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Do you add sugar/sweetener to a cup of tea, or does sugar spoil it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you add any sugar when you have a cup of tea?

If so, how many, and what type?

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Top Answers
Sugar or sweetener definitely spoils both tea or coffee.
It takes away from the taste of the product and even though I used to use it, I weaned myself off it and tea is so much nicer without.

It is a bad habit as saw on TV the other night the amount of sugar per year, people had when putting just 1 teaspoon in their tea!
by Finy
I heard on the news that one coffee chain (GJ's) has 30 teaspoons of sugar in one of their smoothies. Eeeek!
by Rice
I hate sweet tea or sweet coffee. It ruins the taste.
by AJ
very true!
by Finy
by Vee
great pic! yours dont have to be sourced correctly in answers!
by Finy
LOL! That is why I try to take advantage of images when it comes to the answering component, hahaha.
by Vee
I would need to have half a teaspoon of sugar.
I don't like raw hot anything.
But that half a teaspoon is nice for me.

Not everyones
of Tea!
No, I don't like mine with sugar. sometimes I have lemon, or tea that is flavoured with spices or flower petals.
Yuck thats another thing I cant stand all of this stupid flavoured mashap of tea. That is not real tea.
by lbowd
If it's made with camelia sinensis leaves then it's tea. Anything else is a tisane.
No sugar. No. Not milky white either. No. No. No.

by Rice
This is very very funny :)
by jonaja
..........& clever!
I've a few 'funny' coffee mugs, & much enjoyment is had reading them, whilst sipping tea r coffee!
by donjo
Unfortunately true . . . not a morning person. Himself at 6'2" and over 100kg retreats to his office when I surface. LOL. Need my cup of tea. I am then quite civilised :-)))
by Rice
This one's for jonaj . . .

by Rice
LOL! Good one. She'll love it once she sees it.
by Vee
'Rice'..................bless ya heart that Made My Day :)
by jonaja
It all depends on the type of tea I am drinking!
I love freshly brewed leaf tea of various blends, and when they are fruity or have lavender flowers in,they do not really need to made sweet with anything!!! I do sometimes use a very small amount of either honey or raw sugar
in plainer tasting blends,and also sometimes when I am feeling more tired than usual and need a bit of an energy burst!!
2 sugars in a coffee, none in a tea, that's just blasphemy!
Cannot stand sweetner of any description. Only drink weak black tea or Chinese green tea. I think the problem with adding sweetners starts with parents adding sugar to tea for children to drink. A habit formed when young is hard to break.
You could not have put it better, helga.
by Rice
Yes, one level tsp of raw sugar. End of.
i use raw sugar 1 teaspoon. never use sweeteners. no sugar in green tea
I just gagged at the thought of sugar in green tea. I was once handed a cup of mint tea with milk in it . . . . . ! Down the sink it went. Bleargh.
by Rice
I add one Stevia tablet to my cup of tea .
As of 1st January 2016 (sob) I'm not adding sugar to my tea (lip tremble) to cut calories (boohoo).
But believe me.....sugar NEVER spoils a cup of tea....yum!
Go, you good thing. Be brave.
by Rice
Don't drink tea, but don't add sugar to coffee, my usual choice of beverage.
Sugar absolutely spoils tea. I think I used sugar up to the age of 12. Thenn stopped. Don't know many adults that actually put sugar in their tea.
It really depends on the type of tea. For herbal and flower teas, I don't add any sugar or milk. Some red and black teas can be drunk without any sugar or milk too! I personally like my earl grey with a slice of lemon. English breakfast and Assam is nice with milk and sugar :) But that's just me :)
No - I prefer to savour the taste of the tea type
I do. Brown. In the cup I always use it's like two spoons
I have no idea how people drink tea and coffee without sugar or any other sweetener. Working a lot with your brains require a fair amount of glucose daily. I love the strongest black tea and can't imagine it without a spoon of agave syrup, it gives the black tea a rich and bold taste, you can't have enough of it. If there is no agave, I use honey, but never sugar or milk. I think the milk is the one that spoils the taste of a nice cup of a strong black tea, it turns it into a baby food mixture. Having tea without sweetener is like soup without salt or a kiss without a hug.

if its really super good coffee I wont insult it with sugar ... if its not then yes I will
sugar certainly changes the taste of coffee
if its really super good coffee I wont insult it with sugar ... if its not then yes I will
sugar certainly changes the taste of coffee
if I have tea with milk one sugar tea without milk no sugar
No, I've never added sugar nor sweeter. I only ever drink my tea black.
by Miro
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