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Do lizards scare you?

by Finy (follow)
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Do lizards scare you?

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Top Answers
On my farm, anything that moved actually scared me.
We had bobtails mainly, and yes they do scare me as they move suddenly and I find animals in the wild that move or jump, actually scare me.
Or perhaps I get a shock but I don't like big lizards - don't mind tiny ones that you get in the city.
by Finy
I think you are right when you say that they give you a shock, rather than actually scare you!! They are quite amazing, really!
by Jules
I quite like them.
Sometimes I get a fright from a big lizard until I realise what it is. I actually like them, not enough to pick one up. The waterdragons in my garden are little characters and I feed them fruit. I have hand fed some of them. The two biggest ones recognise me and aren't scared of me anymore. The one in the picture is Donny. He is so relaxed I have to chase him off the driveway when I move my car or he will get flattened. The thought of that scares me. We also have Blue tongues, Bearded Dragons,smaller Skinks and Native and Asian House gekhos.
How lovely for you to have all those lizards, Annfi. I hope they'll hang around for a very long time.
by Miro
Thanks Miro. I am fortunate to have wildlife around. Unfortunately also venomous snakes too, so I have to be careful. I am hoping the lizards might eat snakes eggs.
by annfi
Isn't wildlife just so inspiring? Like you, I can watch these fabulous creatures for hours, and I also love to take photos of them as they bask in the sun! We are truly fortunate to be able to get up so close and personal with these beautiful residents of our gardens!!
by Jules
Yes Jules. One of the biggest joys in life.
by annfi
Oh! wow that is amazing...
by jonaja
I am fascinated by them. We have lots of little gekos around here and I think they are lovely.
No not really, at first glace yes...because it's not something the norm.But then I settle down real quick, give them smile....and life is fine :)

I love the pic of the two who sit like humans, and yep it is real..LOL
wheres me pic!
by jonaja
Here it is lol...lol...lol. don't they look amazzzing! so human.
by jonaja
Haha - so funny!
by Gem
Ha Ha !!!! Why should they? I am so much bigger than they are !!! LOL. Our cats brings home skinks. He will usually eat them after he has played with them, and then promptly throw up !!! I dont generally see bigger lizards in the garden. Even if i did, i wouldnt be scared of them.
They don't scare me
by AJ
No, they don;t scare us! We've only had blue tongues, & those tiny little (sun) lizards. Also geckos on our outdoor brick house wall, near the front door. In Bali last month we had them in our rooms, & we'd always look for them on the ceilings in the cafes we ate at. 1 of our places we stayed at, was upstairs, with lighting on the verandah, & they loved being on the light covers. I took lots of photos to show our granddaughters!
by Miro
Sounds lovely Miro.
by annfi
Isn't it a treat when we can share pictures of our little scaly friends with youngsters? I have sent so many photos overseas, and I get the most surprised comments back.Always positive and often a wee bit jealous!!
by Jules
I am useless at sending photos from a phone too!!! I do like to have them though, on my digital camera and all the SD cards which I have stored them on. I have a new laptop, so I have to get the huge number of photos transferred over to this one from my old one! Then I am VERY apt at sending them all over the place! I actually just adore the fact that I am actually able to take such marvellous photos of such precious creatures! What a clever age we live in, in many ways!
by Jules
nooooo, they are harmless and more scared of us! Poor little things, they scurry out of harms way quickly, might make me look if something moves near me but not scared at all...
I may occasionally get a bit of a shock from a large one if I am not expecting to see it, but I am not at all scared of these amazing critters! They have such fabulous personalities and I have , in the past, taken some fabulous photos of some of them! I get the water dragons which change colour, lots of small shiny skinks, and masses of different gekkoes here in my yard at all times of the year Fortunately the dogs do not chase or bother them while they enjoy basking in the sunshine.I'd be SO upset if this was the case!
As a child I recall having lots of the larger lizard varieties, such as the Blue Tongue Lizards which are simply amazing and make great pets.I feel it is a great thing that these days people require licences to keep these reptiles, as they have to learn all about the proper way to care for them! When I first came to Nth Qld, I was utterly fascinated to see Frilled Necked Lizards in the wild close to home!! WOW!!! Just totally unique as well as absolutely incredible critters!!! Lizards? Love 'em!!!
Jules, My photos are only as in: Me showing them to them via our camera or phone, when we visit the girls in Melbourne. We're the old fashion type who don't know how to send photos through our laptop, & apart from that the little ones are 2 young to have their own phones.
by Miro
Initially I may tense up when I am aware a large reptile is near me. Once I have realised it is a lizard and not a snake I relax. They are fascinating. I am most familiar with blue tongues, sleepy lizards and bearded dragons. Small lizards like geckoes and skinks are cute.

I once came across a gecko with attitude. He was in the ruins of an old school on the Nularbor. He got up on his hind legs, puffed himself up and let us know we weren't welcome on his territory. He was amazing and I will never forget the experience.
No. It's cockroaches I can't stand!
by Vee
Vee I am with you. Cockroaches inside my home terrify me. I am happy to have spiders or lizards to get rid of them.
by annfi
I'm afraid I don't want them in my house. We've had a couple (or maybe it was the same one come out of hibernation) and once it gets in my back room, it can hide anywhere. Last time my husband managed to chase it away. I don't know where it came from as we aren't in an area where these large lizards would be. My cat alerted me to it being in the back room but she didn't attempt to go near it, just lay there, keeping an eye on it. So far no sign of it now its warmer but I'm keeping a watchful eye.
I don't want large lizards in my house either. They belong outside in the fresh air.
I love lizards, I could watch them all day.
The only time the might scare me is if you're walking past plants and all of a sudden they start rustling - but that's more fear of the unkown than a lizard
Lizards don't bother me at all, snakes on the other hand are a different story.
No . . . I've never had one jump out and say BOO.
by Rice
No, lizards don't scare me. I wouldn't choose to pick one up at all, but they don't scare me. I spent some time in Thailand many years ago and shared a room with a Tokay who I named Bob. Touch them - no. Cohabit with them - yes.
by Gem
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