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Do you always prefer the air conditioning in the car, or leave the windows down?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Do you turn the airconditioner on in the car, or do you prefer to leave the windows down?

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Top Answers
I hate air conditioning. It uses a lot of electricity, is bad for the environment and in a care makes me feel slightly headachy. I especially hate it when I'm somewhere where I have no control over it. I would only use it if it's really hot. It seems weird to me when people put it on when the temperature is fine to begin with.
I can't stand having windows down in the car especially if they are in the back part of the car as it makes an odd noise that really aggravates me.

So i always have the air cond on when it is hot.
by Finy
I prefer the windows down. I only use the air con when I have to. In the house I also love the windows open.
If it is very hot, then air con...but when we get out the hot air zaps me of my energy.I think this summer I will just try to see if I can do just windows.
Also no more parking in the sun.If there is no shade, then no parking.
I suffer from heat stroke, so I must be careful.
I love the feel of the fresh air when the windows are down.but in the really warm weather,the air conditioner is a blessing to travel with!! So,I am actually pretty easy to get on with.......
I prefer to feel the wind in my hair.
by Vee
I definitely prefer the air-con.When the windows are down I get hair blowing in my face. Yeah, it's very definitely a first world problem but there you have it!
Oh Meggf....love your picture! Used to look after Shetlands' when I was a teenager!
by donjo
I try to use the air con in the car frugally unless it is very hot, like the fresh air with the windows down when it is not too hot....have been told that having ac on uses more petrol too....realize however that when it is really hot there is no alternative.
by Fran
I was told that the "drag" from leaving windows open uses more petrol than having the air conditioner on!
by Finy
I don't believe that
by Fran
Fran, that's true. Ask a person who's studied Physics!
by donjo
Well thankgoodness petrol has come down in price (although last time I bought it it seemed to have risen a bit)
by Fran
I prefer the natural air, however when its really hot I prefer the air condition.
I prefer the air con. I hate having my hair blowing around and it also gets too noisy with the windows down and I find that I can't here the kids...because when it's noisy they speak quietly, of course!
I hate it when my hair gets blown in my face, so if it's too hot in my car, I put the air conditioner on.
I like it on in the city to avoid the fumes. My sister-in-law won't use it in any situation to save a few bob. No pockets in shrouds.
always have the aircon on, don't like that vibration from the wind you get sometimes and the traffic noise interferes with the music.
only use it when really hot then on low, do not like the cold air blowing on me I turn the air vents sideways to avoid the air, reason for this, it affects the sinus .
same goes for fans and air conditioning in building will not sit under a air conditioning vent in a ceiling, also always avoid direct cold air blowing on me that way I avoid sinus problems ,, a bit hard when in someone else's car and they have the air con on full blast. cannot say anything to them but do i suffer later.
air con sometime always turn the vents towards the roof of the car, really do not like them. prefer to drive without it turned on.
bring back the side windows that used to be on the cars c 1950 they were great on a hot day no air con in those days,
windows down when cars had those little side windows, they were great for directing the air into the car, nowadays rarely have the window down and then only a little. Air con for the car hate in when in other peoples cars and they have it very cold and blowing straight on you.
always glad to reach our destination and able to get out of their car. .
The aircon in my car 'died' about ten years' ago & cannot be fixed or replaced, unfortunately.
So it's windows down for me, which is really annoying when it's ....... down rain!
I prefer the air con and use it in the car all the time.
I much prefer fresh air but as I feel the heat, I will use it as soon as it becomes unpleasant in the car. I do put the sunshade up when parked in the sun as it does make a difference when you return to the car. If its really really hot, I leave the car door open and turn the aircon on to get rid of some of the built up heat before I drive off.
I rarely use it in my car, do not mind in other peoples car as long as it is not blowing directly unto my face/head, as I always end up with a sinus problem, takes days to get over , same goes for fans.
Hey Flaga, You've answered this question 4 times. I think that's a record! When I have something else to add to a question I've already answered, I use 'Reply' at the end of my previous answer!
by Miro
did not notice that I had answered this one before must have been some time ago trouble is many of these question turn up a second or third time weeks later and one forgets that it has been answered already,
by flaga
It really depends how hot it is. If it is really hot outside with no wind, and very humid, opening the window makes no difference to me, so I turn on the air conditioner. I always try an open window before I use the air conditioner. It also depends who is in the car with me. I always think of my passengers' comfort before my own. I do a lot of volunteer work and every week, I have elderly people in my car. Their comfort is more important to me, so I will put on the air conditioner.
It depends on how hot it is really, if it's hot and humid then I have it on, as I hate going to work all sweaty.
Like Donjo, our air-con' died in our old car, also many years ago. It's never hot enough for me to have my car window down, & I don't like my hair blowing all over the place in the car. If it's really hot, we stay home. We don't have an air-conditioner in our house, as we don't need it.
by Miro
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