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Do you attract strange people on public transport?

by Vee (follow)
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Do you attract 'strange' strangers on public transport?

#Public Transport
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Top Answers
Less so now I have kids with me. When I used to travel alone on buses I got a lot a few weirdos come and chat with me. I remember once I was trying to read and an elderly lady next to me opened with "you're reading are you? My husband used to read!" then launched into a rant about her late husband that lasted until I got off the bus nearly ten minutes later.
Oh, Jennifer, that is just GOLD. Hahahahaha. Only in the Swish. Heehee.
by Rice
I think I'm the strange person. I often end up chatting to strangers on the Lindon underground
Maybe 'London'?
Only way to get around that marvellous city!
by donjo
This question cracked me right up! YES!!!! Yes, I've attracted some absolute fruit loops over the years. One in particular springs to mind. She asked me if I had a pet cat so I told her that I did. She asked his name and I told her that he was Ra, after the Egyptian sun god. Then she got all conspiratorial and told me that because I had a cat called Ra she could tell me how to keep myself safe in the apocalypse. Apparently she was a member of a secret sect of Ra worshippers, and they were stockpiling molasses, because when dooms day hits, that's the only thing that will keep anyone alive. And apparently I should have been stockpiling it too ....... but I still haven't bought a single jar!
That is so weird! But what a great story, lol.
by Vee
Such good advice, meggf, and you have chosen to ignore it. *sigh* . . . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
by Rice
No. Fortunately people ignore me.

When I was a younger person, yes....but now I have a ''Look'' on my face when out, it says ''Don't even try and get in my space''.
I think a lot of women need to learn this body language, it keeps you safe enough.
I think everyone has experiences with strange people on public transport some time or other!
Most definitely!

I get the strangest people telling me their life story.
No I do not!
I tend to look the other way as like peace when on public transport as I find it relaxing.
by Finy
I find it relaxing too.
by Vee
Like a magnet
Yes, because I'm a female usually travelling alone and some types of man seem to see this as a 'sign'.
amanda, I'm sorry that some people are morons.
by Vee
Oh! Yes.

Maybe because I've got 'Sit Next To Me' tattooed on my forehead! Lol!

When I worked, & finished on the 'early' shift at 3:30pm, the train I caught home, collected many 'special workshop' people at one of the Stations.
One of these was a DS, who sat opposite me one day, & started 'massaging' himself! I moved immediately! Yuck!

Then another day, he sat again opposite me, but this time a Security Guard came along & stood beside him, & asked me 'are you ok?'. From that it was apparent there'd been complaints about him & I was pleased about that, although I hadn't complained. Many years' ago, an Ambulance man had told me never to trust a DS person, especially a male. They give me the 'creeps', as what they lack mentally, they make up for physically, particularly the males.
What is a DS? I'm so lost. Also, that is scarring. I'm sorry you went through that. :|
by Vee
Vee, a person with Down's Syndrome.
by donjo
My bloody oath I do !
Come on. Share a story. You know you want to. :P
by Vee
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