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Do you always take your mobile phone when you go out of the house?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you always take your mobile phone when you go out?

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Top Answers
Yes, I do -I find it a security blanket almost -I do not use my mobile often however feel safer with it when I go out.

The only time I do not take it is when I walk in the morning, with my dogs.

I also need to take it because my house is burglar alarmed and wired back to the base so need it in case they call.

I feel almost naked if I forget it which does not happen often!
by Finy
When I was working,I always took my phone with me.It was also my camera for most of that time, and I would take the most fabulous photos as I walked to work,of the flowers and wildlife along the way!
Now I do not have or need a mobile phone as I am almost always at home or with someone. Even when I did have a mobile phone,I turned it off at 7 pm,and back on at 8 in the morning on the days I worked. I like my privacy too much!!! I figured that if anyone wanted to contact me out of those hours they copuld use the land line! I absolutely LOVE not being beholden to a mobile phone. And I have now had the most phenomenal Digfital SLR camera for many years.I got it while still at work,and just upgraded a few months back to an even better one!!
Yes I do
No, sometimes I forget. I tend to take it most places with me these days if I remember, so I have it in case of emergency. I also like to use it to take photos, or count my steps if I'm running.
The only time my mobile isn't with me is if I've accidentally forgotten it at home (and then I will detour home and grab it). My work requires instant feedback and answers and regardless of where I am, what I'm doing or when, if a director or producer wants to know whether they can do another "take" on a scene, I need to be able to say yes or no immediately based on any budgetary and overtime constraints.

Even in my downtime, when walking my prized little furry man, I take my phone with me. On the one occasion I didn't, a homeless and psychologically deranged man (who was known to police) tried to kick my dog while we were walking. Passersby helped and called the police on my behalf as I didn't have my phone. Lesson learnt ... I take my phone with me absolutely everywhere.
and that is the only time I do not take it with me -walking the dogs! I always figured I didnt need it as hardly anyone around at 7 am walking
by Finy
It was between 7.30-7.45am when it happened ... people were on their way to work !
Yes, I have to as it's my work phone and my job has me on call at all times.
Yes. I always take my phone with me when I head out. I actually forgot it a couple of weeks ago on a short outing and felt so lost without it! The only time I don't take it is if I'm just going next door for drinks and my kids / partner are with me...although even then I sometimes take it!
I get in a huge panic if I don't!

If I was to break down or get a flat tyre, I need it to call the N.R.M.A.

That is one heck of a concern at my age.
Yes. That's the whole point of having a mobile for me! I very rarely use it in the house but have it with me in case of emergencies when out and about.
Yes I do...get annoyed with myself if I drive out and realize halfway to my destination I have left it at home...
by Fran
Yes I do. I feel lost without my phone. I do also use it for more then just a phone it also has my books and photos etc.
I don't leave home without it!

It's permanently in my 'handbag du jour'!
Have had to use it for car breakdowns over the years'! This is the EXACT reason I bought it! Even though it's a 'half-brick', it still works well. I also keep it fully charged!
Yes, always ! I would love to be without my phone but it makes me feel safe and God forbid, someone needs me in my family, I don't want to be out of reach. I do leave it sometimes when I m out with his husband and he is carrying his phone with him.
by BK
I meant when I am out with my husband .. Lol ... I hate auto correct on phone !!
by BK
Unless I leave it on the kitchen bench it is just in my bag.I do not like mobiles but have one.We survived without them for years but now many feel they are a necessity.
no I do not, rarely use it, anyway it is usually turned off. only family have the number
Yes, unless I forget it. Just in case.
by Vee
I almost always take my mobile with me when I go out. Occasionally I forget it and then I feel uncomfortable without it.
While I DO take my phone, it's not always on and it's not online. I rule my phone....it doesn't rule me!
Yes, i always take my mobile . its like a adict now. if i dont take i feel not comfortable.
by asha
My "dumb" phone is in my pocket during the day and next to the bed at night... all women should carry their mobile with them as too much is happening out there to us right now! I am not so attached it to that I must look at every few minutes but i fell a comfort knowing its there.
Pretty much, but there are times when I want some technology free time so I choose to leave it behind. You know what when I return to my technology the world has still turned without me!
Yes always, in case I have to ring my husband for a lift, if there’s no bus when I get of the train in the next 1/2hr. We have a bus stop, with no shelter from the rain, & wind.
Yes, in case i need a lift home from the station & I’ve just missed our local bus which only comes once an hour, but I can catch another bus 1/2 way home then walk the rest of the way, if I’m not carrying any shopping!
I've just found this question again, months later, & we both went out to-night (in the car) without our phones, (by mistake) but we were only gone for an 1hr. I was worried what would my husband would do, if our car had broken down!
by Miro
(There's no REPLY at the end of theses answers, so I have to write another 1! I always took my phone & camera when I left the house. I'd take the phone for my 'above' reason. I'd use the camera all the time for photos. Then I slowly switched over to using my camera for taking photos! If my phone should ring & I missed the call, I'll phone the person back from the landline later, as that's a free call (for us) A month ago I took both the camera & phone on a months holiday, but only used the phone for photos! What will I do with my my lovely camera now? At least my handbag is that little big lighter in weight! (I'd just bought a brand new 'card' for my camera, the day before we left for our holiday!)
by Miro
I like to have my phone with me when grocery shopping as I usually find something on special that my daughters use. Most times I buy extra for them because we use the same brands but there are occasions I'm not sure of their pantry stock so message to find out if they need the item.
Yes, of course I do! It is with me everywhere I go!
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