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Do you always wash towels on their own?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you wash your towels in the machine on their own or do you mix them with other washing?

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Top Answers
I did not ever do this as I did not have enough towels to do a load on their own.
However decided to leave washing towels till I have about 4 or 5 large ones as I have enough towels to last in order to do this.

I now wash only towels together as I put far less soap in the water as all my good towels have gone hard -and I put something else in with a bit of soap powder to soften them.
by Finy
yes, along with tea towels
My towels are all white, so they get washed with a 'whites-load'.No I am fine with them being washed with other things.
We love our towels 'hard', they dry better to us and feel good on the skin, I know we are weird.
I hate soft towels, they just don't seem to dry the skin at all.

One thing I never do!!
is wash my Tea towels with anything else.
I use 2-3 a day, so they are the only thing that gets washed alone.I have a dozen, so I wait till 2-3 days worth to wash.
I want them as free from bacteria as poss.
Soft towels have often had softener in the wash and this stops drying I believe, and coats the towel making it sort of slippery!

by Finy
Putting them through the dryer, as opposed to line drying, also makes them soft and fluffy even if you don't use fabric softener. I prefer them like that so I sometimes take them off the line and run them through the dryer just for 10 or 15 minutes to soften them.
It's the English thing, I think. My dad could never abide a soft towel either, jonaj. I use vinegar as my fabric conditioner and my towels come out just right for me . . . I can't dry myself on a super soft towel either :-))
by Rice
If I have enough towels needing to be washed at once I do wash them alone. This doesn't happen often as I have a 10kg capacity washing machine, so often they get thrown in with sheets. I never wash towels with dark clothes as the lint really shows and it seems to ruin the clothes.
Yep. Some types of fabrics pill if they get washed together with towels, and the towels are enough to make a full load of washing by themselves.
yes, along with tea towels
No,I have never been bothered to separate my towels from other items!! Probably just downright laziness if truth be told!!! My mother never used to wash towels by themselves either,and they were always lovely to use,so maybe it is a case of 'we learn whet we live with'. Or maybe it is a combination of the two!!!!
It really depends. Quite often yes, but sometimes a couple might go in with other things if they are not too "floofy" . . and tea towels go in with the "whites". I also tend to put tea tree or eucalyptus oil in the wash.
by Rice
I like my towels firm...and it is I think an English thing of the past. :)
by jonaja
I heartily agree. There's far too much fresh air and sunshine in this country for stiff towels. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha!
by Rice
I try to wash towels on their own, but rarely have a full load, so may add a few extra items to make a full load. I wash a load of clothes and then a load of towels, so it is always a busy wash day. We have very good quality towels so they do not go hard or too soft. Just right. I put them in the dryer after bringing them in off the line and this fluffs them up. None of my towels shed fluff onto other clothes.
We use bath sheets with matching bath mats and hand towels and they are all washed weekly with kitchen towels separate to other washing. I do use fabric softener and less powder and hang outside to dry. They would be good enough to use as they come off the clothes line but I put them in the drier for a softer finish. There is nothing wrong with their absorbation rate and they feel good against your skin.
I'm pleased Finy asked this question. I do wash my towels separate to other items, I only wash 3 at a time because I think they need plenty of room to get clean and for the rinse cycle.
I was pleased to see so many people indicated that they didn't like nice soft fluffy towels because they just don't dry a body well enough
for me. You need a nice "rough" towel to dry and to give the skin a good sloughing at the same time (in my opinion only).
Most of the time, I wash towels on their own along with tea towels. Sometimes, however, I will wash them with undies or pajamas.
by Vee
No - i dont see the point- they arejust as dirty as our clothes and filled withthe same dead skin cells only time i would consider it is if i have a few towels to cleanthen i mightdo a load by themselves cause they are so big
As we now have to pay for every drop of expensive water we use, it's 'all in together this fine weather' for me!
I add Disinfectant & Softener to every load.

Then into Dryer, with a 'dryer ball'!
Can't hang clothes on line, due construction work next door! Too much dust being raised.

My 'permanent press' clothes get washed separately, though, & hung in Laundry, to dry.
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