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Do you always lock all your doors when you are at home?

by Finy (follow)
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When you are at home, do you always lock all your doors?

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Top Answers
I DO lock all my doors even though I am at home with my two noisy dogs.

There have been many break ins in Perth while the people have been home and watching TV, and I feel safer locking, even in the daytime!
by Finy
by jonaja
A very happy NO to this question!!! I am so lucky to live in a truly old-fashioned and honest neighbourhood.My dogs always let me know if anyone is near my gate or even the fence,so I have so far had no worries.
don't take the risk, it only takes one times seriously.
by jonaja
Thanks for your concern,but half the joy of living where I do is the very old fashioned attitude of everyone who is in this area! When I lived in Melbourne it was a whole other story,and honestly,I could never live that way again! Here we all look out for each other yet somehow manage to not intrude into anyone's life.
I do not live in fear where I am,which is how we all deserve to live .I visited my family in Melbourne a year after first coming way up north,and was so shocked and horrified that when I woke early as is normal for me,I could not even get out of the house to walk in the garden as I did not know where the keys were!!! I literally had to wait until my parents got up at THEIR usual hour to find out what this strange lifestyle was all about! To find that society had changed so much down where I grew up,in such a short time,saddened me enormously,and even my parents said how much they hate the need to feel like prisoners in their own home!!! It is a joy to live in a safe environment where I am not locked in away from my precious and beloved plants! My 3 dogs have certainly frighten any strangers away,even if they are innocent folk!!! There are more dogs in this street than any where else in the entire suburb, if not the whole city!!!! I know that I would not be willing to even enter a yard in this area if I did not know the dogs!!
by Jules
It is a shame we can't live in crime free environment, but I will tell you times have changed.
So do our safety issues.
No one is safe today, and I can talk from experience on both sides.
by jonaja
YES I always lock my doors, even when hanging washing on the line, never tempt fate..important....lock your car door as soon as you get into it, there have been lots of carjacking at lights etc
by Fran
by jonaja
I live in a secure village...having said that I do still look my door.
Life is not like it use to be, so I try not to forget that a locked door is a safe home.

That picture is creepy
by Smita
I ask the guys who do these break in's why?

What they say is ''because I can''!

they try the doors, and have no reason not to go in.
Their thinking is very different to ours, and they will not hesitate to hurt someone, if they get caught.
by jonaja
Recently I suffered a home invasion while I was asleep. This has changed my lifestyle completely. Gone is my self-confidence and the feeling of safety in the sanctity of my home.
I hate my home now and intend to sell it and build a fortress. The thief stole more that my wallet and credit cards while I slept. I was told that if you awaken during the invasion a baseball bat or a machete is used to intimidate you.
This new style of crime is spiralling out of control generated by the difficulty in selling goods stolen while you are at work. It seems it is easier to take your wallet with credit cards and cash then wave and pay for gift cards to trade for drugs. The police are far too slow to respond and don’t seem to understand that a home invasion while you are at home needs to be addressed more seriously than standard theft as it will eventually lead to deaths. If the credit card providers and gift card retailers established a rapid response system they could stamp this out. The video footage of the thief at the retail check out was poor quality and the retailer of the gift cards simply cancelled the card but did not put in place a strategy to respond when the gift cards where presented.
If the retailers covertly followed the thief who presented the card back to the car and took quality photos of the vehicle and person we could stem this activity. The images could be constantly rolled out on a screen at every check out state wide without making any statement or accusation simply asking the people in the queue to advise the police if they knew them. This would not defame them just ask if they knew them. Should they prove innocent then the image could be removed and no accusations would be made. Let’s forget about the privacy of the criminals and start thinking about the rights of people to sleep peacefully in their own homes. They may think this is too difficult and not viable for the few hundred dollars involved but they will change their minds after the bodies start to pile up.

Thank You...for sharing this most dreadful time in your life.
I can only 'hope' what you have shared will show people that they must be careful.

by jonaja
Yes! Without fail! It is a good habit to get into, locking your doors! You can never be too safe! Especially with the increasing crime rates.
All my doors were locked but a simple firm plastic strip will open most doors sold a the most popular hardware store as I found out the hard way.
I now understand why America has the laws it does.
by kstew
All my doors were locked but a simple firm plastic strip will open most doors sold a the most popular hardware store as I found out the hard way.
I now understand why America has the laws it does.
by kstew
by jonaja
Yes, I always have. It makes me feel safer.
by jonaja
Not always but I'm going to start doing it. Hearing about too many day time robberies in Perth.
perth is bad helen!
by Finy
please do keep your doors locked, stay safe :)
by jonaja
Yes I always lock my front door
by AJ
by jonaja
I don't specifically lock my door, but it has a catch that means it can't be opened from the outside without a key but can be opened from the inside just by turning the handle. I have more fear of being trapped in a fire than I do of being burgled, so being able to get out quickly in an emergency is important to me. Leaving the keys in the door isn't a good option, as that is just a challenge to a small person to unlock it and go for an unsupervised wander....
you have more chance of someone breaking in
than a fire
stay safe :)
by jonaja
Yes but a fire would do far more damage and not just to me but my child. I'm not worried about losing possessions, they can always be replaced. The thought of my child dying from smoke inhalation on the other hand.... particularly if it was because we couldn't open the door!
No lock on our door. Weird but somehow here in apartments I've seen no locks on doors, no latches in bathroom. Why? Why? Why?
That is just plain crazy in 2014 no matter where you live, and is an accident waiting to happen.Get a Locksmith to get you a lock...and quickly! :) it will take him all of 15 mins, and maybe cost around $150.
I have never heard of such a thing?
by jonaja
None of the houses have. We live in a rental apartment so cannot do the alteration part
by Smita
None of the houses have. We live in a rental apartment so cannot do the alteration part
by Smita
Locks will only keep honest people out.
Picking a lock can be learnt on the how to page of Google in 5 minutes
Plastic strips will open most doors. A glass cutter can silently open a window. Much more drastic action is required to protect yourself.
by kstew
ALL doors should be equipped with DOUBLE DEADLOCKS.
A plastic strip WON'T open them!
by donjo
I always lock my front door but tend to leave the back door unlocked when I'm home.
not good :(
by jonaja
Yes I always lock them. Prevention is better than cure.
by jonaja
I always snib the wire door always. Do not use the lock on the main door until I go to bed. Always lock the car because there are alot of car breakins in Melbourne.
by jonaja
Usually, however I came home from work on the late shift the other night. I went to question my housemate whether his car was too close to the garage door before I closed it. He was asleep and I got distracted and forgot about closing the garage door until he discovered it the next morning... It took me awhile to remember why I hadn't closed it!

try to remember, it only takes one time :) stay safe.
by jonaja
I certainly do ensure that my door is locked as soon as i get home. Especially now that i'm living in the city. When I visit the country areas where I'm from I don't really make that effort as the crime level is not as high there and there is definitely an easy vibe there.
try to do it where ever you are :)
by jonaja
You bet! The feral class are so well educated about how to walk in to houses and help themselves without being detected even when owners are at home that leaving a door unlocked is just asking to lose your car, your jewellery and your credit cards. And if they do get discovered they will smash you over the head and run off like the cowards they are leaving you to your fate.
Your sooo RIGHT!
by jonaja
I always lock all my doors all the time.
by Vee
by jonaja
YES!! Only a fool would not do so nowadays.
Absolutely. Apart from the fact that locking your door is basic common sense, I don't want to give someone the opportunity to steal something who may have had no intention of committing a crime but takes advantage of a situation that I have created.
The last house I lived in had STEEL grilles on all windows' & doors. All doors had double dead locks. Had an Alarm system. Had dogs.

Current house has Aluminium grilles on all windows, both sliding & closed parts, & completely covering to the woodwork. The doors have double locked grilles, plus wooden doors as well.
Will not trade my 'security' for anything! And yes, all are locked at all times.
Front door always locked, but I do forget to lock the back door from time to time. I have a secure backyard and the property behind me is a women's refuge and they have maximum security.
Always, as a precaution and as a habit (a very good habit).
I'm always very careful as I live in the city. It must have been great in the 'good old days' when this wasn't necessary, though.
Yes, I have started to recently. We only have a front door, but does have a dead lock on it.
My in-laws we burgled about 2 years ago, while they were home.They didn’t see they thief's, & the thief’s didn’t take any notice of them, but they had a lot of stuff stollen from their bedrooms; e.g. jewellery & medals. Never saw any of the stollen items again.
My mother had her Paddington, NSW, house, house broken into 3 times, from the roof, when she wasn't home. None of her processions were seen again. Once they took her whole LP collection. 25 of the LP's were given to her by my dad, many many Christmas's ago.
by Miro
I'm a lockaholic. Even with two dogs I keep my security door key locked if I am out the back at the washing line. We have deadlocks and the house is locked up at night for sleeping. Our cars are always locked when not in use and I drive with my car doors locked too.
by Rice
Me too, Rice!
Can't be too careful these days with 'ice' & other drug-addled psycho killers' getting around on the streets, everywhere!

They should be thrown in a steel cell until they come 'off it' the hard way, no 'softly-softly'. That's just bs.
It's all self inflicted, so let them suffer! Idiots! Literally.

by donjo
Yes, always.
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