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Do buy clothes without trying them on?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Sometimes I go into a shop and see an item of clothing I really like, but am just not in the mood for trying things on. Have you ever been in this situation? What do you? Try it on despite your mood, leave the item, or take a chance, and buy it? Does it depend on where you are buying from, or how much it costs?

What about mail order shopping from online or a catalogue; do you ever buy using these means, even if though there is a chance it won't fit?

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Top Answers
I find shopping a bit difficult with two small children with me. Trying things on is next to impossible so I am more likely to buy an item and try it on at home (provided it can be exchanged if the size is wrong). I also sometimes buy clothes online, which is a bit risky, since sometimes you have to pay for postage if you return something. It's very important to check you have your measurements right when you shop that way, and I wouldn't buy anything too expensive just in case.
If it's cheap (a couple of dollars) and a shirt, I'll risk it. I never buy bottom half clothing without trying it on in a store. Never buy bras either. Happily buy socks and knickers though.

I buy online clothing sometimes, but again, it has to be a bargain, or a brand and style that I know well.
I like to spend as little time as possible shopping. Sometimes I literally see something and buy it. Shopping done in five minutes and I can then get some food.
I like to try stuff on. It isn't just about whether it fits you or not, but about whether
the cut is flattering to your body shape. I do buy online, but only
brands I have tried before.
Yes,very often I buy clothes without trying.
Mostly not -Though I used to buy clothes online.
After giving away half of these, I decided not to do it anymore, so my answer now would be NO, with a rare exception.

There are some great bargains online, however unless you are the "ideal" size, this is a risky thing to do.
by Finy
I usually prefer to try them on because I do not like risking things not fitting. If, however, I am in a charity shop, and the clothes just a few pounds, then I will probably take the chance depending on how much I like it. If it is in a clothing shop, and I don't feel like trying on, I will most likely leave it or come back another day.

As for mail order, I am alway very reluctant because if it doesn't fit, then I've wasted money on postage there and back. If it is something I really like, and it is not expensive, I will go for it.
Depends on my mood and the company.
Provided the shop is within my daily run i will buy and try it in the comfort of home , no rush and pressure.
I can return or exchange accordingly
Definitely no online purchases, seen too many friends disappointed by their purchases.
by Zen
I would never trust a catalogue, to buy my clothes.
Their sizing is not always true-to-size.

I have bought on line, 75% have been outstanding for size and colour.
(but they always come from the States, and I know their clothes very well).

I never buy clothes without trying them on, in store.
If I am not in the mood, I just will not buy it......(so) I get in the mood most times :)
Only when online shopping, but that's only if I've bought from them in the past, or had someone who let me try on the clothes to get a rough idea of their sizing.

Otherwise, I absolutely must try on stuff when shopping in person, as it helps me gain perspective of whether it would really suit me.
With two small kids who lose patience when I try clothes on, I won't normally bother unless I'm on my own. As such I am forever taking clothes back that don't fit me. I'd only buy clothes without trying on, where there is a decent returns policy so that I don't get burdened with only getting a credit note in return.

Yep - all the time - I buy online but don't spend much and just ebay it if it doesn't fit.
Unless I am buying something over the internet (in which case I always make sure the site accepts returns), I have to try it on before leaving the shop. I hate having to return clothes.
by Vee
With tees and tops I do. With jeans I don't
Yes I've bought clothes without trying, especially online orders. Plus, yes, there are many days when I don't feel like stripping and trying other clothes. When those days hit, I will measure them around my body, take the chance and buy it. My mom says to check if it'll fit your waist, wrap the waistband around your neck. I'm not sure if that really works though... Usually, for those bought online that are too small, I'd pass them to my sister; if they are too big, I'll pass them to my mom ;)
Yes I do, that is one of the benefits of living as long as I have. I know by looking at something what will fit, what will work and what should stay on the rack.
I prefer not to try them on as their mirrors tell lies :-). I have purchased bras by mail but when I got them they didn't fit, and I have to try shoes on, so will not purchase by mail.
I have done once or twice but had to go back to the shop and change. Now I never buy without trying on. Some look nice on display but looks awful on you so it's best to wear before you buy. I am not too knees on buying online for this reason.
I would have done this in the US because their return policy is great. In Australia, I try things on before buying the items.
Yes especially when I go to the flea market. Sometimes they dont fit so I give them away
by Gia
When I lived in a location where there weren't many clothing shops I bought a few things online. I had to return one item because it looked hideous when I tried it on. Now I live where there are a greater variety of clothing stores and always try clothes on. If I am not in the mood to try on I will not buy anything. Sometimes an item looks great on the hanger but not so good when I try it on.
I sometimes buy things without trying them on. If it's a really expensive item then I'll try it on first.
I used to, but I usually try them on now.
I always try things on because I can't tell just by looking if it will look good on me. An item of clothing has to do more than just fit on me, I have to like the way it looks. If it is a hot day or I don't feel like trying things on, I walk on by. When I lived in a location where clothes shops were limited I bought a few items online, always from the one place and only needed to return one item. It did fit but didn't suit me. Now I have access to lots of shops but if I am buying new it is almost always from a local shop that has bargain racks of lovely clothes out the front and really nice mature age sales assistants. I usually buy from op shops.
I. Hate. Trying. Clothes. On. I seldom try any on as I hate clothes shopping and I buy a lot online too. I buy big sizes as I hate tight clothes.
by Rice
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