. Agnostics, spriitualists, and others with a faith (particularly Christians) may or may not accept the concept of hell, depending on how it is defined (eg. just being eternally separated from God by death vs a place of continuous torture).

I've never been there (hell) but the Bible does refer to such a place and describes it in a number of ways, so I choose to believe it exists as I can't see the point in just taking bits and pieces from the Bible (it's either true or it isn't - taking only the bits that suit what's convenient for me doesn't make sense).
by kimp
No, I think is it more a state of mind.
I do 100%. What scientists are doing at CERN is just the beginning.
Thank Goodness someone else knows about CERN.....good for you! It is quite a worrie, but we have no power over these crazy people! Pray it will not get out of hand.
by jonaja
Yes, jonaj, am getting also concerned with what's being done with the LHC, at CERN. Black hole? Don't like that idea at all.
When touring last Nov., Prof Brian Cox spoke about it.

Case of watch this space? Pun alert!
by donjo
Exactly. Heaven help us all.
by jonaja
When I was working I voiced concerns about it and was laughed at. One lady came in every day and asked me if I had fallen in to any black holes overnight. She actually found my concerns amusing.
by Rice
Rice...she has No idea, and the world is so full of people like that, stick their heads in the sand.Crazy !
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, people like that are very ignorant, yet laugh at others' who've more knowledge. They live in their own little world. They've never bothered studying to further their education, & 'look outside the square'.
You're correct, there are many like that! More's the pity, for them!
by donjo
Yes i do i go there 8hrs a day 5 days a week.
Oh! coin saver, IF it's that bad, assuming it's your job, can u not get another?
by donjo
No i stand to loose to much in a redundancy package that will come in the next 1-2yrs most people fear these but for me it will be a relief.
Not sure - but I hope there is and I hope that it is full of people that killed little children, people that were cruel to little children who were in care, people (particularly professional staff) that mistreated the elderly i.e. people that work in aged care. I want to believe these people suffer in Hell for eternity.
No. Not at all. I have always believed dead is dead. No more. No less.
by Rice
No, not really, when you are dead you are dead...end of story.
by Finy
I would hope it does exist. If we believe there is a heaven, why not hell?
Yes I believe in heaven and hell . I believe in good and bad. There's something more to us in the afterlife. I believe in a spiritual world and that's where our spirit goes to. Bad people can't escape. I have Christian beliefs.
Yes I think I do but not as most would perceive it to be.
Deep grief, or deep stress, severe pain must come pretty close to what I believe could be considered "hell".
Sadly the world with the atrocities being committed in the name of what some believe is their god, and Despot's, Dictators and similar also are creating a living hell for their own people, or peaceful neighbours.
Let us make the world a better place, share happiness and wealth, make a friend, help someone where possible.
But understand the truth not what some say to gain help that is not needed.
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