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Do you agree with this photo?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Piexels

Do you agree with this photo?

#Happiness is
#Piece of cake
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Top Answers
After yesterday's question about healthy foods YES I AGREE with this photo....shouted out by Finy!
However, and a big however, and as John Cleese would say, that is something I USED to know about.
Havent had a piece of cake for zonks - no, I lie, I had half a very small piece a few weeks ago and before that, I do not remember when I last had one.....but happiness sure is a piece of cake - awful to be a sweet tooth, and the cravings are not going away now that I do not eat it any more.
by Finy
Finy, that would be about the 'only' cake, I could eat all by myself....you sure picked a lovely cake :)
by jonaja
You are so strong-willed, Finy!! Even if I HAD to stop eating items with sugar in them, I don't feel I could do it as suddenly or totally as you have managed! I have different allergy and health issues, so I DO know about the importance of diet and our health. I did manage to cut so many things from my diet, but I was only 23 and I didn't find it difficult back then! NOW, however being much more set in my ways, I simply do not know how I would go! Thankfully I am now so in tune with my can and can-nots that I do not even think about it!! You are an inspiration!
by Jules



is the
WHOLE CAKE~ for meeeeeee :)
by Finy
Never fear, jonaj, it is simply that my mother made lousy cakes!!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now I must sign of with a fond adieu to all as I will be off air for a few days due to moving house. x x x x
by Rice
Oh, Jonaj!!! This is SO funny! I can hardly stop laughing!!! I could not eat the whole cake in a month!!!! Just a little taste of really yummy stuff in one sitting is enough for me!!
by Jules
Jules........I really could not eat it in one sitting..LOL.
but! it's mine all mine anyway bahahahahahahah.
by jonaja
My answer is a little bit different to others. I don't see this photo as saying that happiness is an actual piece of cake. I think its saying that happiness is easy. Sometimes I think its easy to be happy other times its not so easy.
by AJ
Well said!!! I am also one to find my own happiness each day!!!
by Jules
To each his own in this regard
I find happiness in spending time with people and doing things that I love.
Whilst I agree that cake is delicious, I rarely eat it. There are other sweet things that I would choose instead of cake. I tend to only have cake at birthday parties. I had a piece last weekend, but before that, I can't remember when I last had any.
It all depends on the mood I am in!! Cake is not often at the top of my list, if it is even on that list!!
Happiness is anything which can make me smile.It may be a chat with my family who live far from me, or spending time with my beloved dogs! It is often something as simple as seeing a first flower of the season on a favourite plant! I am VERY easy to please!!!
Cake in a Cup is a nice little treat, I hear.
by Rice
If it is the American vernacular . . "piece of cake" then Yes, it certainly is because we control our own happiness and lots of things make me happy so easily. Animals are top of my list. Books, movies, kind people etc. all make me happy. For me happiness is not the literal piece of cake as I have never been a great cake lover and I do not buy biscuits or cakes. I used to bake biscuits years ago. Like Finy, I have to avoid so many foods now, so . . . pas de g√Ęteau pour moi, Marie Antoinette!
by Rice
oH! noooooooooooooo this can not be?
How can it be, we have a different take on this...........END OF THE WORLD!!!
totally devastated :(

by jonaja
You are so right about The Cake in a Cup!! I mentioned in response to another question how wonderful these can be, especially when some fresh chopped dark cherries or other yummy fruit is stirred into the mix before cooking!!! I usually add an extra 15 seconds of time for the fruit so that it becomes a scrumptious puddingy treat!! These cakes are so easy and quick, and just a single serve with little left for sharing, so we can just INDULGE totally guilt-free!! You should celebrate your MOVE with a favourite one all to yourself!!
by Jules
Yes. And a biscuit! :)
I agree with AJ - I see it as saying Happiness is a easy.. .its the little things that can make us happy.

Either way I love cake lol
No. It's what you make it. When we travelled through Africa the kids were in famine and the happiest I have ever come across. There was no cake, just old tyres they were rolling along the road and soccer balls. They seemed to laugh the hardest at the white people attempting to get of the safari trucks to quickly do a bush wee before they came out of nowhere to watch. Embarrassing but hilarious! We were glad that we could provide free entertainment :-)
I'm not entirely sure how to interpret it. Literally cake makes me happy. Metaphorically... I think probably too much emphasis is put on happiness and striving to be happy. I think it's better to acknowledge that we won't be happy all the time and that that's okay.
For me, no. I'm not a cake kinda person. I am not so much into sweets.
As much as happiness to me is trying out different tiramisu cakes, happiness is also seeing our little granddaughters in Melbourne, & being with my husband of 48 years!
by Miro
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