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Do noisy children bother you?

by Finy (follow)
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Do noisy children bother you, or does this sort of noise not worry you?

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Top Answers
Yes, they do.
I have been babysitting during the school holidays and it is difficult to get used to the loud voices.

Living alone I think i have got used to quiet so I find it very difficult when there is noise about and especially for about 6 hours!
by Finy
Is there any other sort of child?
It depends primarily on the kind of noise being made. I can listen to children chattering and laughing, but to listen to bickering and whining is a tall order.
by Vee
Yes they do but so does loud music etc....I hate to say but think it is partly an 'age related' phenomenon!
by fran
Yes, particularly in Shopping Centres......
Sick of kids' treating the walking areas as playgrounds, running around heater-shelter, not looking where they're going. And the parent(s) not giving a brass razoo what their kids are doing! No supervision whatsoever. Lazy people.

Last week I was sitting in a coffe shop, just sipping a lovely Muggachino, when a family of SEVEN plonked themselves beside me after joing three tables together, very noisily. There were plenty of seats vacant, but no, they had to sit next to me! I moved, when one of the kids started lolling over the seats, & the baby started screaming!
I must have forgotten to 'switch off' my forehead flashing sign which says 'sit next to me'!

I've literally been the ONLY person in coffee shops, which seat anywhere up to 50, & one person will come in & sit at table next to me!

Do they feel Insecure & lack confidence in themselves to sit elsewhere? They must feel they need to be near another human!

Donjo, I hope you feel better when I tell you that this is what happens to me in TOILETS! I went to the loo at the Tower of London, where there are heaps of loos, the place was empty . . a woman came in and sat in the very next cubicleI Then I went to another place where the toilets were serviced and a woman did the same and proceeded to have explosive *you know what* right next to me. I am toilet cursed :((
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper, that is certainly worse than my scenario! Hah!
by donjo
Wow, donjo, re hosties . . . wouldn't they be in the tin BIG time if they did that these days?!?! 36 hours from Old Blighty to here (back in the day) and I wasn't game to make a peep . . . the little kid in the seat in front screamed blue murder from London to Darwin. I was all for throwing it out somwhere between Rome and Karachi . . . and I was eight!!
by Rice
It depends on my mood. I usually don't mind it useless I'm in a particularly bad mood
by AJ
LOL...Finy you and I are of the same mould.

I went to see my two grandchildren the other Sunday.
I always spend time first with them, and have a chat later with their Mum & Dad (my son).

Having said all that last Sunday I then attempted to have time with my daughter-in-law, and ask her how is life...have chats about shows on t.v....Her garden, all the things older mothers like to do.
Have a laugh and yes, even a cry together.

My grandchildren love to get ALL the attention, and that makes me sad. I feel their mum needs some attention.

Funny that after a while, she played with the children, as we talked.
It got loud and my ears as they screamed, were hurting....

Gosh! I wish the old days in a way were back, and Adults were given, time and respect to talk with one another.

I love children, I love my grandchildren, but having all attention while grown ups wish to talk, is not really easy to get my head around.

If I want to talk with my son, I go to his office at home....but I feel, the noise still makes it way up the hall.

If I say please be a little more quite, it seems to fall on deaf ears.

I don't like that, and it does make me come away, shaking my head from side to side.

Would I say something to my daughter-in-law?
Absolutely not!
It is her house...her children...and her life.

I certainly would not say much to my son, because that can cause tension between he and his wife, and is certainly not my place to do that.

I think until the children get a tad older, I shall have to limit my time spent there, because noise to older folk, hurts our ears.

It makes our nerves on end, and just really painful to be around.

Pity our grown children don't know this...and just once in a while explain to our grandchildren, so we can have a nice visit.

It's all part of life, that parents of parents do suffer, with loud noise.
oh gosh, and I thought it was only me -even the children's own father (my son) gets exhausted and when not working has a nana nap at age 40!

I totally agree with what you say added to the fact that one child has Aspbergers which makes the noise that much more.....I do not know how some grandparents baby sit every day tnough guess we are not all like you and I!
by Finy
You know Finy, I think if the Grandparents do babysit all day everyday...as the parents go to work, they will have those little ones, quite.
You know they won't have all that screaming a month later...lol.
Grandparents will have some influence for sure.
by jonaja
We have twin grandsons and when they are playing and making lots of noise I don't mind. But when the squeal it's a different thing. I just walk away.
Not unless they are screaming their lungs out ! I don't mind the laughter and continuous chatter.
by Rory
I love kids and I think noise comes with the package, LOL.

If I have to go through this all day, I might be running ; hunting for some quiet corners of the house.
by BK
It depends on the setting and guess I expect kids to be noisy. I don't have children of my own so I haven't been subjected to noisy kids I can't escape from.

I like a bit of peace and quiet but if they were playing, or in a playground or at a party I'd be surprised if there wasn't a lot of shouting and squeling, especially from the little girls.
If children are being noisy while behaving and having fun,I think this can be delightful to witness,but noisy NAUGHTY children drive me to despair,and I have no qualms at all about asking them to 'please shush it a bit!!!"
Sometimes they do. I have a very noisy, very active child and after a full on day I quite often have had enough. He very rarely whines or squeals but just his normal constant stream of loud chatter can be too much at times.... I'm a quiet person and come from a quiet family, and have never been surrounded by so much noise before. My husband's family are very loud so he doesn't see the problem.....
Yes, very much - especially at restaurants and shopping centres. I believe in the old saying 'children should be seen, but not heard', it's how I was bought up. But then we were free to roam the neighbourhood back then, so could make noise without annoying anyone.
Hello, poppy........couldn't agree more! Cheers!
by donjo
Not usually, or I wouldn't have had kids of my own. They have a right to be in places like shopping centres and restaurants and a certain level of noise is to be expected from them. I only object if they're creating a disturbance somewhere that isn't really appropriate to bring a young child (like the opera), or aren't being properly supervised and are doing crazy stuff (running around inside a restaurant where the could collide with waitstaff and get covered in hot food etc.).
If they're too feral they do, but generally I try to tolerate children....even noisy ones.
Yes noisy chidren bother me very much LOOOOOOOOL
In general I would say no - kids are just often loud! It depends on my mood as to whether I am bothered or not!
Yes. Very much. Gaffer tape is good.
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper............so's a good slug of brandy in a glass of milk! Lol!
Love to do that! But can't, of course!
Back in the day, if a kid was continuously screaming on an aircraft, that's what 'hosties' used to do! Bee good idea!
by donjo
It's natural for children to be noisy and normal play doesn't bother me. I hate it though when a kid starts screaming or is really unruly and disruptive, and the parent does absolutely nothing about it.
Yes screaming and crying yelling and parents who do not tell their children to play but keep the noise down.
Neighbours with kids should consider their neighbours; kids can play quietly it is not supressing their enjoyment.
When we were children we were brought up to play but keep the noise down - It never did us any harm.
I feel these days parents of children have no idea and then they wonder what went wrong when it is too late.
Ps. I love quiet well disciplined children, especially those who know when to say thankyou or please.
I do not like loud people. If children want to be loud let them do it outdoors. Give them a chance to burn off some steam.In public places children need to me taught the appropriate behaviour for the situation. Inside the house we use indoor voices. I am very tolerant of children and like them a lot. I try not to reward bad behaviour by giving attention to loud and demanding attitudes, but I will distract a child and have a quiet conversation with them. I think children crave attention and I see that increasingly their parents are busy with their phone or hand it to the child to make them go away. If I am having an adult conversation I am likely to invite the child to sit up on my lap or to find me something that we can do quietly while talking-maybe a puzzle or to make a drawing which I admire and talk about.
I often have things in my handbag that can keep a little one busy( post it notes and a pencil)
Children that belong to others can be irritating and I find it sad they are not being socialised.
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