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Do scales lie?

by chipp (follow)
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Many of us have at least one set of scales--and of course we use them to keep the balance in check. However, muscles weigh more than fat, which means you could weigh more but not necessarily be fatter. Do scales lie?

#Weight Loss
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Top Answers
I don't think scales 'lie', I just think most people need to learn to read them better.

If you're actively trying to lose weight they can be a great way to monitor a downward trend, and they can help you notice if there's something that needs adjusting.

Regarding muscle vs. fat, you'll generally know if you're doing something that's causing you to gain muscle--you don't just build it without the work. So as long as you're aware of the changes you make that affect your body, scales can still be a handy tool.

I think the main problem with scales is when people base their worth on a number. After all it is just a number. Scales can help you see patterns, but it can be dangerous when you give that number too much power.
All the scales I've been always ending up lying. I wonder why they are so discriminate against me?! :)
Well, I have been training for the last 8 months and I have not see much change in that scale...but I feel fitter.
After being weighed on different sets of scales, I can say that some scales do give different readings. I have also found with digital that I might step on them several times in a row, and the first few times I'll get one reading, and then the next few times it will show up to a pound difference and not switch back. It can be very confusing because you don't know which is right.

I have also compared the results of weighing myself with light verse heavy clothing, and sometimes I get the same reading. From this experience, I don't think any set of scales are 100% accurate, you just have to judge for consistency.
Of course they do!

I have banned them in my home, years ago.
Scales just weigh you as a person. It is good to get one of those fat tests that measures your real body fat as opposed to muscle mass. The BMI is also a good guide, yet again the scales might show you've put on weight if you're lean and lifting heavy weights at the gym.
They can't lie. Scales are just a measuring device. It is people who lie to themselves about how much they weigh. But then, I think there is undue importance placed on weight anyway. I prefer not to keep a set of scales at home but to keep healthy enough to do what I want to do and trim enough to wear the kind of clothes I like wearing. A number on a machine won't change that.
Your correct weight is shown on a scale when you wake up in the morning after sleeping for 8hrs. Make sure the lines meet up before stepping on.

At the end of the day we ''gain weight" because of gravity and our spine compacting.
I have to check them at least three times to get an estimate of how much I weigh, but it definitely depends on where you place it - carpet or tiled floors. Tiled floors are the way to go, because they don't 'absorb' a bit of the weight (per se).
Of course they do!
by Finy
Yes they do, because 50kg of fat and 50kg of lean muscle may weigh the same in real terms, but look very different in real life. Case in point: this image that was circulating on tumblr and instagram when discussing "weight" instead of being fit.
I think the tape measure is the best option. Muscle does weigh more than fat and it is easy to think that you are not doing any good. Your clothes tell you how you are doing.
Now do scales lie? No but I wish mine would cut me some slack every now and then and tell me a little white lie just to make me feel good!
I don't think so at all. People tend to rely on the scale however, as a way of determining their health and/or weight loss. Vicious bloody scales!
Yes, bare-faced, blatant, habitual, compulsive liars.
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