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Do good looking people get jobs more easily?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you think good looking people get jobs more easily?

Or is this a myth?

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Top Answers
I actually DO think that good looking women, at least, get better jobs.

I know it is discriminating, however I feel it happens and there is really nothing that can be done about it.
by Finy
I think women in lower paid jobs ie w processing, receptionists etc, do prob get chosen because of their looks a lot, however professional women often get chosen depending on their qualifications and skills
by Fran
Yes they do.

In my experience, brains do matter when you apply for a job. However, in the entertainment industry, etc., I don't see many people who would qualify as "average looking".
Much as I hate to admit this,YES!!!IN SO MANY CASES!!!! I am though,very proud to admit that I have been given every single job I have ever applied for over the years!!! My skills and personality have been what I believe are my best assets,NOT my looks!!!
by donjo
I think the studies have shown that it is easier for attractive people to get hired. It's tough cos not everyone is a hotty, but it appears to be the case.

Of course, you don't get a look in if your resume and application are poor. So they've got to be close.
I think skills and looks matter. Apparently studies have shown the reason that good looking people are favoured more because people put more trust in someone if they are good looking
by AJ
Not a myth at all!
by Vee
Scanning the jobs and qualifications on the linked in profiles its is clear that good looking women get high ranking jobs with out any university degrees. As for the rest of them they need to study. I suppose that may change as women move into management roles and make employment decisions but it is the case currently.
Yes they do - it's just the way the cookie crumbles, no matter how wrong.
I do think that this is true too. Good looking people get picked first and especially if skills are the same. Where it matters too, as said above, receptions, sales etc, We do still "judge" looks first and then tell ourselves that it doesn't really matter LOL
Yes, I do. I think everyone give good looking women a pass most times.
by Gia
Depends on the kind of role they are applying for.
by BK
Yes - research has proven this to be so time after time or at least from a slim vs overweight perspective.
by kimp
Certainly does no harm if a woman's blessed with natural good looks!
Not necessarily
Sadly in certain areas of work more attractive people not just women will get jobs because of their appearances.
in my experience, beautiful people are MORE driven, positive, hard working and NATURALLY skillful 😊
That is such a sweeping statement....LOL
One that I can not agree too.
by jonaja
Not really 😄 be more observant of beautiful people. Most of them are truly what I say they are. Could it be because beauty outside reflects beauty inside?
by anita
Unfortunately, yes. Which is why your resume should now contain a photograph.It doesn't seem to matter that you may be have the right qualifications/qualities for the job - if you are not good looking -you don't get the job. Even if the job is a 'behind the scenes' job. OK some jobs there is a requirement for looks, but the majority are not.
I don't think so, necessarily. If someone is applying for a position that's highly demanding, their education, work experience and social skills are what is important...and will help them to keep their job. After all, even if someone looks good, if they can't fulfil the demands of their job they're going to be a liability, rather than an asset, for the company. Many women who aren't conventionally 'good-looking' manage to acquire and maintain good jobs over many years...so I don't agree with this premise at all.
Most definitely this is the case. I've worked in all male offices and seen the drooling that goes on when a good looker came in. It made me laugh. So predictable😂I also believe a thinner person is chosen over a heavier person.
Yes me too. I have worked in places where the good looking woman got the job over a more homely looking girl and kept the job no matter how stupid they were.
by fran.
Definitely. Before I became ill, I was VERY attractive. Like, I could stop traffic. I could get jobs and clients as easily as breathing. Now that I have gained some weight and aged, I am invisible. Some days, when I don't look sick, people treat me differently. They offer to take my grocery bags to the car. Stop to talk to me for no apparent reason. It's kind of disgusting, actually. I am the same person on the inside.
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