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Do you always sort your rubbish correctly for recycling?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you always sort your rubbish correctly for recycling?

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Top Answers
I do my very best to put things in the correct bin. It can be confusing sometimes, and I probably do put some things in that are incorrect. I hope that I don't cause too much hassle for the sorters at the recycling centre. We have 3 bins in our shire.
I do most of it.
The exception is when I get junk mail -that usually goes into the ordinary rubbish bin and SHOULD go into the yellow recycling bin, but I just get sick of having to take this inside each time and out into the garage as my rubbish bin is quite near my letterbox.

Paper etc from inside and newspapers go always into the correct bin apart from this.

I only have two bins instead of the normal 3 that most have in my shire (Stirling).
by Finy
I get sick and tied of junk mail do the shops realize that mostly their advertising goes straight into the garbage bins. some people do read them not many. and what a waste of paper.
I wonder if the high prices we pay in the shops are because of the cost of all this unnessary advertising
You are probably right on the money with that theory.
by Rice
I only get two bins where I live.
One for everything but green waste.The other....green waste.....But!!! it gets interesting, they will do one bin with the garbage truck, then they do the other?*!?**!!!.....so this question has prompted me to phone them and ask 'why' do they do this?
by Finy
I think so. It's possible there is stuff that can be recycled that goes in the wrong bin or vice versa. I think a lot of people aren't sure with some items, like apparently you aren't supposed to recycle pizza boxes because of the grease.
I'm with you. We have a green-lidded compost bin in our area - pizza boxes can go in there.
by Vee
Oh heck, I never realised that about the pizza boxes! *sigh* I live and learn :(
by Rice
We only have two bins here in Nth Qld,so it is not a huge nightmare to know what goes where! I do the best I can,anyway!!
I think I always do but I'm sure I get it wrong sometimes
by AJ
I always do, but a neighbour (in my unit block) makes me tear my hair out.
He seems to think that because items made of plastic or other things are 'reusable', that the recycling bin will be ok.

I keep pulling those items out and he says to leave them in, because it gives people at the recycling plant a job to do.

I've been on a tour to the local plant and it's a nightmare for the staff, having to pull off unsuitable items from the conveyer belt where all the papers/bottles, etc, go when dumped by trucks that collect it from our streets.

I've been told that one wrong item makes them obliged to dump the whole load.
by Rice
Yes, I always use the correct bins. Ewe have the 3 different ones, & we have 2 green & 2 recycle ones. Even when I pick up rubbish while Iím out walking, I always put it in the correct bin. If I notice other people have put their stuff into the wrong bin, Iíll put it into the right bin for them!
I do my best to get recycling right. Sometimes it's a bit complicated and I may make a mistake and fail to put something that could be recycled in that bin.
Always. I feel rubbish when I don't sort it properly.
by Vee
We have two bins . . . rubbish and recycle. The council website is very unclear about what goes where. I try my hardest, I really do. I even take the rubber bands off the junk mail and put them in the rubbish and not the recycle. However, the website says, "Remove the lids and caps from bottles and jars" . . . and then says nothing about which bin the lids are likely to go in. I put any dubious lids in the rubbish as I know that if I put them in the recycle and it is wrong, it affects the whole load. Is it just me?
by Rice
I think you are asked to remove the lids because the bottles/jars left over contents rot and smell bad. I generally remove the lids, rinse the bottles and put both the bottles and the lids in the recycling bin.
Yes, I always do. I am sort of particular about it. I like to do my best for the environment. We also have two compost bins where every scrap of green waste and egg shells etc go.

Tasneem, Some time ago the reclyling 'experts' were asking us NOT to wash out our bottles & jars, because it a waste of water! ( I must start crushing up our egg shells though for the compost That would be easier to do with a meat tenderiser!)
by Miro
Yes until I cannot do so, due to bin being full.
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