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Do know anyone who has had a limb amputated?

by DamienR (follow)
Photographer and writer.
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Often when people think of losing a limb, they think of a war injury, but people lose body parts in more mundane ways all the time. Do you know anyone who has lost a limb? Do they share their story often?

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Top Answers
My grade eight math teacher was missing 2 fingers. That's about it for me.
No I don't know anyone who is missing anything other than teeth.
Not a whole limb, no. The closest I have come to that is knowing a child who had an extra finger removed. It must be terrible to lose a limb.
An extra finger? Seriously? That must have been unique.
Yes, she was born that way. It didn't work properly so her parents had it removed while she was a baby.
There's a branch in my family tree that has a sixth finger on their left hand. It's not that unusual! None of them have had it removed, they do some complicated surgery where they fuse a finger and thumb together soon after birth and that gives one rather stubby thumb.
Oh and now that I think of it, I used to know a guy who lost a foot in a motorcycle accident, but he had it reattached. It was never quite the same but he could walk on it and he dined out on the story.
VerityG, have you ever seen the movie, 'The Princess Bride'?
In it, actor Mandy Patinkin's character is looking for a six fingered man.
He eventually finds him, then says famous quote, " My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my Father. Prepare to die!"

I heard/saw Mandy on stage a couple of years' ago, he has a wonderful voice, & at the end of the show, he said above quote. It brought the house down!
by donjo
Not at the moment.
by Gia
My grandpa had a false leg. He was happy to talk about it, as the fact he was alive was something of a miracle....
He used to ride a motorbike when he was a young lad and he got knocked off it by a reversing lorry and his foot was driven over before the lorry stopped. It was in the 1920s, before the UK had proper medical care, so the doctors tried to patch up his foot as they didn't want to amputate it, they thought that would ruin his life! But then gangrene set in and spread all the way up his leg and in the end the only way to save his life was to amputate his entire leg just below the hip. This meant the remaining stump was very small which made it difficult to attach a false leg, so he had significant mobility problems for the rest of his life. He also lost so much blood during the operation that he nearly died and only survived because his mother came to the hospital every day and force fed him raw liver.
Amazingly, liver and onions was a favourite dish of his, even after this, and he also refused to have a Disabled badge in his car until he was well into his 80s. He also never complained about any of it or any of the difficulties he had because of it. He was a wonderful man :)
Oh and my uncle had the tips of three fingers cut off when he put his hand into a lawnmower to clear out some grass and my cousin switched it on........ OW
And my dad nearly cut his thumb off sawing wood but we wrapped it in frozen peas and they were able to reattach it on with no problems at all.

Hmmm are the men in my family unlucky?! I better keep a close eye on my son!!
I know somebody who perhaps should have had an arm amputated. Instead, doctors suggested the insertion of a bone replacement without detailing the risks of infection and/or rejection. Unfortunately, there were complications and what ensued was constant infection. In the last couple of years of this person's life, he was taking antibiotics four times a day, everyday.

Another person I know recently tore off a pat of his finger. Doctors were unable to reattach it completely.
by Vee
Yes I do but it is not something that is talked about too often because it has been a part of their life for so long. It usually gets raised if we are out and they meet someone knew and they are asked about it.
I used to work with a lady who had part of a leg amputated. She handled her prosthetic so well and always wore nice slacks that for months I didn;t realise. It was until I knew her much better and asked about her limp that I found out.
Yes I do. My brother-in-law lost his leg below the knee through cancer. That was 30 years ago - he is now over 70 years old.
Worked back in the '70's with a bloke with one arm.

Worked in late '90's with woman, same situation.
They both 'got on with life' extremely well, even though 'handicapped'.
My uncle lost parts of two fingers after the car jack collapsed when he was working under it. He seems to have adapted to it well enough.
The husband of one of my Mum's friends had an above the knee amuputation (result of war injury). He lived in PNG and often wore shorts which resulted in much curiosity from the indigenous people.
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